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photo maker // adventure taker // booty shaker I shoot weddings + whiskey. Also I get an extra chin when I laugh. Similar users

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If the idea of a weding doesn't seem right and you're wondering whether you should just scrap the whole thing and head up a mountain to elope in February with your fiancé and your family and your dogs and a black dress and a bouquet the answer is yes. The answer is always yes. 💐: @flowers_by_louise at Palmer, Alaska


Happy weekend! I hope it’s the best one so far this year. at Olympia, Washington


I spy some new followers/friends around here so it's probably time for a nice little Friday Introduction! • Hi, I'm Asia (pronounced just like the continent. And the band. And the Steely Dan song.): wedding/elopement photographer, INTJ, serial plant over-waterer. • Last summer I moved from Wrangell, Alaska to Olympia, Washington with my awkward-word-for-someone-between-boyfriend-and-fiancé John and our pupper Tamale. By day we like getting muddy outside with friends and beer and by night we like playing video games and pretending we're movie critics. • Things I'm pretty bad at: French braiding. Being fun when I'm hungry. Pretending like I'm more interested in people's children than their dogs. Math. Things I'm pretty good at: Passive-aggressive and/or sarcastic (YET HILARIOUS) comments. Solving problems. Burning breakfast. Making people who don't feel comfortable in front of the camera comfortable in front of the camera. • My favorite thing about photographing couples is witnessing love as a verb. Seeing how two people encourage each other to be their best, support each other in their individual journeys, and come together to create an adventure of their own. 'Cause I think life is more fun when you do it with a friend. • Instagram can get kind of one-sided, so I'd love to hear about you in the comments! [📷 by my friend @kendrakphoto. Did I mention we’re friends?] at Olympia, Washington


"Asia is magical! She is such a talented photographer and a joy to work with! We booked an outdoor photo session near Seattle in December so of course it was dumping rain. I was a little worried on if our photos would turn out but we went for it anyway. Asia was more than up for the adventure and made us laugh like crazy while making her photo magic happen. Our photos turned out beautifully, as she somehow managed to make our dripping wet faces look like a PNW wonderland. As a person, you could not ask for better company for a shoot. Asia is so easy going and hilarious! She is the kind of photographer that makes you feel like you had a great hang out session/adventure rather than a photo session. She takes the pressure off with light coaching and jokes. She is the kind of photographer that you want to invite to go drink some whiskey after a wet shoot to warm up and have more laughs! I highly recommend Asia to anyone looking for a wonderful professional photographer." -Jarred + Val • Yup, sometimes when I'm having a bad day I just go to the "Love Letters" page on my website and instantly feel better. How did I get so lucky to work with the coolest people? HOW??! at Tacoma, Washington


Happy Valentine's Day! I'm thinking about asking this cutie to be my Valentine but he might be out of my league...thoughts? at Olympia, Washington


“People are never perfect, but love can be.” -Tom Robbins 🖤 What are you lovers up to tomorrow? Hot date with a hot human? Hot date with a hot pizza? Love comes in many forms. 🍕 at Olympia, Washington


Sometimes you screw up. And sometimes you screw up really bad. And sometimes you’re an entrepreneur who is figuring out this business thing as you go and you screw up really bad, but since you’re responsible for a business it feels like you screw up really really REALLY bad. • Sometimes you spill a smoothie all over your laptop and fry it before realizing you didn’t back everything up (did that). Sometimes you’re a month late paying your state taxes because you thought you were supposed to pay annually but you’re really supposed to pay quarterly (that one too). And sometimes you delete your ENTIRE website with one click (yup, also that one). Oopsies. How to handle it, on the blog today! And just so you’re prepared, “freak out” is not step 1. It’s step 2. Link in my bio!


The real trick to photographing couples is to put them as far back into the woods as possible, ideally right in the mud, and then when they're nice and cold and wet from the rain you suggest wrapping it up and going to get beer and pizza and then you're a hero. #protipswithasiadore at Olympia, Washington


Don't you hate it when you're really excited to plan your wedding because throwing a fun party with fun people sounds so easy, but then when you finally sit down to start you realize how much you dislike the formalities and rules and family drama and traditions and bullshit of the wedding industry? • I hate that, too. It's the 21st century. You don't HAVE to get married. You don't HAVE to have a wedding. And you certainly don't HAVE to have the kind of wedding that isn't your style. So I've gone down the list with my Bullshit Stamp to help you get back into planning with a fresh outlook and inspired mindset. • Click the link in my bio for your FREE copy of The Bullshit-Free Wedding! at Olympia, Washington


Just added "Lush Leaf Life" to the print shop because greens + rain = 😍 Need it on your wall (or your phone case)? Link in my bio! at Olympia, Washington


Okay it's Friday so where are you adventuring to this weekend?! I think we'll try to find a new park tomorrow, and hit up Seattle to celebrate the Year of the Dog on Sunday! Pictured are Thor and Mya, who will probably go somewhere magical on a boat 'cause that's just what they do. HAPPY FRIDAY! at Olympia, Washington


Most days you can find me in this cozy little office corner, wearing sweatpants + sipping coffee that was probably hot at some point (whyyy can I never finish it while it's hot?!). • Working from home is a dream come true for me. No commuting, no small talk about my weekend with co-workers, and no useless office meetings. But one of the hardest parts about transitioning from an office building to my living room was learning how to stay productive when I'm in the same room as my Xbox all day. If that sounds familiar, head over to the blog for some on hot tips to keep you on your A game! Link in my bio👆🏻 at Olympia, Washington


*COUPLES SESSION GIVEAWAY* In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I'm hosting a couples session giveaway because even though I don't really support a commercial holiday telling us when we should act like we're in love, I DO support any excuse to make out. 💋 • I'll choose the winner at random at 5 pm PST on Tuesday, February 13th (and notify them via DM shortly after). The session will take place by April 1, 2018, within 25 miles of Olympia, WA, and if you can’t make it to Oly but still want to enter DO IT and we can sort out travel fees when you win😘 You must be 18 or older to enter, and this giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Instagram. You can learn more about couples sessions via the link in my profile! • HERE'S HOW TO ENTER: 1) Be in love 2) Follow @asia.dore 3) Tag a friend in the comments 4) Repost this photo with a caption telling me one thing your Boo does to make you laugh 5) Tag me in the photo so I'm sure to see it (if your profile is private, send me a screenshot of your post via DM !) 🖤🖤🖤 at Olympia, Washington


Step 1: Hike behind your boyfriend Step 2: Since you're behind him, you can look at his butt Step 3: There's no step 3. at Olympia, Washington


On Saturday I hiked up a snowy path just outside Palmer, Alaska to witness Mike + Desiré say “I do” as the sun dipped below the horizon. Apparently when we left it was below zero, but I didn't even notice because I was wrapped up in a blanket of love and adventure and pure magic! at Palmer, Alaska


Football, day drinking, yelling at the TV, eating too many snacks, AWWW YES. I'll actually be on an airplane and missing all that, but just know I'm raiding the fridge and trash talking your team in my heart. at Palmer, Alaska


I'm heading back to Alaska today for an outdoor elopement which MIGHT be my most favorite way to spend a weekend, like, ever. Also: brrrrr. I'll keep you up to date via my stories! What are your weekend plans?


If you’re torn between wanting to get out for adventure and staying cozy under blankets on the couch, just bring the blanket with you on your adventure and do both. LIFEHACKS # at Olympic National Forest

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