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Ryleigh Yoshiko 01/13/2016👶🏽 | Jeremiah 29:11

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These weeks have been hard only seeing and talking to you through Skype but I know you’re enjoying yourself up in Seattle. I miss you so very much and know that daddy will never stop thinking, caring and loving you. You are the reason for everything and the biggest blessing I could ask for #RyleighYoshiko #OneThirteen #MyTwin #MyPrincess #TheReason


So thankful for each and everyone of these people. Whether I have you in this photos or not, I am extremely thankful for everyone that I have come across in my life. Without any of you guys I wouldn’t be the person I am today. From being a dad, to working back at my first job, to meeting new people in Cali, to being the “big” little brother and staying connected to high school friend, I will forever appreciate all of you ❤️ HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! Also Happy Birthday to one of my guardian angels. Nana, we miss you and love you so much. Not a day goes by where you are not thought of. Please continue to watch over us and keep us safe. Until we meet again ❤️ #Thanksgiving2018


This will be your forever birthday photo. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SECOND OLDEST SASSSTER! Love you, hope you have a good day!


Who knew that Vamperina’s dad was a cholo 😏 #Halloween2018 #DaddyTheCholo #RyleighAsVamperina


The biggest blessing ever ❤️ #RyleighYoshiko #TheReason #MiniMe #StopGrowing #DaddyLovesYou #DaddysPrincess #AllForYou #011316


🎶California, knows how to parteh🎶 #TakeMeBack #IMissIt #CaliforniaLove #TBT


Once again another fun, adventurous and successful vacation in Cali. A good weekend well planned for @t_2thedbl_e bday. And also a beautiful wedding for @california_kid808 and @dee_rina. It was an amazing time and I would like to say thank you to everyone for making this trip a memorable one and to all the new people I have met. I’ll see you all real soon #BackToReality #GonnaMissIt #CaliforniaLove #IllBeBack #GiveMeAReason


When I hold you, I have the world in my hand. When I look at you, I see the most beautiful thing ever made. You’re cheesy smile and contagious laugh melts my heart every time. You are what gets me through the day and you are what keeps me going everyday. I love you with every ounce of me my princess 💕👸🏻 #DaddyWillAlwaysBeHere #YouKeepMeGoing #MyWorld #DaddysPrincess #OneThirteen


Decision was worth it to go up and see my Cali friends and family. As always, it was really good to see you guys and spend time even though it was too short. Always full of laughter, reminiscing and creating new memories that will last forever. I miss and love you guys so much. #CaliFamily #CaliforniaLove #IMissItAlready #NeverADullMoment #RiordanBoys #LIFErs2011


I am so lost for words right now. Just want you to know that I’m glad I met you and thank you so much for being a good friend. I will forever remember the good times we had cruising late nights at PCW and Cherry On Top. You are loved by so many and your memory will live on through all the lives you’ve impacted. Rest Easy Bro, Fly With Angels. #GoneTooSoon #HiStateToys #OneOfTheBraddahs #LoudestXRunner #SlammedXRunner #EwaBeach #GonnaMissYouBro #NoMoreSuffering #NoMorePain


#Throwback to one of the saddest days of my life. Getting rid of something I put a lot of time, effort and money into. A lot of people helped me along the way as well and met a lot of people being in the scene. One day I’ll have another mini truck, but now time I’ll focus on a build that’s more ideal for Ryleigh. I’ll be back #OneDay #IllMakeMyReturn #BiggerThings #FullSizeDreams #MyFirstBaby #Megan #MazdaB2600i


Tonight’s dinner spread, Garcia sushi bar. Happy Father’s Day dad. You’re always there when we need you and are always helping us no matter what. We hope your Father’s Day dinner was one to remember. Also happy Father’s Day to all the other fathers out there!


To the mother of my child. Happy Mother’s Day! Although we are in the situation we’re in, nothing will change the fact that you are the mother of our child. I appreciate everything you have done for me and our little family and for all the memories we’ve had. You are great mother and you go above and beyond for her. I hope you had a great day today. To my mother. I hope you liked your lunch today and enjoyed your day. I appreciate all the sacrifices you’ve done for me and I without you and your guidance, I wouldn’t be the man I am today. I love you mom, happy Mother’s Day. To my mother in law. Happy Mother’s Day. After everything Mel and I have been through and everything that’s happened in the past 3 years, I really do appreciate you welcoming into your home and letting me stay with you guys. You and your family have treated me like family and I really do appreciate it. Thank you for everything. And to all the other mothers out there, you guys are awesome and hope you all had an awesome Mother’s Day!!


Being apart of this club is something that I won’t forget nor regret. Although things took a turn to me leaving the club, I really do appreciate everyone welcoming me and allowing me to still come around. It was a big surprise that you guys gave me a shirt and allowed me to be in a picture with the new admin. As one of the previous VPs that really makes me feel like I can still be part of the family even though I’m not in the club. It was good to see everyone again and catch up with you all. I will be in touch and hope to cruise with you guys again. Hope you all had a fun and safe cruise!! #ULTC4Yr #ULTC4Life #DontRegretMyPast #OldAdmin #NewAdmin #FoundingFathers


Fuckn sucks that we have to get rid of you Nala baby 😭😭 you’ll be in good hands with your new owner and have lots of fun being able to run and play when you want. I’m gonna miss you girl 💔


Getting rid of that dad bod slowly but surely. #BabySteps #TrustTheProgress #175lbs #MonthlyProgress


Missing you a little extra today....

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