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Check out this strong 210kg/463 lb deadlift triple PR from Isabella von Weissenberg! • Video: 🎥 @ivweissenberg


That's a HUGE bench press from 15 year old freshman Mahailya Reeves! • Video: 🎥 @mahailya_myshelle


We know we're asking strength athletes here, but being the fastest person in the world would be an incredible accolade. • What would you rather be? at BarBend


Dang. Check out this 200 lb dumbbell bench press for 13 reps from James Strickland! • Video: 🎥 @swimhack


Stefi Cohen deadlifts a strong 215kg/475 lbs for four reps! • Video: 🎥 @steficohen


Sometimes the answer is to simply squat more. • Missing squats consistently? One of these variations may help! • Like the deadlift & bench press "missed lift" charts we've made, remember, one off day doesn't mean change a program. 🏋🏻‍♂️ Also, sometimes the answer is to simply squat more. • Yet, if you find yourself struggling consistently at one of these sticking points, then one of these back squat variations may help as a supplementary exercise. • And like always, before adding in an additional exercise, or changing a program, we recommend consulting with a/your coach! 💪 at BarBend


Kristy Hawkins (@kristy_hawkins) breaks four all-time world records in the 75kg/165 lb weight class at the SAME meet, insane! • Squat: 240kg/529lb (WR) Bench: 150.5kg/331lb (WR) Deadlift: 253kg/557lb (WR) Total: 643.5kg/1418lb (WR)


That's a strong 238kg/525 lb deadlift from professional Strongwoman Emilie Morin! • Video: 🎥 @strong_memine


2s or 3s? at BarBend


Powerlifter Danielle Strange with a strong 181kg/400 lb squat triple! • Video: 🎥 @strangepowerlifting


Yup, that's a 163kg snatch from -89kg weightlifter Toshiki Yamamoto in Nike Metcons! Have you ever seen a heavier snatch performed in a pair of Nike Cross-Training shoes? • Video: 🎥 @toshikis170j210


A friendly & humbling reminder for athletes! • 📈 This graph is fundamentally important to recognize & understand! Who else can relate to their start as an athlete, coach, or trainer and where they are/understand now? • Nothing is more humbling 🙇‍♂️ than recognizing how much more there is to learn - this concept above has been studied in psych for quite some time and is known as the Dunning-Kruger effect! • Repost: @dr.caleb.burgess & @mikereinold

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