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Winning matters. Competition matters. Results matter. Your boss is never going to say: 'Your results suck, you accomplished nothing, but you showed up so here's a raise.' . Agree or disagree? 👇👇👇👇


If you want to get to the top and stay there, you can’t ever forget what you learned on the way up. . Fundamentals. Repetition. Discipline. . You are never too good to go back to the basics. . #RealityCheck✅: What’s in your daily routine that includes working on basic fundamentals? . You can’t be good until you’ve mastered average. You can’t be great until you’ve mastered good. You sure as hell can’t be unstoppable until you’ve mastered everything else. . That’s the definition of Relentless: Always reaching for something that’s just out of your grasp. . #relentless #realitycheck#mj #michaeljordan #bulls #thelastdance Thanks @realcraigballantyne for the video from #perfectliferetreat


This is your life. How can you not invest in that? . TAG SOMEONE YOU CARE ABOUT WHO NEEDS TO HEAR THIS. . People won’t exercise or control their diets because it’s not comfortable for them. But how comfortable can it be to drag around all that extra weight and all the physical problems that go along with it? . Back pain, joint issues, shortness of breath, diabetes, heart problems . . . the majority of all physical discomfort comes from being overweight. . Explain to me: If you can choose between being uncomfortable because you’re overweight and sick, or uncomfortable because you’re sweating at the gym three times a week, why do so many people choose the discomfort that leads to complete physical failure? . Your results begin when your body says ‘Enough!’ And your mind says: We’re doing this.’ . #comfortablebeinguncomfortable #relentless #weightloss #exercise #training #mindset


My private online talk is tomorrow (Tuesday 7pm ET). Make sure you sign up now. . Even if you can’t be there live, sign up anyway and we’ll send you the link to the recording. . Here’s what I’ll be talking about: . 💥 ‘Fake it til you make it’ is total BS. The only one you’re fooling is yourself. . 💥 How to become your own ‘expert’ and stop listening to everyone else. . 💥 Why all your goals should be unreasonable. . 💥 How to handle those who think you’ll fail, and aren’t supportive. . 💥 Stopping the free fall when you’re not getting results. . 💥 Lots of Q&A, so have your questions ready. . You’ll also get exclusive access to my private Facebook group. . Sign up and you’ll get a link to our private Zoom call. Bring your friends, teammates, colleagues. . This is not a motivational sugar high with smiley faces and hugs. This is reality. It’s harsh and it’s honest. If you’re not ready for that, this probably isn’t for you. . But if you’re ready to get to serious about your future and your goals, I want you with me. . LINK IN THE PROFILE. And tag someone who needs this. If you can’t tell them, I will. . #CleanerConferenceCall #relentless #bsthatholdsyouback #therelentlesssystem


Set unreasonable goals. . Expect to achieve them. . When others tell you you’re crazy, say thanks. You’re about to accomplish something they can’t even imagine. . I’ll be talking about this on my next Cleaner Conference Call, next Tuesday. Time to stop admiring what others have, and go get it for yourself. Link in the profile. . Any questions ask me here or DM me. See you there.


Your greatest achievements won’t come from what you do at the top. . They’ll come from the dark unseen places at the bottom, where you struggled and sacrificed and felt like giving up. . Most people are looking for an elevator instead of taking the stairs—they want the easy route. . They quit their workouts and diets because they’re too hard. They stop advancing in their careers and lives because it’s too much work. They can’t deal with being uncomfortable so they seek the shortcut, and when they can’t find it, they quit. . Those who start at the top never understand what they missed at the bottom. . TAG A GREAT LEADER WHO GETS IT. . Then tell me something you did to ‘pay your dues’ that others would have never done. 👇👇👇👇👇👇 . Thanks @realcraigballantyne #perfectliferetreat for the video. #relentless


When you know who you are, and what’ve accomplished, you don’t have to talk about it. They’ll know. Confidence is silent. . Talk never goes up in price, it’s always free, and you usually get what you pay for.


This year, I wish for you everything you wish for yourself. . But it’s on you to go get it. . This year, time to kick your own ass and stop waiting to be told what to do. You already know. . #RealityCheck✅: What’s stopping you? . Decide. Commit. Act. Succeed. Repeat. . That’s what we’re talking about on my next Cleaner Call next Tuesday. No softie hugs or pats on the back, but an hour of real talk. Bring your issues and questions. Hit the link in my profile for details. . Let me know below when you’ve reserved your spot. I want to see who’s serious, and who’s just talking about it.


Instead of planning for the start of the new year, plan for the end. . Set unreasonable goals and expect to achieve them. . Wishing you all a happy, healthy, and relentless 2019. . We’ll be talking about this in our next Cleaner Conference Call. Link in the profile, sign up to reserve your spot. . #happynewyear #relentless


Do you work with someone who can’t separate their personal life from professional responsibility? . Is it you? . Just asking. . #RealityCheck


Let’s get on a call. . This is your exclusive invite to join my inner circle. My new CLEANER CONFERENCE CALLS are live video online group meetings, for highly competitive achievers. One hour each, different topics each month. Lots of Q&A, so have your questions ready. . You’ll also get: ✅ Unlimited Access to the live recordings of every call . ✅ Access to my private Facebook group for members of The Relentless System . ✅ BONUS: Two exclusive videos of me live on stage. This is not a motivational sugar high with smiley faces and hugs. This is reality. It’s harsh and it’s honest. If you’re not ready for that, this probably isn’t for you. But if you’re ready to get to serious about your future and your goals, I want you with me. OUR NEXT CALL is January 8, at 7 ET. Space is limited, so click the link in my profile and signup now. . #CleanerCalls #webinar #relentless #training


This is a screenshot of the moment after MJ sealed his final championship season, sent to me by @jeffvulpis. I’d never seen it before but remember the moment like it was yesterday. It was truly The Last Dance. . Fifteen years together, each one more intense and competitive than the last. . This is the definition of relentless. . #TheLastDance #MJ #michaeljordan #Bulls #relentless #Cleaner #nbafinals #lastdance

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