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This step im finishing buffing out the last guideline getting rid of those few dark areas using the 1 guard open and closing the lever to finish the blend, again im using the corner of the blade in this step. #barberhood #collegeparkbarber #timelessbarbers #classicmancuts


Ok looks like we got one last guide which is the 1 open guideline, I’m fading down into so I going to use my 1 1/2 guard open and fade down into the line. #barberhood #collegeparkbarber #timelessbarbers #classicmancuts


The top of the hair is cut down to a 4 guard so I’m goin to blend the 2 open into the 4 which will set me up to blend out the last guideline. #barberhood #collegeparkbarber #timelessbarbers #classicmancuts


So already made another guide with the 1 open now I’m going to attack the dark spots with my 1/2 guard starting open and closing it as I buff out the dark spots. Note you will be using the corners a lot to get the proper blend. #barberhood #collegeparkbarber #timelessbarbers #classicmancuts


Now I go back with my trimmer and touch up any spots to buff it out for a nice smooth transition from skin to an open clipper length or 1/2. #barberhood #collegeparkbarber #timelessbarbers #classicmancuts


Shaver the time! Don’t get too heavy with the shaver it’s very easy to push your fade higher then you want it and you can also make hard lines with it as well. #barberhood #collegeparkbarber #timelessbarbers #classicmancuts


Now I’m cleaning up underneath the zero with the trimmer so I can finish skinning it out with the electric shaver #barberhood #collegeparkbarber #timelessbarbers #classicmancuts


Following my first guide I go right below it with the clipper closed and playin with the lever till the zero is blended into the clipper open guide. #barberhood #collegeparkbarber #timelessbarbers #classicmancuts


This is how I start my low skin fade on this client, I don’t start with the trimmer like most barbers do, I like to make my first guideline with the clipper open to avoid making any hard lines like you would starting with the trimmer. #barberhood #collegeparkbarber #timelessbarbers #classicmancuts


Tryin out this Wahl GWhiz @wahlpro #barberhood #collegeparkbarber #classicmancuts #timelessbarbers at Classic Man Cuts


Keep the lines natural, use both hands to stabilize your clients head, notice how my thumb stretches the skin a little bit to make a tighter line, similar to when your using a straight razor just not as aggressive. #barberhood #classicmancuts #collegeparkbarber #timelessbarbers at Classic Man Cuts