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Are you at HOST Milan? These guys are. And this is where you can find them with @eversys_swiss on the show floor. Go get you a tasty spro made on a superautomatic and say hello to these sweet faces! #baristahustle #hostmilano at Host Milano 2017


For every online purchase, every subscriber, and every package shipped out, we donate $1 USD to an organization we support, Cool Earth. They work with indigenous communities to stop rainforest deforestation. It’s part of our commitment in offsetting the carbon that is created by airmail, and protecting the earth from the devastating effects of climate change. You can click the link in the bio to see the impact we’ve all made together so far, and learn more about Cool Earth! 🌱🌏 #baristahustle


We’re deep in a lot of research about safe plastics and still developing what could be for a cupping bowl. 🤔 Who knows what the final product will look like, but we’re making moves! Onward! #baristahustle


Refractometry: what are some things about it you’ve learned but want to understand better? What questions do you have? We’ve got multiple posts on the subject, but there’s always more to learn. And if you’ve been holding out for more educational material, sit tight— we’re working on some really cool stuff on that front 😉 #baristahustle


In a couple weeks, we’ll be out in Fayetteville, Arkansas visiting the folks at @onyxcoffeelab while they roast next month’s Superlatives. 🤤 Stay tuned for all the fun and a ton of shenanigans!! (Also don’t forget to secure you a bag of this tasty coffee!!) #baristahustle


We talked about the “Hog” Distribution tool in the Monthly newsletter on Friday and were BOWLED over by the response! Wowee! 🎳 Matt’s spent the last 48 hours crunching hard to create a functional and manufacturable prototype that will help us bridge from our 3d printed prototypes, to crowd testing with y’all, and onwards to large scale production. Here it is in an exploded view without springs and only 1 pin (instead of 121!!). We’re making ONE for now to see how perfect parallel pin insert and withdraw works. No promises it’ll look like this later. #workinprogress


Let’s talk about cupping bowls. The next coffee product in our sights are cupping bowls. Just like the tampers, it’s time to make them cheaper and better. Anything y’all love or hate about certain cupping bowls? Here’s our want list so far: - SCA standard volume - Black to avoid bias - Stackable - Drains while stacked - Sucks up minimal heat energy from the water - Unbreakable What do you think? #baristahustle


In late August, we conducted a survey about participation in our Facebook group. Click the link in the bio to read the results and conclusions we drew from it. Let us know your thoughts, and also, join us if you haven’t! With close to 20k members, there’s always a lot of interesting discussion going on. Come add to it! 🙂 #baristahustle


Fines v. Boulders And yesterday we saw for ourselves that fines are way more than fine for brewing! Anybody else try similar experiments at home? Shoutout to @kruveinc for the sifter! 💯 #baristahustle at St Ali


What happens when you mix a few coffee champions, kickass branding, and an exceptional coffee ready for the world to try? You get Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA friends, Onyx Coffee Lab as our guest roaster for November Superlatives! This coffee— a washed processed Pacamara from Finca Insul in Guatemala— boasts merits of its own, winning the Cup of Excellence multiple times, including this year.🏆 Orders are open, so grab yourself a bag or two. (Onyx hats aren’t included. 😉) #baristahustle


There’s *always* room to take your dial-in game to the next level.🥇 Get learned (or re-learned) with our series on espresso and the Espresso Compass ↗️ And you can always hit us up if you have any questions!! (link in the bio) #baristahustle


We couldn't get enough of the sample of the Panama Hartmann Maragogype from @colonnacoffee and can't wait for it to make it to the rest of you!!! 😍🍬🍍🌸 #baristahustle


This'll make you want to check all your milk pitchers the next time you're on bar. 🕵️‍♀️🔍📐 Preorders are still going strong. $49 and free shipping worldwide. Secure yours now! #baristahustle


From CAD to a physical, stainless steel tool, the Great Distribution Tool Debate continues! Matt reports on our progress in the latest update. Link is in the usual spot 🔗Thanks to everyone for your support and patience!! #baristahustle at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Some parts of the world are moving into the autumn season and this coffee tastes like apple pie in a cup 🍰🍎🍂 @dittaartigianale gets it 👊 Photo by @commongroundhk #baristahustle


Introducing the Barista Hustle Precision Milk Pitcher! 📐 Perfectly aligned, durable, versatile. This is the first pitcher worth your time and the last you'll need to buy. Selling for $49 and free shipping worldwide. Coming this November. Preorders open NOW. 💫🖤 All the information you need in the bio! #baristahustle


Had morning coffee with @colonnacoffee, the Kalita, and our trusty Hendo water. Can't wait for everyone to get this next month 💯 Speaking of water, what's your favorite recipe to brew with? Anybody ready to add calcium to the mix? 🤓 #baristahustle


Super keen to announce our October Superlatives will be from our friends in the U.K, @colonnacoffee! They've got a really special Hartmann Natural Maragogype from Panama they'll be roasting for the subscription. Couldn't be more jazzed about this one! Follow the link in the bio to secure your bag! ✨ #baristahustle

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