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When I can't spot everyone I teach (and empower) students to help each other. It informs people so much more about the movement. It promotes communication and community. All sizes and shapes are welcome here. #instantfriends #support @mybodypilatesstudio


Some post Climb a Tree variations. @mybodypilatesstudio ! 🌳 #whereshouldibefeelingthis at Texas


Day 2! We're going for it. #wundachair #wundachairwednesday @mybodypilatesstudio at My Body Pilates


Walking into day two @mybodypilatesstudio in Harlingen, TX! #wundachair


See you in September Toronto. Shift Happens is coming your way. @james_crader and I are ready! contact @muse_movement for details! #Toronto #shifthappens


Every exercise is a full body exercise. Bringing the mat up for success. #whereshouldibefeelingthis @marathonpilates @healthyheatherpilates at Nashville, Tennessee


I'm enjoying Nashville so much I'm staying another day. Come see me on Sunday at @marathonpilates #whereshouldibefeelingthis #fallingpractice at Marathon Pilates


Feeling my feelings about the Hundred and the Teaser. Feeling them extra. @sharepilates #whereshouldibefeelingthis


I'm starting a tiny 6 month mentorship program. It will all be done remotely. We'll be focused on personal and business development. Teaching skills. Pathologies and more. We're slated to begin in October and reading some of the applications rolling in has been extremely humbling and exciting. If you'd like to apply please send me 1. A few lines about yourself and your Pilates journey thus far. 2. What are you looking for in a mentor. 3. Any questions for me. [email protected] @purebodyteachertraining #youcansitwithus


Laser elbows. #teachertiptuesday thank you @balanced_body @james_crader #laser #elbows at Brooklyn, New York


Ankles are great. Feeling connected and successful are better. Jackie felt a bit bumpy until she found her shape. #progressnotperfection #youcansitwithus @purebodyteachertraining @coresport this great group of soon to be teachers have my heart.


Hey Austin! See you soon @alignaustin July 21 & 22. #whereshouldibefeelingthis


When wrist loading isn't possible do we skip 'scissors' and 'bicycle'? Never! βœ‚πŸš΄ #whereshouldibefeelingthis at New York, New York


I'm sorting out my house. Getting ready for a big change. This kind of thing lends itself to looking at your stuff. Real and internal. When I was 12 I knew, without a doubt, I wanted to be Andy Warhol. I wanted to make work that spoke to so many people on so many levels. I wanted to be a person people felt disarmed by. Where sitting with me ispired others to sing or dance or create. I wanted to make the art I wish existed. I wanted to have beautiful muses. I wanted to tell my muses they were beautiful. So I drew. A lot. I made things. I was always busy loving Art. And one day, at school, some girl turned to me and said: "you look like you really like yourself" and she said it like it was the most terrible thing a person could do. She wanted me to be small. To be less strange. So I became small. For her. It was hard being the weirdo. In one sentence she made me feel I had to wait my turn to shine. To wait behind her in line. To turn down the volume on my excitement. That others deserve and earned their self love but not me. It was terrible to feel so disliked. Hatred requires passion. She didn't hate me. She disliked me. I'll always wonder why. I think about her every day. And I try my best to never make others feel small. #monalisa #andywarhol ***Art made by my 12 yr self*** at Brooklyn, New York


Hey UK see you soon πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š #britishinvasion filmed @sharepilates by @alwynntaylor


See you soon Nashville! @marathonpilates #whereshouldibefeelingthis


Making "hand sandwiches" so we can use "ghost hand sandwiches" later. Breaststroke prep or for anytime students can't lay prone for whatever reason. @momentumfest memory. πŸ‘»πŸ–‘πŸ” #extension


Figuring out our "the Hundred" posture then moving it around. Finally taking it sideways. Or "tiny baby teaser - hollow body rock". Endurance practice. @momentumfest memories. #momentumfest2018 guest appearance by Fiona.

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