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Right now, name the main reason you didn’t get the last opportunity you went for. . Let me guess. . ❌ Idiot boss. . ❌ Dumbass coach. . ❌ Clueless clients/customers. . ❌ Backstabbing colleagues/teammates. . ✅ BS. . Here’s one most of you probably didn’t come up with: YOUR SKILLS AREN’T GOOD ENOUGH. . Yet. . Instead of being one of many, get yourself in position to be the only one qualified. . #RealityCheck✅: The reality of excellence is you actually have to BE excellent. . Stop talking about your passion and drive, and take action. Today. Hit the link in my profile, I’ve got a plan for you. . Were you passed over for something you really wanted? What happened? Tell me, I want to hear about it. 👇👇👇 . #relentless #therelentlesssystem #bsthatholdsyouback #results #opportunity #RealityCheck


How can you fail when your worst day is better than most people’s best? . Every “failure” is an opportunity to manage and control a situation, pulling it around to your advantage, doing something everyone else says is impossible. . Everything is impossible until someone does it. Go do it. . #relentless #results #failure #therelentlesssystem #bsthatholdsyouback #RealityCheck


The only difference between insanity and genius is the end result. . If you lose, they’ll call you crazy. If you win, now you’re a freakin genius. . Which are you, insane or genius? . Don’t let anyone decide that for you. . #relentless #results #insanity #genius


This is one of the classic lines of BS that makes people feel better about slow mediocre results: . ‘It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.’ . #RealityCheck✅: Marathon winners SPRINT. The winner of this year’s Boston Marathon averaged 5:30 per mile. Completed the race in 2 hours 18 minutes. That is a sprint. . Of course not everyone can do that. Most can’t run one mile in 5:30, forget about 26 miles. . But for those who can, or aspire to, it’s the definition of setting yourself apart from the pack. . The pack leaves the office at 5. They leave practice when the whistle blows. They believe in moderation and taking things slow and not ‘over-doing’ things. . Success is a sprint that never ends. . If you’re with me on this, hit the link in my profile and take my course on The BS That Holds You Back. It’s honest and direct and no BS, and I made it affordable—only $37. . Stop waiting. Start sprinting. The race continues with or without you. . #relentless #therelentlesssystem #bsthatholdsyouback #marathon #itsasprint


You messed up and everyone knows it. So what? Who hasn’t? . Your ability to recover, make it right, and move on says everything about you. . Stop apologizing and start fixing the mess. Apologies are worthless without action behind them. . Tag someone who really blew it and needs to get back up. They need to hear this. . Do your mistakes paralyze you or enlighten you? Tell me, I want to know. 👇👇 . If this is something you struggle with, hit the link in my profile and work with me on the BS that holds you back. . #relentless #realitycheck#bsthatholdsyouback #results #sorrynotsorry


Learn this word. . It's a complete sentence that requires no explanation. . Others may not want to hear it, but everyone knows what it means. . If you don’t protect your time, space, priorities, and everything else you value...why should anyone else? . #relentless #realitycheck#NO #bsthatholdsyouback


Ask yourself honestly—no BS—what would you have to sacrifice to have what you really want? . Guaranteed income? Your social life? Your relationship? Time with kids? Free time? Sleep? . Now answer this question: What are you WILLING to sacrifice, and again, no BS. Be honest. If those two lists don’t match up, you don’t want it badly enough. . #RealityCheck✅: Most people can’t get to the top because they’re looking for an elevator instead of taking the stairs—they want the easy route. They quit their workouts and diets because they’re too hard. They stop advancing in their careers and lives because it’s too much work. They make it to their ‘dream job’ and then don’t want to work for bosses who are too tough. They can’t deal with being uncomfortable so they seek the shortcut, and when they can’t find it, they quit. . I know it’s not easy. It’s not supposed to be. Most people don’t want the pressure and stress, they don’t want to sacrifice time with friends and family, they want to relax when the mood strikes, sleep late when they can, and get up and go to bed with limited worries and responsibilities and pressure. I get that. It’s a much easier way to experience life. . But usually, those are the same people who look around at others and say, “I can’t believe how lucky they are, I could do that if . . .” Stop. If . . . what? If you put in more time and effort? If you make the commitment they did?If you’re willing to pay the price they’re paying? . You could do the same, and so much more. What’s stopping you? . Don’t be jealous if you had the same opportunity and you let it slip away. . If this resonates with you, take a minute to click the link in my profile and work with me on The BS That Holds You Back. It will change the way you think and operate and grow. No BS. . What holds you back? Tell me 👇👇👇 . #relentless #realitycheck#therelentlesssystem #bsthatholdsyouback #sacrifice #duespaid #results


