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Make sure to wear rubber shoes if you go kayaking in Aix-en-Provence — you may have to haul the boat over the rocks. The beautiful town is as classy as it gets, with tree- and café-lined boulevards spotted with polished terraces and haughty stone lions, so there’ll be plenty to do once you finally get out of the water. (📷: @onthere 📍: Aix-en-Provence, France) at Aix-en-Provence, France


“It’s interesting how you grow to appreciate things when you get older. As a child, I never really appreciated this amazing city. Now that I’m back, I’ve been so impressed with all that Edinburgh has to offer! Yesterday we spent the afternoon exploring Princes Street and the Royal Mile before having an epic meal in St Andrews Square — I’d highly recommend the place. This morning, I was up early and headed to Calton Hill for sunrise. I’ve never seen footage like this of Edinburgh Castle before, and it makes me really proud to be able to show you guys where I’m from.” (🎥: @tomjauncey 📍: Edinburgh Castle 🎶: "Wallace Courts Murron" by James Horner) at Edinburgh Castle


A rush of adrenaline high up in the Zillertal, a storybook valley sandwiched between the Tuxer Voralpen and the Kitzbüheler Alpen. The steam train that chugs through the valley passes fertile farmland and alpine forests. If you’re lucky, you’ll glimpse all the different fishing holes available in the region, from torrential streams to still, calm lakes. (📷: @frauki 📍: Zillertal, Austria) at Zillertal Alps


A birds-eye view of Cochem Castle, where construction started all the way back in 1000 AD. It formerly housed the Palatinate, related to the German Emperors of the time, and also served as a medieval defense structure. Villagers once saved their town from looters with a giant stack of empty wine barrels, but there’s plenty of local wine to go around now. (📷: @manueldietrichphotography 📍: Cochem, Germany) at Cochem


Floating along a jagged mountain range, like white ghosted silhouettes against the sky, are the scattered, sacred spaces of one of Lampang’s best-kept secrets in Thailand. Wat Chaloem Phra Kiat — also known as “Thailand’s Floating Pagodas” — is a series of stunning temples and pagodas located just an hour and a half southeast of Chiang Mai. These painstakingly beautiful temples cling precariously to a cliff range that juts up over 3,000 feet into the air. There is something alluring in their precariousness — a beautiful dance that teeters on the risk of destruction and the fragility of existence. Have you heard of “Thailand’s Floating Pagodas?” (🎥: @storyofsage 📍: Wat Chaloem Phra Kiat, Thailand 🎶: "Begin" by @shalloumusic) at Wat Chaloem


The Icefields Parkway is the highest, and arguably the most spectacular, road in North America — it’ll take you about as close as you can get to the Rocky Mountains’ summit in your vehicle, with stop-offs to see glacial lakes, misting waterfalls, and views you won’t believe are real. Indigenous Americans and fur traders established much of the route in the 1800s, and the present highway was opened in the early 1960s. (📷: @jguzmannn 📍: Icefields Parkway) at Icefields Parkway


Perched on a crag above the Kasagh River, which runs south from Mount Aragat in the Aragatsotn province of Armenia, eventually flowing into the Metsamor River. In Ashtarak and Oshakan, ancient bridges cross the river, and near Hamamlu, you’ll find prehistoric cave paintings tucked into the crannies of the gorge. (📷: @sergeysuxov 📍: Kasagh River, Armenia) at Kasagh River


“I’ve always dreamed of hiking in the Swiss Alps, and stood in awe as the dense fog rolled through this valley full of jagged peaks and sheer cliff faces. It was a long trek, but well worth it. We would stop every five minutes just because of how beautiful it was. On trips like this, I try to go in with no expectations because you never know what’s going to happen — but that means that when something amazing does happen, you are always pleasantly surprised.” (🎥: @masonprendergast 📍: Switzerland) at Switzerland


"It would be impossible to go to a cenote and not feel some admiration for it. The pristine blue waters, the low hanging stalactites, and the light trying to break through the ceiling like it won’t rest until some brightness has been brought into this otherwise pitch dark underground cave is truly something to marvel at. It all just comes together so perfectly — a little bit spooky, yet inviting curiosity, wonder, and appreciation all at the same time." (📷: @vagablonde_laura 📍: Cenote Tak Be Ha, Tulum, Mexico) at Cenote Tak Be Ha


What do you think of when you picture Michigan — and why not this odd-shaped, iconic landmark? The isolated Turnip Rock is a three to five-hour paddle by kayak or SUP board from Port Austin. The rock’s stacked limestone is formed from centuries of wave action eroding its base, leaving the “turnip” shape visible now. (📷: @ryanresatka 📍: Turnip Rock, Michigan) at Turnip Rock, Port Austin, Mi


@neohumanity embellishes the sky above Las Vegas — full of unlimited possibility, even just in lodging. If you tried to spend one night in every hotel room in the fabulous city, it would take 288 years and counting. (🎥: @neohumanity 📍: Las Vegas, Nevada) at Las Vegas, Nevada


Midnight in Shanghai and you’ve got a craving? No problem — restaurants, clubs, and even spas are open at all hours of the day. Head to 24-hour diner Dong Tai Xiang for their shengjianbao dumplings, to techno heaven Celia for a proper rave, or hit the tracks at Disc Kart’s 550m indoor racetrack. (📷: @youknowcyc_ 📍: Shanghai, China) at Shanghai, China

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