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Learning to Rock on the Spine Corrector. Can always use a spot. Swipe for a modification. Sometimes the full situation needs more prep. Thank you for a wonderful second day of @purebodyteachertraining at @coresport going into day three! #youcansitwithus at Core Sport Pilates Fitness Studio


Back in a happy place. @purebodyteachertraining at @coresport in #plymouth #michigan. We are in our 7th module of a comprehensive teacher training program that combines tradition with a gentle look toward current discoveries. Next enrollments will be @studiobtyler in Tyler TX and @rootedpilates in DC! at Plymouth, Michigan


Making some movement strategies with skills acquired through the Method. Relationships to gravity. Relationships to balance. Above all else relationships with each other. Thank you @b.pilates for having me. #possibilities


The actress #raedawnchong and unknown teacher. @pilatesembodied and I are understandably #obsessed. Who even is this blond hero? Does anyone know? #somethingsareperfect at Detroit, Michigan


Big purple ball class will be up next month up on @bodycontrolpilates use code ANULA for a free trial! This section is particularly unpleasant. Just ask @jessthebirdpilates & @alps.movement #possibilities


Really proud of this class now live on @yogaglo focused on the back. I hope you give it (and Glo) a try! I had a wonderful time filming it with my always muse @wingedviolet #glo #possibilities #back


#anecdotalpain brought to you by an injury I refuse to fully heal. I hurt myself a few years ago and because I'm stubborn and unwilling to accept my age I squarely put myself in the camp of "rub some dirt on it" and get on. The result: I move less. I practice less. I feel bad. Misc musing: You know why we don't like old people? Because they remind us of death. You know why we love babies? They remind us of life. You know why we don't like overweight people? Because they remind us of an un disciplined life.  #uncontrollable


A wide array of #humans helping each other up to standing because that's what I stand for. What do you stand for? What more can we do with our skills? Thank you for the significant community building playtime at @b.pilates. Playing is an invaluable learning tool. Laughing is therapy. #possibilities #britishcolumbia #mapleridge #vancouver at BPilates & Fitness


Hanging out in #charlottenc Feb 8, 9, 10 hosted by @core_studio_pilates and @pilatesphysiquenc all are welcome. #northcarolina #charlotte #possibilities


A #KSG apex to a wonderful weekend in #Buffalo. Thank you everyone! @thepilatesloft #possibilities at the Pilates loft


#backbend on the ball. To see the full class go to the Body Control streaming library use code 'ANULA' for a trial! Thank you @bodycontrolpilates @alps.movement and @jessthebirdpilates #possibilities


Heading up to Cleveland @themvmtfactory January 24th 6pm-730pm for a 90 min class. All are welcome! #possibilities at The Movement Factory


Today. In a first installment of #anecdotalpain I once auditioned for a Pilates job and at the end I was asked if what I just taught was Zumba (zero offense Zumba). That was painful. That was also more than 10 years ago. I didn't give up. I pulled myself out of a shame spiral and got a job elsewhere. This project is informed by many things but foremost by the painstakingly agonizing process of tapering off anti depressants. No one told me what this would be like. So I climb. Because the only way to the other side is through.


Muscle Beach. 1948. #possibilities


Day 2 at @b.pilates. Cueing two ways. One to make a point and two to make a different point. Thank you so much for yesterday. So looking forward to today. #possibilities 🐞 @surreypilates is a star! at BPilates & Fitness


This is a thing that is happening. #goingbackhome


Day 1 @b.pilates students are given a task, a puzzle an acquisition of skill. We work together to find an answer, a resolution, a path. My job is to invite humans to try. Sometimes we fail and sometimes succeed but trying was the actual point. #possibilities at BPilates & Fitness


Because people are magic. #possibilities

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