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Make a statement for bees. We’ll donate to @nationalwildlife, up to $100,000! Post using #dontkillmybuzz + tag @beesponsible. Through 8/31. Similar users

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Being surrounded by foraging bees keeps us inspired to work hard on their behalf. πŸ’› Thankfully the bee-friendly gardens that replaced all of our office landscaping last year are coming back to life! 🌱🌼🐝 β € at Wichita, Kansas


It's World Bee Day! We're always on board with another reason to celebrate the importance of all bee species (nearly 20,000 of them) and keep them a thriving part of our lives. 🌎🐝 #worldbeeday #beeday


Apparently there's some sort of royal wedding going on today? #royalwedding πŸ˜‰ Our minds are on another kind of royalty! πŸ‘‘πŸ Can you spot the queen bee in this picture? #queenspotting at United Kingdom


The Endangered Species Act protected the bald eagle, green sea turtle, American alligator and many other species from disappearing into extinction. Find out 10 ways you can help still-struggling plants and animals, including eight endangered bee species, via the @endangeredspeciescoalition link in bio. #endangeredspeciesday #esday #dontkillmybuzz #nationalwildlifefederation #beesponsible


Get a free #beesponsible wildflower seed packet with every #beeharmonyhoney order this month. 🌱🌼🍯🐝 Plus, 15% OFF your entire order with promo code: BEEFRIENDLY (excludes #dontkillmybuzz tees).


Celebrating 45 years, @nationalwildlife's Garden for Wildlife movement has restored over 2.5 million acres of habitat. πŸπŸ¦‹πŸ¦ You can help by joining our #dontkillmybuzz efforts that directly support this program.β € β € β€œWhen you make simple changes to your outdoor spaces – from whole landscaped areas to a few planters – you create stepping stones that help reconnect habitats for wildlife across the country.” β€” Mary Phillips, Senior Director of Garden for Wildlife β € β € #gardenforwildlifemonth #garden4wildlife #gardenforwildlife #conservationheroes #habitatrestoration #nationalwildlifefederation #dontkillmybuzz #beesponsible


Turf or mowed grass is our nation's largest irrigated crop, yet this nonnative monoculture comes at a high price (and not just when trying to keep it lush and green). πŸ’Έ The @nytimes opinion piece linked in our bio gives a great argument for rethinking our definition of the perfect lawn β€” please take the time to read it and let us know what you think. πŸ“°πŸ‘€ #nature #climatechange #qotd


Mow less, help more. 🌼 A study by @u.s.forestservice found mowing lawns β€” herbicide-free, of course β€” every other week was the sweet spot for bees. 🐝 β € β € Get more bee-friendly lawn care tips from @xercessociety via #linkinbio at Massachusetts


Join us in treating mom like a queen, today and everyday. Happy Mother's Day! πŸπŸ‘‘ #beesponsiblelovesmoms #mothersday #momsrule at Wichita, Kansas


Lessons from the hive: The queen honeybee relies on attendants for all her needs from grooming to feeding. Leaving her time devoted to laying eggs and producing pheromones that regulate the colony. β € β € In other words, keeping a family healthy and happy involves helping take care of and give back to mom. πŸ˜‰ #beesponsiblelovesmoms


A mom's work is never done, so why not treat her to bee-friendly flowers or seeds that keep on giving just like her? πŸ’›πŸŒΌ Show her she's raised you right and find the right plants that work for where she lives on our website. #linkinbio Then let her take a break and plant or sow them in her garden β€” or better yet, spend the day picking them out and working outside together because you know all she really wants is time with you. πŸ˜‰ #mothersdaygiftideas #beesponsiblelovesmoms


From one mother to another β€” our queen bee Jess spent time showing appreciation to moms who teach their little ones to love wildlife. 🌿🍯 #beesponsiblelovesmoms 🐝 See the full recap of her spreading sweetness at our local zoo on YouTube: #linkinbio. πŸ’› #mothersdayweekend at Sedgwick County Zoo


⚠️ ACT NOW in favor of a strong Farm Bill. This historically bi-partisan legislation is critical to producers, consumers and our environment, yet proposed revisions being voted on next week put it all at risk. Tell your representatives to reject this version that strips away $800 million from the conservation title and would allow the @epagov to use pesticides without consideration of their effects on endangered species. 🐝 β € β € @nationalfarmersunion gives more info and ways to help β€” follow the #linkinbio, learn more and spread the word. πŸ—£β € β € "The House should vote this partisan bill down and produce a balanced bill that serves our nation’s farmers and communities without damaging ecosystems and undermining fundamental environmental protections." β€” Jamie Rappaport Clark, president and CEO of @defendersofwildlife; former director of @usfws at United States


Test your bee knowledge with @nationalwildlife's quiz: #linkinbio β€” then comment below with your score! πŸβ € ・・・⠀ #Repost @nationalwildlife with @get_repostβ € ・・・⠀ Bees are an incredibly important group of wildlife. The service they provide by pollinating both our agricultural crops as well as wild plants is critical for our food supply and for maintaining healthy ecosystems upon which all species, including us, rely.β € But, how much do you actually know about these industrious insects? Take our Beesponsible quiz (link in bio ⬆️) and find out!β € Here’s a hint for one of the questions: Long-horned bees + squash bees do not live communally πŸβ € For more information on @Beesponsible, how you can help bees, and how to participate in a fun social media campaign to support the National Wildlife Federation’s work including the Garden for Wildlife program, visit and follow @Beesponsible on social media.β € #bees #beesponsible #gardens #garden4wildlife #insects #pollinators #quiz #wildlife #squashbees #honeybees #bumblebees #masonbees #longhornedbees #sweatbees #nests #facts #wildlifefacts #spring #nature #TuesdayThoughtsβ €


Provide natural habitat for solitary ground-nesting bees by leaving patches of bare or partially vegetated, well-drained soil, free of mulch and weed barriers. #everydaybeekeeper #beesponsible


Hello! πŸ‘‹πŸ Don't be alarmed if you see bees emerging from the ground this time of year. Great info on these helpful, docile bees from the @modernfarmerusa article linked in bio, but the main takeaway: β€œBe curious about them rather than afraid. They are doing a service for you while asking very little in return.” β€” T’ai Roulston #Repost @ecogeekmama with @get_repost ・・・ Halictid sweat bee peeking out of her ground nest in my yard.


Solitary or social, bees are often categorized by these lifestyle traits. While social bees who live and work together, like honeybees and bumblebees, get the most attention, more than 90% of North American bee species are solitary providing for themselves without help from others, like mining bees and mason bees. β € β € P.S. You can shop for native bee houses and bees via the @crown_bees link in bio.β € β € #everydaybeekeeper #nativebees #beehouse #solitarybee #masonbees #leafcutterbee #beekeeper #honeybees #beehive #socialbee #beesponsible


Be an everyday beekeeper! 🐝 Many of our 4,000+ native bee species don't need regular attention or special equipment to "keep." They're harmless, need our help and provide immense benefits to our lives. Check out the @xercessociety link in our bio to get to know these native bees β€” then follow along to learn easy steps for welcoming them to your outdoor spaces. #everydaybeekeeper

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