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I guess it’s a thing to switch up the look for every @finalbout (and Super D at USAIR). Most of these designs were applied overnight, the day before the event and just as many looks between these events aren’t shown. The last crunch is rough but always worth the effort. Shoutout to for all the hard work over the years. Let’s see if we can do it without any all-nighters this time 😄


Some fun ones with the boys at @carnvl @goodluckleague before my steering rack had a spew. @itsyaustin @palmer_sndrsn @mattfield777 📹 @wayne_dripski


Happy birthday to yoooouuuu 😘


BM杯 Nikko! Had some gearbox trouble but still an amazing time. There’s nothing more inspiring than witnessing the speed of the OG’s on a legendary circuit. Visits to Japan always remind me how much more I need to drive. I’ll be back ASAP. Thanks for everything @thrashracing @nakamura_naoki_n! 頑張ってくれてありがとう! #BM杯 #thrashracing #nstyle #nikkocircuit #bmcup #driftteamanimalstyle #pinkstyle #originlabo #fluke #koguchipower at Nikko Circuit


Just left dinner with @csgarage and ran into some more drift friends 🤩. BM Cup tomorrow! #bmcup #legends


Couple flicks on @valinotiresusa Greeva 08D. A bit too much negative camber so I’m wearing the inside but I can tell they’ll last crazy long. Good party tire for sure! 🥳 📹 @itsyaustin / @hertlife #valino #greeva08d #mmpturbos #jazzmanifold #thrashracing #koyorad #racetune #loosesocksdaisuki #driftteamanimalstyle #bknuckle #stancesuspension


So focused on @jeffydieselmedia taking off before us I forgot to go. “0 point run for the tires off” -🤓🤓🤓


Car feels the best ever but looking pretty beat. Also chugging oil/smoking.. How many days til @finalbout? 😅 Pics by @yungvance #lsd2 #loosesocksdaisuki #grangemotorcircuit #originlabo #koyorad #stancesuspension #valino #thrashracing #driftteamanimalstyle


Sick weekend at Grangé despite the car/tow rig problems. So many people rescued us with parts, tools, rides to/from the hotel when the truck broke, food, beers.. too many to name. Love you guys!Thanks for having us @loosesocksdaisuki @tacoheroi


Forgot my dipstick spring and almost caught my engine on fire but still a good day of D @goodluckleague. Bunch more footage up on yt, link in bio. #jazzmanifold #mmpturbos #sr20gang #goodluckleague

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