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I get an extra chin when I laugh and believe real bravery is eating tacos in a white shirt. 🍺🌧🏔 Away from Insta for December! Email😘 Similar users

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Alright buds, I’m out of here ‘til January 1st! (If you’re like “omg what is this weirdo up to and why won’t she be online during December” I’m just taking a little social media break - more info five posts back!) If you want to talk to me during December send an email to or use the contact form on my website. 🎉 See you in 2018! 🖤 at Olympia, Washington


EXCLUSIVE ASIA DORE TIPS FOR SURVIVING THE COLD WET WINTER MONTHS: 1) Go do your responsible adult things like your job and eating vegetables and paying bills and working out and being nice 2) Get home and put on cozy pants and turn on Netflix as quickly as humanly possible at Olympia, Washington


Running into marriage like⬆️ at Petersburg, Alaska


Hey, have you heard about the asia dore VIPs? We're a group of photographers at all levels who encourage and teach each other without the drama and bullshit that comes with a lot of other photography support groups. The truth this this industry can be brutal, especially for beginners, so I set out to create a safe and beneficial space where like-minded people can hang out and nerd out with all things photography. If this sounds like you, come join us. It's free! [link in my bio] at Olympia, Washington


On Friday I shot a cold, rainy, and totally magical elopement with @erinpeckstoryteller. And by "shot with" I mean I jumped around in mud puddles, dicked around with shutter speeds, and lurked behind trees while she did all the work. Go follow her right this minute. I know you will, because you have great taste. • (Erin - thanks for proving that #communityovercompetition is so much more than a hashtag. It's sharing knowledge and encouragement, harmonizing to pop songs while driving, and stopping for sandwiches and beers on the soggy ride back home. You're my favorite moosedeer!) at Lake Cushman


Okay, not until next month. I’m just psyching myself up for the big 3-0. As a birthday gift from me to me I’m taking the month of December off from social media, 🎉 which may be online business suicide, but my heart is telling me to spend some time refocusing, planning for 2018, creating, and getting back to basics. So that’s what I’m gonna do, ya dig? • I’ll still be available via email, so if you need to contact me to book a session, inquire about your wedding date, or send cocktail recipes shoot a message to and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours. • What kind of plans do you have for the holiday season? at Olympia, Washington


It’s officially snuggle season, people. at Olympia, Washington


Happiest Thanksgiving, Turkeys! I'm thankful for each and every one of you for supporting me, encouraging me to chase my big dreams, and for liking my posts even when I use terrible puns or share photo after photo of my dog. • Now go eat, relax, eat some more, maybe go for a walk, and be grateful for the totally badass parts of your life. And then eat some more. #🦃 at Olympia, Washington


Hi friends! I’m Asia: Breakfast burner. Trash talker. Shower singer. You might already know I photograph weddings, elopements, and couples in love, but did you also know I can eat an entire pizza by myself? (I know, this shit is getting crazy, but stay with me.) • I live in a cozy one bedroom in Olympia, Washington with my BFF (boy friend forever) Johnny and my adopted pup Tamale. We moved here in July on a whim because why not, and we’re already excited for it to be hiking season again. • I like big band swing, happy hour on weeknights, Tom Robbins, and laughing ‘til I snort. I don’t like sushi, whiners, vanilla scented anything, or people who take themselves seriously. • I’m usually always muddy and I literally judge books by their covers. And then if the covers are pretty I buy them. I’m turning 30 next month and as a gift to myself I’m taking December off from social media, a fairly brilliant present if you ask me. • I love this little app, but it can get one-sided really fast and I know we can do better than that. So take a minute to introduce yourself in the comments, and if we already know each other then tell me what you’ve been up to lately! at Olympia, Washington


You know those special people in your life who are SO difficult to shop for? Maybe take a peek in the print shop ‘cause there’s some cool stuff in there. Pro tip: the coffee mugs also hold whiskey. • Use code BLACKFRIDAY for 25% off + free shipping on almost everything 11/23 - 11/25! Link in my bio👆🏻 at Olympia, Washington


Are you getting married in 2018? Are you looking for a photographer who will help you with planning, decisions, and logistics? Who will stand back and anticipate candid moments instead of forcing you into stiff poses? Who will put your whiskey flask in her camera bag because your dress doesn’t have pockets? If so, I’m your girl. • Send me an email and let's chat! I can't wait to hear about how I can help make your day incredible.


Frosted tips are so in right now.


Currently giving my product pricing guide a makeover and I’m thinking this shot of Mike + Emily on metal is looking preeettttyyyy fresh 👌🏻 Thoughts? at Olympia, Washington


This is Tamale girl: Official Office Dog of asia dore. I never had a dog growing up, but the second I met this one I fell in love, and now I guess I’m a dog person because I freak out whenever I see one no matter what ever. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Anybody else? at Olympia, Washington


You might be an asia dore couple if you don’t reschedule because of rain, if you like laughing more than posing, and if you don’t mind getting your boots muddy.


Okay boss, tell me if this sounds familiar: It's 8:30 pm. You settle into the couch for some Netflix and snacking when suddenly you realize: "SHIT, I didn't post on social media today!" Guilt instantly takes over, you rush over to your phone, open your app, find a photo, and wait for a brilliant caption to come to you as the cursor blinks. And you wait. And wait. And wait. • And nothing brilliant comes, so you post something like "How cute is my client! If you want to book a session contact me." • B O R I N G. • As soon as we start our businesses, we suddenly feel we have to be professional and accomplished and perfect and GOD FORBID we offend someone with our words! We're so focused on remaining neutral about everything that we forget to be human. So when it comes time to communicate with our potential clients, all we can think of to say is “Hello, I made this thing, and you can buy it.” • You can have a million thoughts every single day, but whenever you have to talk to your followers you somehow draw a blank. To help get you moving in the right direction I've created a list of writing prompts. 99 of them. And not one sales pitch. • Get your FREE copy via the link my bio! at Olympia, Washington


Amanda and Travis are on the blog today! Also includes three adorable Frenchies: Lucy, Stella, and Sully. GO SEE. Link in my bio! at Olympia, Washington


Ben + Margery’s intimate campsite wedding was featured over at the @pnwedding blog during the weekend! Click the link in their bio if you like looking at happy people getting married outside🌲 at Sitka, Alaska

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