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20 y/o + occasional taker of photos sponsored by @snowfoamau

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Andy J

💕 at Sydney, Australia


Proud to finally announce I have @snowfoamau on board sponsoring me to ensure my car stays clean forever! The boys hooked me up with a rad care package! #snowfoamau #sponsored #ad at Sydney, Australia


Simple is always the best 💖 at Sydney, Australia


A large majority of my followers probably won’t understand or know what car this is seeing as alot of you are from other countries than Australia but figured I’d post up a quick photo comparison of how my car looked the day I bought it and how it looks now! Mainly focused on the cosmetic side of things (respray, wheels, coilovers etc) and now I’ll be able to focus on power adders! For those that don’t know what car this is, it’s a Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo, in simpler words I like to call it the Aussie chaser. 😏 It’s a real shame these aren’t available in the states as it’d be cool to see more development of the motor similar to how far the RB’s and JZ’s have come! at Sydney, Australia


More doors for more women with questionable morals 🌶 at Mexico City, Mexico


Up the top of my list most favourite certainly is midnight purple, just look at the different colours! 😍 What’s your favourite factory paint? at Olympic Park


Caught up with Ben and his freshly sprayed JZX100 the other day sporting new @ulteriormotiveshop flares looking very tidy indeed. I’m usually not a fan of darker coloured cars especially taking photos of them but I think this takes the cake! 🍰 at Mexico City, Mexico


Where my love for VSKF’s came from, just over 4 years ago coming across @bam_bam_can’s 15 back when it had a mighty SR in it! #hotboi #heusedtobecool • Am also doing a little giveaway, first person to successfully comment “VSKF” each letter seperately in the comments with no disruption wins a care package full of goodies. 🤟🏼 at Sydney, Australia


Happy Friday you bunch of legends! 🤟🏼 (unless you aren’t in Australia) #hotboi #yeet at Sydney, Australia


DAYUM son! 😍 Many months and multiple cars later @kylephan and I finally managed to tee up a shoot, with his latest whip. Immaculate S13 sitting on TE37v’s. 🤟🏼 at Sydney, Australia


Hope everyone had a killer time at the @revolutionmotorsport drift day yesterday, couldn’t make it because I got called into work 😬 Enjoy this snap from the last event I attended. at Wakefield Park


PSA: VSKF’s are #1 ✅ at Sydney, Australia

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