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Last night was phenomenal! It was such an honor to attend the Emery Awards πŸ’— Thank you @calvinklein @hetrickmartin @prconsulting 🌹


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Living out my mermaid dreams in this gown at the Hotel Regina Paris β˜ΊοΈπŸ’“Such an honor to be included in the new #MiuMiuCroisiere19 campaign! Thank you endlessly @kegrand and @alasdairmclellan for this special moment! Love you all xox πŸ§œπŸ»β€β™€οΈ @miumiu #MiucciaPrada @kegrand @alasdairmclellan @anthonyturnerhair @mirandajoyce @zambishot @bitton @establishmentny


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These dark cafe days


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Thinking about how hatred towards the trans community can extend beyond the conservative right and into the left as well. Yes, the GOP and Trump’s agenda to erase the rights of trans people is despicable, but we can’t let discrimination towards trans, GNC, and intersex people in other movements fall through the cracks. I’ve noticed discrimination within modern feminism and LGBTQ+ movements that have stifled the voices of many members of the trans community. Privilege isn’t talked about enough within the trans community, and the validity of trans and GNC femmes is constantly based in cis-normative ideals of femininity and womanhood. My body is my body. I’m not a girl born in a boy’s body- my femininity is not limited to one distinct label, my body is my own and it is wrong to label myself biologically as β€œmale” or β€œfemale.” Within the trans community, those who have not taken hormones are often looked at as less valid or real. Sex and gender are arbitrary social constructions that have been forced upon trans people, specifically trans POC, through colonialism. What the Trump administration is aiming to do is not something new. I urge you to read what @alokvmenon posted about this subject! Please have some self reflection. Are you actively speaking out against transmisogyny?


Let’s hold each other through this. Trans and GNC people have always been here, and any efforts towards our erasure are useless because we are beautiful resilient beings. Nothing can stifle our growth πŸ•―sending love. take deep breaths. πŸ’“ Cis people, it’s time to show up for the trans community. It is your responsibility. The community needs your support. Messages like this are hurtful, damaging, and fatal. Show up at protests. Donate.


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Hope you all are doing ok. Love you

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I feel sick to my stomach. I’m done with powerful men taking advantage of women and femmes and queer people. Sending love to all survivors who have had to relive/ come to terms with their trauma these past couple of weeks. I’m afraid for what these means for the women and queer people of this country. I believe Christine Blasey Ford. I still believe Anita Hill. #believesurvivors We need to hold each other.


Sally Mann ohmygod wow! πŸ•―


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Julia Fullerton Batten


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