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#bethelmusic is a community of worshipers pursuing God's presence & sharing life together. Holiday pricing for @heavencomeconf available now: Similar users See full size profile picture

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Something special happens when thousands unite to pursue one thing -- HIS PRESENCE. Join us. [Today marks the beginning of the last price break for both LA & Dallas conferences -- Link in bio for tickets] @brevived @kvministries @jentezen @christinecaine @robertmadu @stevenfurtick | @heavencomeconf @heavencomeconf @heavencomeconf #heavencome2019 #bethelmusic


“To the degree that you are connected to the Holy Spirit is the degree that you will experience growth.” - @mphelser | The only way to have peace, to be whole, to love well, to know what to do in any situation is to know the Holy Spirit’s voice and to listen and obey. Like any relationship, His voice is learned over time spent and investment into who He is. If you’re wondering how to know what to do, what to say, where to go — invest time to learn His voice. It will not only change and still your inner world, it will get you to exactly where you need to go. #bethelmusic


And Your love, it vanquished all my enemies It broke the cage that silenced me And set this songbird free I sing, for all the love You've given me Rejoice because You've chosen me And called this orphan home ⁃“Your Love is Strong” | Link in bio to watch this full video with @coryasbury. #bethelmusic @betheltv_


Looking forward to more moments like this with @tashacobbsleonard on the February and April legs of the Victory Tour! Who's coming?! Link in bio for cities and tickets. #victorytour #bethelmusic


The "Heart and Hands" music video was filmed while our team was in Iraq in May. It was formerly an ISIS compound that was destroyed in an air strike. It overlooks one of the refugee camps we visited while on the ground. Declaring God’s goodness from this place was a humbling experience for our whole team, and we believe more than ever that God is on the move on the earth. | Link in bio to watch the full video. @seanfeucht @bethanywohrle @davidwhitworth @christopherwohrle #WILD #bethelmusic


VICTORY TOUR 2019 -- Come expectant for Jesus to display His power and love among us during the night and beyond. Link in bio for info + cities. #victorytour #bethelmusic


“There is nothing out of the reach of the redemptive touch of Jesus.” - @brevived #bethelmusic


“I called, You answered, and You came to my rescue, and I wanna be where You are.” The message of this song (thank you @hillsongunited) will never get old. You can watch the full video with @emmyrose_ on our YouTube channel. Link in bio. #bethelmusic @betheltv_


“Death could not hold him down  No grave could keep him bound All sin and sickness bow To the name of Jesus” - @seanfeucht | Listen to “There Is A Name” on Sean’s new album “WILD” — link in bio! #WILD  #bethelmusic


"As with every album design that our creative team produces, our prayer is that we would in some way, bring a glimpse of Heaven and accurately portray the heart of the record. I'm so proud of our team and the artwork that we've made for "WILD". From the stunning photos by @sohrachsoh to the quirky mix of old typefaces and hand-lettering, this artwork portrays the heart of Sean; a perfectly old-soul full of joyful adventure, whilst ever in-touch with the delicate humanity of our world - bringing peace and steadfastness amongst the storm." - @stephenjameshart [Bethel Music’s Visual Worship Leader] | Link in bio to listen to @seanfeucht’s new album “WILD”. #WILD #bethelmusic


“We always need a lyric, we always need a word and we always need a melody that matches that message for the season that we’re going through.” - @brianjohnsonm | The church is always ready for a new song, a new way of expressing the love and grace of God. Our “Songwriting Retreat” is an intensive 3-day school with the Bethel Music team to equip you, write with you and discover new songs together. Link in bio to apply. #songwritingretreat #bethelmusic


“Yours is the kingdom, Yours is the power, Yours is the glory, forever, amen.” | Swipe right to watch this full moment — @morganfaleolo 🔥🔥🔥 @betheltv_ #bethelmusic

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