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This has been so heavy on my heart. • We are in a world whereby we don't even know what's real anymore...where fake news is often mistaken for real news. Where a platform to elevate oneself becomes more important than one to magnify the King of kings. Where praise is replacing prayer - though both have it's place. Where the gospel is about what God can do for you rather than who He is and the ultimate sacrifice He made. Where people worship their testimony unbeknownst to them that the one who is deserving of their worship is the mighty deliverer... the way maker who orchestrated everything that both preceded and succeeded the blessing. • That His Glory He will not give to another... the one who sits on the throne...who knew you before you were born, who chose you before you were "choosable", who called you and qualified you even when your lifestyle disqualified you. The same God who plants seeds the size of a mustardseed in your heart, enabling you to bring forth his mind and birth every vision he has assigned to you. • The most high God who sits high and looks low..who is both the fire by night and the cloud by day, both the lion and the lamb.. the one who is in both the soft wind and the bush fire. • So between contouring and cons the midst of cute quotes and instagram posts can we stand as children of God truly speaking AND living in truth? Can we be beacons of light even when it may cost us our lives? Can we decrease so that He can increase? -- • The Holy Spirit challenged me this morning and I forward this challenge onto you.... to continue the rest of 2018 in complete surrender as a labourer of the Gospel...I have been challenged to walk with God like never before, to become a woman after God's own who loves people & compromises not. One who walks in spirit & truth and throws every opinion, every wise thought & testimony under the sovereign will of God .. Finally, I have been challenged to be radical in the gospel, prayer & winning souls. - The harvest is ready, but are you? -- • -Angie Grace


I got home after a 15 hour day (one of my shortest days in the week) and I was reminiscing about my past and how I'd work 9-5 come home and do whatever I wanted😂. But now when I get home I have a list of tasks & projects waiting for me😮...thought I'd take a selfie before I got down to work! 👀 • Things have drastically changed in a year and I'll be honest it's not been easy, but literally God's grace is sufficient..when I think "I can't" He knocks off the 't and turns it into CAN. • Pursuing purpose is not for the faint hearted...and if you aren't in it full time it means juggling kingdom business with a successful career..but all things are possible with God. • So be encouraged if you are in ministry & it seems like ALOT.. or maybe you are called & just don't know where to start, God who gave you the vision has also given you the grace to carry out the vision. So crawl if you have to but just don't stop!!!! - AG x👑


[ H E L L O 2 0 1 8 ] • 2018 requires change but change doesn't happen overnight nor does it fall into our laps. We have to be strategic so that the mistakes made in 2017 are not repeated this year. • The difficult part is being real with ourselves about our shortcomings. So...this year instead of making fresh goals straight away... try reflecting on 2017's goals and building around this. What was accomplished last year? What can be done better? What was done well? And what does God want to do through you in this season? • Personally, I have decided that 2018 is a year for doing less of what I want to do and more of what God wants me to do, even when I dont feel like it. • The real work starts now! Don't wait until tomorrow, don't post pone that idea - be consistent and trust that the hand of God will guide you every step of the way. - AG🌸


*Disclaimer* long post • I'm not sure about you but for me 2017 has been a very strange year. It's been full of highs, lows and everything in between. In December 2016 I prayed my way into the new year - expectant.. I set goals, but God established them. The majority of the things I've done this year was not in the plan but somehow in between the laughter, the tears and the pain I allowed God to take the wheel and he is still blowing my mind. • So I'm here, standing in December 2017... not really sure what to expect in 2018. I was asking God why I felt in a place of limbo, not neccessarily confident or excited and he laid this on my heart early this morning; "flowers are to be picked and weeds to be uprooted". I didn't understand at first but after a moment, the penny dropped. • This year 2018 is one we have never seen and discernment is needed in order to know which opportunities, friendships, partnerships, ideas and ventures should be picked and which should be uprooted and thrown out. Many of us have lost great opportunities and gained unhealthy ones because of a lack of discernment. Both flowers and weeds serve a purpose, but in this coming year 2018 we must know how to tend to each. • How do we know when to pick and when to uproot? By listening to the voice of God and following though with actions in faith even when it doesnt make sense. • I can't promise you that 2018 will be without its challenges, but I will say that if you seek God first... everything you have been looking, praying and fasting for will be added on. • 💕💕 #2018 #hny #prayer #purpose #womenofworth #proverbs31 #Jesus #Christ #Bible #blessed #believer #truth #Scripture #Verse #hope #gospel #lord #God #Love #GoodNews #faith #Relationships #ministry #praise #inspiration #motivation #Encouragement #blogger #writer


• Anchor Scripture: Judges 6 • Grace is the free and unmerited favour of God, but do we abuse this great gift? This podcast briefly touches on how important it is not to "just get by" on grace like the Israelites, but to fully function in the position God has placed us in. • Be blessed💓💕 (Link in bio) #grace #free #favour #obedience #effective #calling #purpose #position #gift #believer #proverbs31


Hello! 2018 is fast approaching and I have personally seen the hand of God do mighty things in these last few days in my own life and the lives of many others. • Prayer changes! • It's not too late to start to decree & declare your breakthough and usher into 2018 prayerfully stronger. • Are you or someone you know in need of prayer? Or maybe you've tried everything else this year and it has failed...let us join hands in faith with expectant hearts!! It would be a privilege to stand in the gap with you!! • Email your prayer in bio 💕💓 • #prayer #changes #expectant #breakthrough #faith #crossover


• Anchor Scripture: Psalm 51:10 • It briefly addresses the importance of walking in purity which is not easy by all means, but it isn't impossible. We ALL fall short and do some crazy things, but the beautiful thing is that God is gracious and is waiting to embrace us as soon as we are ready. Are you? • Be blessed - link in bio.💕💓 • #blessed #purity #podcast #grace #walk #encouragement #inspiration #motivation