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▪️eSports agent ▪️Co-host of eSportTV ▪️NOCCO Esports 📍Stockholm, Sweden

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On the radio, talking about ESPORT-TV this morning! I brought crazy eyes and no tan. Thanks for having us, @p5sthlm! at Sveriges Radio


Not sure if happy or embarrassed that I just got word that over a 100k ppl watched these guys laugh themselves ugly in just 3 days. Great premier however, love you guys.❤️ #ESPORTTV at Modern Times Group


ESPORT-TV is back! Every Friday on Viafree.


slidin in to your DMs like


My first IRL easter egg hunt. 📸: @gustaflinne at Stockholm archipelago


s/o to my left leg at Bad Hofgastein


When all you want is a cool pic with your BFF but you end up looking like you’re announcing a baby at Copenhagen, Denmark


Find someone who looks at you like I look at new merch. #noccoesports 📸 @linuscarlen at NOCCO


It’s me. Bear Grylls and Ernst Kirchsteigers lovechild. at Stockholm, Sweden


only chick I’ll l ever take public selfies with is mom at Riche


Found this in my email. (?) @louisenoobel @heaton @andrigabri #nocco3years


@linuscarlen #nocco3years

3 ❤️ @noccoesports ❤️ @linuscarlen at NOCCO


So yesterday @louisenoobel called me, worried that @linuscarlen was looking skinny af. Me and @heaton stepped in. BAM. A few motivational speeches and 16 new esports exercises later he is now ready for whatever shiny underwear he wants to wear for his next competition. You're welcome bro. We got you. Esports. #nocco #noccoesports at Stockholm, Sweden


eSportTV looking to break 100k viewers this week with the help of the amazing @olofkajbjer as this weeks guest! Tune in Friday afternoon, link in bio. #eSportTV


When you're driving your clients new car in pouring rain but pretend you're not even worried. Thanks for the ride @heaton! at Stockholm, Sweden


Great talk about food and games, and how they go together in this weeks eSportTV with @johanhedberg!@heaton was happy, and @postromberg keeps pointing at someone as soon as a picture is taken. Link in bio! #esporttv


This weeks eSportTV is here! Watch zAAz tell the world what she thinks of Brazilian drinking habits and their search for a coach for Dynasty Gaming. Take a look, link in bio! #eSportTV at Metro Sverige

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