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Mix & Tracking|MultiMedia Solutions| Baltimore, M.D.

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Wanda 💗 & Cosmo 💚 New Live Rig Coming Soon🙇‍♂️ ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• NOVATION CIRCUT + ROLAND SP404=DEADLY ALLIANCE


Some peoples dreams are filled with cotton candy and sunshine others are dictated by familiar faces and blue waters, As a content creator/producer mine are powered by threaded processor and and enless amounts of RAM 😂🖥💻 ••••••••• ⚠️ Attention! If im currently working on a mix of yours please excuse the momentary delay, as the level up commences, your understanding and patience is appreciated and will be rewarded.


⚠ Beginning Febuary 1st Full Recoding/Mixing/Production Serivces Will Be Avalible @dynastyrecordingstudios in NW Baltimore. As Cheif Engineer "Archirectt" quality Audio Will Be Avalible to all Serious Artist and Muscians ••• The Facility Houses Full Dance Hall, Broadcasting Studio, Rehersal Hall, Music Studio and Photo/Video Ready Services ••• Contact @architecttbeats for a list of of pricing and booking time ••• S/o to @_markodolo for the 🌊 Logo at Baltimore, Maryland