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We pass by so many people every day and all it takes is a simple “hey” to hear their story. I get that it can be hard to approach strangers, but great company is only one word away. at Toronto, Ontario


“Hey mom, this is going to be random... but let’s go on a road trip... right now.” I think my impulsiveness is beginning to rub off on her. at Mono Cliffs Provincial Park


Have you seen @cftoeatoncentre’s new pedestrian bridge yet? 👌🏻 at CF Toronto Eaton Centre


Hey, it’s been a while. Maybe I’ve been too focused on school and video (probably the latter), but I lost some motivation to share pics on Instagram and I want to change that. As much as I like sharing stories about others, I miss sharing my own stories. Hopefully that will get me motivated again! ✌🏻 at Mono, Ontario


Just to give you all an update on my camera situation, the amazing folks of Peel Police found it! I am concerned about the condition of it as there are a few scratches on the camera, but I'm glad I got it back! Thank you for all the kind words, support, and contributions to the gofundme campaign. For those who've contributed and want your money back, I encourage you to please email gofundme. If not, I ensure you that the contributions are going straight to my creative work. PS, I made a video for @letsgototheex - check out my bio if you haven't seen it yet! at Toronto, Ontario


One of my friends told me how he felt about his current career path and how he wanted to do something different. I sparked his interest in photography and videography and ever since then, he has been hustling hard to build his creative brand. He's even volunteering his time after his full-time job to learn the ins and outs of photography with a production company! Most importantly, he found a greater sense of fulfillment in his life and I'm extremely happy to see that. @mirrorless_productions, I'm hella proud of you! . That is a story I often share to people asking me for career-related advice. Find a way to turn your passions into a career or as my prof @markusgiesler says, pair your passions with your profession. I started this whole Instagram thing out of pure enjoyment. All I know is I loved taking photos and making videos. Great things started happening ever since then. The opportunities I have today happened because I'm doing what I love. This is something I hope everyone will experience for themselves. . @normkelly (in photo), thank you. You're a huge inspiration to me and I'm extremely honoured to have met you and to be working with you. Stay awesome. at Toronto, Ontario


I started listening to podcasts. One of them explains that being more grateful is a simple way to live a happier life - very true. at Central Park


My commute to work isn't the greatest (2 busses and 1 train). It's easy to get frustrated, but you just gotta keep hustling. 👊 at Toronto, Ontario


Every Chinatown has an interesting smell. That smell is 10x stronger in NYC than in Toronto! at Chinatown, Manhattan


I still can't believe that I ended up on a plane on a random Friday morning. An impulsive trip is a great experience to learn new things about yourself. 🛫 at New York, New York


I love taking photos of reflections because they're true. It's like looking at yourself in the mirror - that's you, just you. at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York


I went up the @rockcenternyc for breaktaking views of NYC. Next time, I'll be gazing at the city at the top of @oneworldnyc! at One World Trade Center


Excited to be spending most of my summer in Toronto... I get to 📸 more than usual! at Toronto, Ontario


Every person you walk by has a completely different story and all it takes is a "hi" to hear it. It can be hard to approach strangers, but a simple "how's it going" online or in person can go a long way. at Westfield World Trade Center


Throughout winter, I explored Toronto with one goal in mind. I wanted to show how beautiful our city is regardless of the season. Toronto, you are beautiful Year-round. Check out the link in my bio for the video! Ever since I started taking photos and making videos, I’ve realized how heartwarming it can be to see your work getting shared by others including friends and family, organizations, and the people you look up too. It’s not about the “likes.” It’s about seeing your work being appreciated. It’s about knowing your work is “good enough” to drive others to want to share it. It’s about doing what you love. This video marks a huge milestone for me. Getting a “Great job” from @normkelly and seeing your work on @narcity_toronto and @blogto had me speechless. Interactions such as these is what keeps me inspired and driven. I’ll never stop doing what I love. I appreciate all of you, thank you for the inspiration. at Toronto, Ontario


A few days ago, I walked ~7km starting from Liberty Village to UofT. Got soaked from the rain but it was worth it. I met cool people at @flixelphotos, caught up with my good old friend @soh4ib, and got to explore Toronto a bit more! at Toronto, Ontario


We randomly discovered this place during our last day in NYC - it felt like I was in a space ship! 🚀 at Fulton Center


I spent half a day at the @metmuseum, can't wait to do the same at @romtoronto now that group projects are over! at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

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