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What. A. Week. #TGIF 🙌🏼 We so excited for the weekend. It’s going to be busy. It’s going to be hot. It’s going to be awesome. What are your weekend plans?! A little adult time? A little slip n slide? Tell us what your plans are! #weekend #liveitup


We’re pretty sure from this photo that Miss Luna likes her Snuggle Nest! Maybe it’s the comfort? The closeness to Mom and Dad? The ability to nurse from mama in a heartbeat? Or maybe it’s the super cute Garden Dreams fashion? 💁🏻‍♀️ Probably all of the above! (@kghogan ) 💗💗 #snugglenest #babygirl #cosleeping


Sometimes we (as parents) use this quote to refer to sweet baby toes or those chubby little cheeks. And then sometimes we are referring to donuts. Today is a donut kind of day. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #illeatyouupiloveyouso #donut #parenting


{GIVEAWAY ALERT} What’s more fun than a #collaboration with our friends over at @binkybro (the super stylish trucker hats for babies)?! We are super excited to partner with them and do a #giveaway of a Binky Bro hat and a @babydelightinc Go With Me Chair. Your babe will be ready for summer fun in the summer sun! ☀️ So what do you have to do? Tell us your favorite outdoor activity to do with your little one. Swim? Beach? Camp? Concerts? The possibilities are endless! For an extra entry - tag a friend (because they like summer fun too!). The winner will be chosen on Monday, July 23rd. Let the #summerfun begin!


This super versatile (and crazy adorable) Snuggle Nest Afterglow is a #primeday special! For just a few hours the two Afterglows will be at a primetastic price!! (Pretty sure that is not a word, but most definitely should be). So head over and check out the deal along with tons of others! Seems like Christmas in July is really a thing! Let us know if you score one when the deal goes live. 🙌🏼


💗TGIF💗 It’s been a long week. Like forever long. School is out, the sun is shining, and activities are in full swing. That means you are constantly on the go. Birthday parties, cookouts, beachin, camping. It’s non-stop fun (and a bit of chaos). And though we can’t control your busy days or the amount of activities (like a birthday party every.single.weekend.), we can help make it easier. With a chair. A chair that can do it all. Sit that baby down and securely strap him in with a 5-point harness. Or stand that little one up in the leg holes that are hidden within the seat. And for those older kiddos - let them lounge with a snack under the shaded canopy. Because they are surely due for their 49th snack today. One chair. Many ways. Years of use. We got your back mom and dad. 🙌🏼 #gowithmechair #tgif


Those toes though. Itty bitty. Teeny tiny. Oh so sweet. Little. Baby. Toes. Why is it that they are just so irresistible? So kissable? It probably has something to do with the fact that the whole entire baby is just a bundle of perfection. From that fuzzy little baby noggin, to those itty bitty toesies. Simply irresistible. ❤️❤️ #nestlenook #babydelight


The bond between a Daddy and his little girl is unlike anything else. Maybe he wanted a boy? Maybe he loved the idea of playing ball and fishing with his son? But then that precious baby girl arrives and he is over the moon in love. He forgets any prior idea he had about what he “wanted” because this new life he is holding in his hands is his whole world. Those 10 perfect toes and 10 perfect fingers. Those beautiful blue eyes. That button nose and those perfectly pouty lips. The bond that they have from this moment and for the rest of their lives is a very important one and a very real one. They will laugh together, cry together, and be the best of friends. They will probably even play ball and go fishing together. Daddy’s little girl. From now until forever. #daddyslittlegirl #snugglenest (📷: @jaimiemphoto )


We absolutely love the tradition @chipgaines started with his first son. He wears the hospital bracelet until it breaks off on its own. Heart melting. ❤️ What other traditions do all of you Dads out there have? #fatherhood #tradition (📷: @joannagaines )


Because summer should be carefree and fun. Live life like a 3 year old! #summerfun #dels #threeyearsold


Weekends with the littles are fun, busy and hardly relaxing! But there’s only 18 short years. 18 short summers. 18 July’s. So embrace the chaos. The birthday parties every weekend. The beach days. The pool days. The cookouts. The carnivals. And even the quiet (ha!) days at home. It’s incredible how fast it all goes by. Grab some gear that makes life a bit easier and enjoy all of those crazy days - because you know those kiddos are! ❤️☀️ #babydelight #summerfun #weekendvibes (@jess__cronin )


Ready. Set. Go! It’s that easy to pack your baby’s bed for a summer getaway. Who said it’s hard to travel with a baby?! We kid, we kid. But really, at least this part is quick and easy. #TGIF #snugglenest #babydelight


Happy 4th of July to you and your family! We hope you are able to spend time with your loved ones, reflect on our Independence, and make some beautiful memories. ❤️🇺🇸❤️


When your toddler just can’t let go of her #snugglenest. Or... when you can’t let go of your toddler not being a baby anymore. 😢 #bittersweet #notababyanymore #snugglenest


Summer summer summer time! These ladies are clearly ready for long, fun beach days. With their #gowithmechairs in tow, they can sit, snack and be shaded. They certainly seem happy (so we’re pretty sure Mum and Dad are too)! Summer living is happy living! Thanks for sharing @farmgirldreamer - they are precious. 💗


With a newborn comes less time for mom. Less time to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee. Less time to browse through the latest edition of Cosmo. Less time for manis and pedis. But, there’s more time for so much more. More time for cuddles. More time for sweet baby kisses. And more time to ponder life as your newborn lies fast asleep on your chest. And though life has changed as you know it, you can still squeeze in your me-time. Take a second and sit. Have your vino. Enjoy a sunset. Do your hair. Breathe. You’re doing it right and your baby loves you more than you know!! Oh and this thing right here ⬆️, is almost as comfortable as your chest. So that sweet little bundle can snooze away while you relax. #babydelight #nestlenook #momlife


You know what is happy? When little tiny babies get a view out the kitchen window while getting a bath. I mean right? As adults I think we wish for the same. Maybe not the kitchen window though. 🤔 Anyway - Having a baby bather than can be used in a tub AND a kitchen sink is pretty fabulous. Just ask @scoobysmith13 and her bathing beauty here. A little bit of comfort for babe and a whole lotta convenience for mama. Win. Win. #cushynest #babydelight (side note: Mama was standing right beside her baby during this photo!).


A 3rd birthday party isn’t complete without a cupcake, some balloons, and a very happy birthday girl. Bonus points for a super comfy chair and amazing gladiators! We’d say this party is complete. Happy Birthday Miss W! (Chair by @babydelightinc Gladiators by @littlerabbitwears ) 💗 #babydelight #gowithmechair #happybirthday

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