Every time you stop to analyze, consider, think, rethink, go back to the drawing board, rethink some more, have a meeting, get some opinions, reconsider, talk it over, test the waters, sleep on it, kick it around, take it slow, put it on the back burner, think some more, and finally decide to not decide....someone else went ahead and got it done. . If you’re the kind of person who needs a guarantee, you have no chance against those who are willing to work with unpredictable odds and are comfortable being uncomfortable. Time to get rid of all the BS. . Is this an issue for you? Are you paralyzed by your own indecision? . Hit the link in my profile. You deserve better than a life of indecision and second-guesses. . #relentless #therelentlesssystem #bsthatholdsyouback #overthinking #comfortablebeinguncomfortable #mentaltoughness


A preview of my online course THE BS THAT HOLDS YOU BACK. This is one of the most popular courses in The Relentless System. . I had so many requests from people who wanted to try The Relentless System before purchasing, that I made this single course available for only $37. Link in the profile. . Our topics include a long list of ridiculous cliches and excuses people use instead of taking action. . ❌ ‘It’s you against the world.’ (BS! It’s you against you.) . ❌ ‘Knowledge is power.’ (BS! Knowledge is a start, but ACTION is power.) . ❌ ‘Hit em with everything but the kitchen sink.’ (BS! What the hell are you saving the sink for?) . ❌ ‘Surround yourself with positive people.’ (BS! Surround yourself with HONEST people.) . ❌ And much more. . Hit the link in my profile now. You are worth $37, to start making the move from where you are to where you want to be. Join me NOW.


At some point, everyone needs a wake up call. . This is yours. . I’m giving you full access to my bestselling online course, THE BS THAT HOLDS YOU BACK. For just $37. . That’s it. $37. This is one of the most popular courses in The Relentless System. . THE BS THAT HOLDS YOU BACK cuts the head games and lies and idiotic cliches that keep you stuck in one place. . ❌ ‘It’s you against the world.’ (BS! It’s you against you.) . ❌ ‘Knowledge is power.’ (BS! Knowledge is a start, but ACTION is power.) . ❌ ‘Hit em with everything but the kitchen sink.’ (BS! What the hell are you saving the sink for?) . ❌ ‘Surround yourself with positive people.’ (BS! Surround yourself with HONEST people.) . My course blows up these stale beliefs and gets you moving in the right direction. . $37. NO EXCUSES. Easy and affordable. . CLICK THE LINK IN THE PROFILE. DON’T THINK. DO IT NOW. . #bsthatholdsyouback #relentless #therelentlesssystem #results #lies #mentaltoughness #mindset


Every minute, every hour, every day that you sit around trying to figure out what to do, someone else is already doing it. . Make a choice, or a choice will be made for you. . Time to get rid of the baggage that’s holding you back. Hit the link in my profile and get started. . #relentless #dontthink #bsthatholdsyouback


Pressure is a privilege. It means someone believes in you enough to know you can deliver under the most difficult circumstances. . Most people run from stress. I want you to run to it. Stress keeps you sharp, it challenges you in ways you never imagined and forces you to solve issues and manage situations that send weaker people running for cover. You can’t succeed without it. Your level of success is defined by how well you embrace it and manage it. . Do you embrace pressure or avoid it? Tell me👇👇 . Most people avoid it because they’ve been taught the BS about moderation and taking things slow. Have you ever heard or used these lies? . ❌ ‘It’s a marathon, not a sprint!’ (BS—Marathon winners have to sprint). . ❌ ‘Good things come to those who wait!’ ( BS—Good things come to those who work.) . ❌ ‘Pressure busts pipes.’ (BS—Pressure makes diamonds). . More on this in my bestselling course THE BS THAT HOLDS YOU BACK, right now only $37. Small investment to start changing the way you think about pressure and success, link in the profile, join me now. . #pressure #pressureisaprivilege #relentless #therelentlesssystem #bsthatholdsyouback

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