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Never not into this. #earthakitt


Once we find our own personal truth of what it is we are teaching humans TO DO we can embody a Method. @pilatesbodyokc #skills


Messy falling. @jessthebirdpilates inspired by @james_crader #skills


I loved this moment so much. Finding range. Having another human root for you. Connection. Smiles. Making a friend. Touch. Eye contact. Being people together in a room doing our best. @pilates_in_surrey @bodycontrolpilates #kindness #partnering


I had the honor of teaching here. #oklahomacity #oklahoma #okcballet @pilatesbodyokc thank you for having me. @okcballet at Oklahoma City Ballet


Obsessed. Standing. Sitting. Feet. Ankles. Knees. Hips. Balance. Aging with grace. It just doesn't get old. @pilatesbodyokc #skills thank you everyone who came to day one. at Central Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Talking about the deal with Climb a Tree ๐ŸŒณ @jessthebirdpilates @bodycontrolpilates @balanced_body #tree at Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians


Busy busy patterns. In this moment we we're discussing Long Spine and what happens when we take the straps and springs away. Answer: really hard work. @pilatesbygemma @loving_pilates @bodycontrolpilates @balanced_body #skills at Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians


This moment. The first time I felt like a teacher of things. @bodycontrolpilates @jessthebirdpilates "Ok room full of white ladies. Let's move while these huge portraits of white men watch us." #motivation #funnycauseitstrue


After 3 weeks of making the English feel their feelings I'm heading to Oklahoma City @ The Pilates Body. October 12 - 14. @pilatesbodyokc come see the method behind the madness. #oklahoma #oklahomacity { @bodycontrolpilates thank you. } at Royal College of Physicians of London


"Zombie Spine" from @pilates_crush @jessthebirdpilates because if you can you should. @bodycontrolpilates #neckabs at Royal College of Physicians of London


Last February I was invited to present in Perth and met one of the most special teacher, student and overall good human @jessthebirdpilates 3+ weeks journeying the UK made it abundantly clear that you're one of the best travel buddies anyone can ask for. Abundant generosity is only a small part of what you've added to my life and the people we've met. You've shown me that asking for help, though sometimes hard, is often the correct choice. You helped me be the best version of myself. You embody grace. We'll work on teaching ๐Ÿฆ€ though. @pilatesfitnessinstitute we need to discuss sharing. @bodycontrolpilates we demonstrate assisted Rocking I learned from Jess. โ˜•โ˜•โ˜•


What an amazing and humbling last day @bodycontrolpilates I'm not sure how to articulate this experience yet. So I'll just be here feeling all my feelings and thank everyone. @jessthebirdpilates @ashtonpilates here talking about skill building. Long Spine is just the beginning of more things! #transferableskills at Royal College of Physicians of London


Personal favorite moment of the day. Lateral class was ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒ thank you so much for everyone who showed up with an open playful heart. @bodycontrolpilates @jessthebirdpilates it was an honor. More tomorrow! #sideways at London, United Kingdom


๐Ÿฆ€ to headstand because Pilates. Mythbusting all day @bodycontrolpilates #crab @jessthebirdpilates at London, United Kingdom


Pre con day included a partnering workshop. With a lot going on. Helping each other to get up is a good look. @bodycontrolpilates @jessthebirdpilates at London, United Kingdom


Thank you @tarafallon1 for this teaching opportunity. UK events wrap up soon with the @bodycontrolpilates career development weekend starting tomorrow with pre con classes. On my way to film a "graceful aging" class today. Falling practice is an ongoing theme. #goldenromper @jessthebirdpilates


Learning to do things so we can do more things. Always. #transferableskills @tspilates @jessthebirdpilates at Twickenham

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