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Finally got to meet my mini me today. Tyler & I had the chance to set up this little surprise with her Mom @aimeekatcher 😊 thanks for being the biggest sweetheart on the planet, Lila! 👯‍♀️ at Maman Hudson


There’s no better feeling than scrubbing away a days worth of caked on layers of makeup. My @vanityplanetstore Glowspin Brush takes it ALL off. It travels with Tangela, wherever we go. Next stop NYC 🍎 Use my code: AngelaRGlow. 2 brushes for $40 #ad at Toronto, Ontario


Ready for a balanced diet of poutine and maple syrup. We love you 🇨🇦 @sheratoncentretoronto #sheratoncentretoronto #toronto #canada at Sheraton Centre Toronto


‘Tis the Sea-Sun.🎄 #venicebeach #firstchristmas 📷 @jennashleyphoto at Venice Beach


Sharing how I achieve my bombshell curls in a hair tutorial in my stories right now. I’m using my favorite @bombayhair 32mm Rose Gold Wand, it comes with me wherever I go. I can curl my entire head in under 10 min which is insane, even the most novice hands can easily use it. Try it and let me know how much you love it! Use code: “A50%” for 50% off + free shipping  online at😘 #bombayhair #curlignwand at Los Angeles, California


Cold as ice. But in the right hands, I’ll melt. ❄️💙 Photo: @portraitsatl Hair: @hairbybradleyleake Makeup: @jacquelinereyesmua at Malibu, California


🖤 Photo: @oreeeo Hair: @hairbybradleyleake Makeup: @jacquelinereyesmua


Lattes, lifeguard, love. ☀️ at Manhattan Beach, California


Perfect Christmas gift for that insomniac in your life. Between falling asleep to the sound of the ocean & this weighted blanket, I sleep like a baby. No more sleeping pills and melatonin just all natural Zzzs. Try it 20% off with my code ANGELA. @love_comfitude


I am blessed to have this amazing platform that allows me to not only raise awareness but to also give back. I've found the easiest way to make charitable donations is thru the @getgivz app. We are all so busy but I really encourage you all to give back this holiday season, even the littlest bit counts and @getgivz makes it super easy to make meaningful donations to ANY charity on-the-go 💚 #HolidayGivz #Ad at Los Angeles, California


‘Tis the season for giving. 🎁 I’ve had soooo many questions (actually) about where I got this bar necklace that I wore on the show, it came from a little boutique in Beverly Hills and I don’t even think it’s open anymore... sooooo I found one almost identical online and bought one to give away just because! 💚❤️ If you’re interested... comment below and tag a friend! I encourage you all to give this holiday season, no matter how small. #itsthelittlethings #givingtuesday at Los Angeles, California


#TBTBBB (throw back to before Big Brother) @jennashleyphoto at Joshua Tree National Park

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