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Thank you thank you thank you @thrashracing 🥰🐅🦔


Big thanks to @mmpturbo for sorting this thing out! Couple more parts and I can throw the new setup together. Can’t wait to drive again 😬 #gtx2867r #mmpturbos #turbobygarrett


Good thing my dude @bstrong___ was there to lead the way, I can’t see shit at night 😅. #driftteamanimalstyle #superdmatsuri #originlabo #koyorad #stancesuspension at Grange Motor Circuit


Rare pic of me using tools to check alignment and Billy telling me how good Taco Bell was last night. 📷 @roosterphotography #tacobell #ferrari #crocs #superdcup #sillbutton


Another crazy design by master Michael, printed and cut flawlessly by David @superwowfactory. The quality of work from these guys is unmatched. Forever thankful for the friends and sponsors who help me along the way ❤️


Mine or @ggsimba’s car is usually broken before we get to do this (never Jason’s). More of this ASAP. 📹 @jlax86 #superdcup #teamproceed #driftteamanimalstyle #sr20gang #koyorad #stancesuspension


Behind on this but finally reflecting on another great weekend at USAIR, this time for @superd_usa. Not my best comp driving but had fun watching everyone adapt to a new course and drive hard. The rest of the battles were super fun to watch! Definitely need more practice with guys I don’t normally run with. Aside from small adjustments and tire changes, I didn’t have to work on the car all weekend, so that was good!! Really excited for the future of Super D and can’t thank everyone enough for the hard work to keep it going! Pics by @scrapeyard @theryanlopez @eletor_1point3 @letscpet @tracermedia #superdcup at USAirMotorsports


Come out to Sonoma tonight and get a ride along. All proceeds go towards the homie @kodirosado’s recovery! at Sonoma Raceway


Love these, thanks Casey :))) @shirtstuckedin


Couple more from last wed. Feels good to make it through a couple events without car problems *knocks on wood* 📹 @jrwayne at Sonoma Raceway


I realized on Wednesday I hadn’t driven this course since the day my s14 first ran with the jz. Gotta get out there more! Thanks for the vids and pics @billysutton @dominic_goldstar @rb_photos_90 @jessicajmillersport #sonomadrift #bknuckle #driftteamanimalstyle #mmpturbos #stancesuspension #koyorad at Sonoma Raceway


Sonoma tomorrow 🎵🎵


Ready for @superd_usa tomorrow! 🎵🎵 Thanks for the pic @thrashracing 😄 #superdcup at USAirMotorsports


Streets of Osaka <3. There was so much amazing stuff I didn’t think to take pics of. I especially liked how fancy people get with their little kei cars and vans. Can’t wait to get back. #tbt #osaka #japan


Sad to say I won’t make it to @clubloose this weekend. @geoffstoneback hustled to get a car together for me but we both had some things come up last minute. Pretty bummed but I’m gonna plan to get there ASAP. On the bright side, tuning done with the man @racetune Frank yesterday at @worksmotorsports. We had some boost controller problems and had to go back to wg spring but should be solid for @superd_usa. Also mostly done with paint and @superwowfactory is preparing vinyl for install by this weekend!


@originlab silver carbon makes the best candy base. This was before flake and more clear 😬Pics by @_kylepope #superdprep #originlabo


@mmpturbo TD06 installed and finally a digital boost controller. Should have a bit more response after some tuning with @racetune. Can’t wait to driiiivvvvve #superdprep #mmpturbos #driftteamanimalstyle #racetune

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