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Adventures of a French (Arêches) Pastry chef Nominee for BestPastryChefAustralia 2016 Owner @hotelrestaurantleponcellamont Similar users See full size profile picture

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Walking in Haifa is enchanting. stone building, ancient market and shuk areas and #bahaigardens not to be missed #wadinisnas #haifa #israeltourism


Kanafeh كُنافة‎, is a traditional Arab dessert made with thin noodle-like pastry, or alternatively fine semolina dough, soaked in sweet, sugar-based syrup, and typically layered with cheese, or with clotted cream and topped with crushed pistachios nuts...depending on the region. #knafeh #pistachio #kanafeh #middleeasternfood #wadinisnashaifa at Wadi Nisnas Market (שוק ואדי ניסנס)


Welcome to the Jungle! at حيفا- Haifa


Blueberries and Corn Crumble to celebrate summer in the country side ☉🌞 @hotelrestaurantleponcellamont #myrtille #alpestourisme #frenchfood #veggiedesserts #montblancregion


And dessert my new kitchen Please follow my fresh new start here @aubergeduponcellamont Strawberry/Lemon and Basilic 🍓 Summer celebration at Arêches, Rhone-Alpes, France


I know I have been absent for a while but I was setting up a new adventure!!❤ Iam happy to say that Iam the owner of a beautiful Auberge in the french Alps. please follow us here @aubergeduponcellamont at Hôtel Restaurant le Poncellamont


Honey and Cardamom Panna Cotta served with Figs soaked in Pomegranate Syrup- #middleeastdelights #fig #cardamom #haifa at בית החייל עפולה


Challah bread prep for Shabbat special feast and holy moment between loved ones. ... #shabbatshalom #feastofdedication at שאיפה לחיים-חנות אביזרים


Middle East lights and the time seems to stop. #middleeast #israel #mediteraneemeditation at عكّا - Akko


Sure, you know about pita bread—though it’s fluffier in Israel—and you’ve heard of challah. But those are just the baby steps into the world of Israeli breads. Israeli food comes from all over the world, an amalgam of dishes from both the various cultural traditions that have long resided here and from the wide-ranging backgrounds of the immigrants arriving since the founding of Israel as a nation in 1948. Bread—the stuff of life—shows off that diversity better than anything. If you’re heading to Israel, these breads will give you a crash course in all things made of dough. at عكّا - Akko


Mountain of Baklava in Carmel market that offer a combination of shapes and flavors:.chopped Almond, Pistachio or Walnut Baklava sweeten with honey spiced with rose, cardamom or blossom orange syrup. Make your choice! #carmelmarket #baklava at Ha'carmel Market, Tel Aviv


Bye to the west and welcome to the east! Jaffa or Yafo is an important port through the history of Israel and has served as the main entry point to the land until the late 19th centuary when Jews started to arrive in Israel. #jaffa #telavivcity at Jaffa Port


My Australian Mentor @chef_seanie_mac is cooking diner @cutlerandco with his brothers @chefmattmac @chef_andrewmcconnell- Try to get a booking if it is not too late or don't miss out his coming events!


First cherry of the season! 🍒 And HOP, in a Mille Feuille (made with TunisianBrickPastry), Lemon Curd and @pepesaya Mascarpone #cherry #millefeuille #sweetdreams #foodtableeat #joyaroundatable #storyofmytable

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