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CHOOSE JOY • I smile though there were so many times I found myself wedged between a rock and a hard place. • I smile though I gave so much out and was repaid with abuse. • I smile though I have been talked about and lied on. • I smile through financial, spiritual & emotional attacks. • I smile because through it all I continue being about my Father's business..knowing that He is all about mine. • I smile because I have seen the hand of God do miracles in my life before my very eyes. He who has done it before will do it again. • I smile because I have placed my hope, trust and expectations in the only one who can never let me down...the rock of ages..the lily of the valley..the bright & morning star...the one who causes all things to work for me. • I smile because the things I am enduring today will be my testimony tomorrow. • So whatever you are going through today...choose to smile..choose joy! 💜✨


I got home after a 15 hour day (one of my shortest days in the week) and I was reminiscing about my past and how I'd work 9-5 come home and do whatever I wanted😂. But now when I get home I have a list of tasks & projects waiting for me😮...thought I'd take a selfie before I got down to work! 👀 • Things have drastically changed in a year and I'll be honest it's not been easy, but literally God's grace is sufficient..when I think "I can't" He knocks off the 't and turns it into CAN. • Pursuing purpose is not for the faint hearted...and if you aren't in it full time it means juggling kingdom business with a successful career..but all things are possible with God. • So be encouraged if you are in ministry & it seems like ALOT.. or maybe you are called & just don't know where to start, God who gave you the vision has also given you the grace to carry out the vision. So crawl if you have to but just don't stop!!!! - AG x👑


[ H E L L O 2 0 1 8 ] • 2018 requires change but change doesn't happen overnight nor does it fall into our laps. We have to be strategic so that the mistakes made in 2017 are not repeated this year. • The difficult part is being real with ourselves about our shortcomings. So...this year instead of making fresh goals straight away... try reflecting on 2017's goals and building around this. What was accomplished last year? What can be done better? What was done well? And what does God want to do through you in this season? • Personally, I have decided that 2018 is a year for doing less of what I want to do and more of what God wants me to do, even when I dont feel like it. • The real work starts now! Don't wait until tomorrow, don't post pone that idea - be consistent and trust that the hand of God will guide you every step of the way. - AG🌸