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Decaying Synagogue, B.Q. =before quarantine


Strange Times #stayhome


As of late I’ve been very disappointed in the number of people I’ve seen ignoring the shelter in place orders. Staying inside can difficult to do, especially for those of us who thrive on being social or simply feel the need to go out and create. My friends and I feel very strongly about #flatteningthecurve, and that includes leading by example; staying indoors unless reporting for essential work, grabbing supplies, or going for a walk/run. It can feel almost painful sitting inside during the beautiful spring weather, and you may be tempted to go outside and explore thinking it won’t cause any harm. The fact is you cannot be sure you will not come into contact with infected surfaces, or encounter others no matter how careful you think you are being. In fact you are inspiring others to get out and do the same. I strongly feel any unnecessary risk is a risk that shouldn’t be taken, and using social media to share your risky behavior is unacceptable. The fact is we all need to be doing our part to save stay inside and save lives, no matter how cool of a photo/video you may get. Nothing is worth risking the lives of others, so save the excuses, choose to lead by example and #stayhome!


Life From a Distance


Hanging Out


Social Distancing and posting out of boredom. How bout you?


Social distancing is not a joke. We are in an unprecedented situation that is rapidly changing by the day. What we knew to be true a week ago, may not be true today. As cases are transmitted throughout new populations the severity of the cases and the ages affected are rapidly changing. Please stay up to date on the latest information and follow the latest guidelines where you live. Don’t be complacent, this doesn’t just affect you! This situation is inconvenient for everyone, but the sooner we work together to fight the spread of the virus the sooner we can return to our regular lives. Please please please be safe, stay informed through legitimate sources (CDC, WHO, etc), and be considerate of the health of others.


Water Tower, 2016


Night Rider


Chicago Sundial


Corona virus be damned, a girls gotta travel! Already looking forward to my next flu-mask-clad adventure 😷😈


Middle Eastern Spaghetti