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A black and white dog at a black and white diner. After spending so much time in Europe, the general rule out there is: your dog is probably allowed inside restaurants, but it’s usually good to check first. Depending on the country/area, you might even get looked at weird for asking: “of course you’re allowed to bring your dog, why wouldn’t you?”. ⁣ I’m really on board with the let-the-restaurant-owner-decide rule. They know their customers best. They know if they’ll generally like it or not. I talk about this with a lot of people, and somehow the one person who’s against it always sounds louder than the hundred who agree. What do you think? No wrong answers. (Except “I just don’t like dogs”, sorry.) Note: this photo was taken near Albuquerque!


You want more energy but you can’t have more energy. You likely already have more than you’ll ever need. The hardest part is cultivating it. Here’s my buddy Shayd sharing the front seat with Momo, running on very little sleep. at Vancouver, British Columbia


What do you get a dog who has everything? Momo is obsessed with balls. So I got him more balls. Shot on my #LGG7ThinQ in manual mode for the added settings options. It was nearly impossible to construct because Momo kept stealing the props. #EarlyXmasGift #Ad #GeekForDogs at Vancouver, British Columbia


One more photo of Momo’s head perched on a log to get you through the weekend. One more double tap to complete your social obligation. One more swipe to make sure you’re definitely all caught up and didn’t miss anything below the fold in the graveyard of infinite content. Put the phone down and pick it up again in a few minutes to activate the glowing rectangle, to feel that connection, and to compare your own choices with a few filtered from billions of friends. We’re almost all caught up. at Vancouver, British Columbia


Music connects us, and this holiday season I’m hoping you’re looking for gifts that can bring us together. @BestBuyCanada has a looooot of bluetooth speakers and the UE is my top pick. This little one came along with us on our little rainy day hike and kept our ears happy while Momo and Una kept cozy. Check out all the speakers available in store and online for the one that’ll bring holiday magic and music to the lives of your loved ones. #bestbuyholidaymagic at Vancouver, British Columbia


A random sunset flight with @captainmolloy to help a friend stranded in Tofino. When your friend calls and says “hey you wanna sit in a plane for a few hours?” and it’s clear and beautiful out, you say yep. First time in such a small aircraft. 1964 Cessna 182. at Tofino, British Columbia


I’ve sold about 130 prints in this print sale so far. I had a moment last night, printing them, packaging them, each one going to a different part of the world. I thought about the people they’re meeting, all I have to go on is a sometimes familiar name and occasional personal note. A moment of disbelief. That people are actually supporting me, appreciating my work, this thing that my dog and I have collaborated on. What is life even? I could say I haven’t felt grateful enough in the past year or so, that would be an understatement. But this – a moment of connection with you – I feel that. And it gives me light. An antidote to weakness. So, thank you.


Find Momo In the woods, would ya?!


I’ve been looking for these moments of quiet lately. I’m trying to capture more of them. There are times I find myself in such a serene moment, all of the noise and chaos and disruptive thoughts settle on the ground around me and I dig my feet into the earth and look at a tree or the air moving around me and I can really feel it. I don’t stop enough. I never have. But anything good is usually hard too. at Deep Cove


@BestBuyCanada asked me to share some holiday gift ideas, and I wanted to find the gift that’ll get your loved ones outside and let that holiday magic last into the new year. I went into my local store and walked around and asked some blue shirts and here’s one for ya: the Fitbit Versa smart watch with heart rate monitor and a ton of other features. They also have pet trackers, and you can find this and a lot more on their website (link in profile) #bestbuyholidaymagic at Vancouver, British Columbia


Last change for prints + postcards! Sale up until Friday and then these prints are gone. Thank you! This photo was taken in Slovenia in April. I spent a few days in Slovenia after spending a month in Croatia. I’ve always thought that to really experience a place you need to spend a lifetime there, and it’s always hard to leave such a beautiful place after only a few days. But staying somewhere for a short period sometimes motivates you to make the most of it. at Luze, Bohinj, Slovenia


In my friend @ourwildabandon’s houseboat. Love alternative living arrangements and you find a lot of those in Vancouver with the absurd cost of living. Vans, boats, guest houses and garage sweets. I live in a barn. Maybe I’ll share a photo of that some day, but it isn’t as pretty as this. The dream remains to buy some land in coastal BC and build a house on it with my hands, if you know of anyone selling a half-acre lemme know ok? 😉 at Vancouver, British Columbia

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