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Check out 9 year old Gavin who crushed his first meet going 6 for 6! Video: 🎥 @teambeaufort_weightlifting


Started our week out with some kettlebell training, what's your first lift this week? at BarBend


Amazing. Jen Thompson sets a new -63kg world record bench press with this 144kg (317.5 lb) press! Video: 🎥 @jenthompson132


Great post from @catalystathletics! Original post: "Don’t make the mistake of locking your elbows in the pull of the snatch and clean. . This may seem to solve the problem of pulling early with your arms, but it just creates another problem. . This will cause the bar to swing away from your body as you finish the extension - there will be a delay before you’re able to begin using the arms to guide the bar and body past each other in close proximity. . Once it starts swinging, all you can do is try to pull it back in, but by then the damage has been done, and you lose much of the ability to pull yourself down because the pulling action is instead pulling the bar back. . Allow the arms to relax and the weight of the bar to stretch them long as you pull. This will allow an immediate transition into the active pull under the bar with the arms before the bar can swing out. . Tag a friend who pulls in a side triceps pose."


We recently wrote an article on the benefits of sodium for strength athletes! Do you know them all? at BarBend


Silver across the board for Mattie Rogers (@mattiecakesssss) with a 99kg snatch, 130kg clean & jerk, and 229kg total. Video: 🎥 @usa_weightlifting


Check out CJ Cummings new 144kg Senior American Snatch Record! Cummings went 6/6 on the day. He took silver in the snatch and finished with 180kg in the clean & jerk (gold). These two lifts earned him a 324kg total for another silver medal and Senior American Record! Video: 🎥 @usa_weightlifting


Who else loves training close grip bench presses? Athlete Featured: 🏋️‍♂️ @gergobozoki at BarBend


Strong 6-plate (585 lb) trap bar deadlift! Video: 🎥 @d_deadlifts


Is anyone oddly satisfied by watching lifting drop tests? This video features an Eleiko B&R Half Rack having 275kg (605 lbs) .5 meters above the safety racks dropped, then followed by 305kg (671 lbs) dropped from a height of 1.2 meters above the safety racks! Video: 🎥 Eleiko YouTube!


Skull crushers are an awesome exercise to build bigger & stronger triceps! Athlete Featured: 🏋️‍♂️ @tdsmash at BarBend


@steficohen blows the 56kg (123 lb) all-time world record out of the water with a 235kg (518 lb) pull!

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