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Bethel Music is a community of worshipers pursuing God's presence & sharing life together. Bethel Music Worship School (online): Similar users

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Nothing compares to the promise I have in Jesus. What an honor to have @darlenezschech with us, reminding us that absolutely everything is about lifting up the name of Jesus. He is the only way. What an amazing week! Can’t wait for week 2. #godmakesoriginals #bethelmusic


Starting our day with this declaration — that EVERYTHING we could ever face falls under the name of Jesus. | @kristenedimarco #godmakesoriginals #bethelmusic


We’ve got a love on FIRE, the kind of love that won’t back down.🔥| This is what it’s all about — loving Jesus with all we’ve got. Thank you @jeremymriddle for bringing so much joy this morning. #godmakesoriginals #bethelmusic


TESTIMONY — He is still a miracle working God. Jaxon is a reminder that the global church uniting in prayer changes circumstances. The impossible becomes possible. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN! #godmakesoriginals #bethelmusic


There’s nothing that can stop His goodness. Let it wash over you. | @mphelser #godmakesoriginals #bethelmusic


God made you perfectly original and He’s calling you to discover your unique voice, gifting and expression. He will give you everything you need. Thank you @brevived for this message. #godmakesoriginals #bethelmusic


Reminded this week to stop and pray for family. We can never be too busy to lift up each other in prayer. When there’s a need — we simply invite the Father in and trust that He sees us, loves us and knows what He’s doing. | Tag someone to let them know you are praying for them 👇🏼 #godmakesoriginals #bethelmusic


“All anxiety bows in the presence of Jesus, the keeper of peace. Peace is a promise you keep.” - @hillsongyoungandfree | God is setting people free of anxiety — so thankful for this moment this morning. #godmakesoriginals #bethelmusic


You never know who is going to give a message at Worship School... #daytwo #godmakesoriginals #bethelmusic


What an incredible first day. These next 2 weeks are about learning and growing together as a family. Swipe right for a favorite worship moment with @philwickham, teaching with @jennjohnson20 and some photo highlights. Expectant for what God is about to do. #godmakesoriginals #bethelmusic


Bethel Music Worship School starts TODAY — “The Holy Spirit will be speaking to you as you grow and learn more about your original purpose. Listen! Leaning in and encountering Him is what will make this experience an unforgettable one.” - @brianjohnsonm & @jennjohnson20 | Ready to learn and grow with us this week? Here's what we'll be diving into -- walking with God, culture of worship, songwriting, healthy family & ministry, worship leading and more. #godmakesoriginals #bethelmusic


Bethel Music Worship School starts on Monday! We can't wait to meet our on campus students. Join us for the next 2 weeks on Instagram for moments and highlights from everything happening during school. @philwickham @darlenezschech @jesusculture @tashacobbsleonard @lindy_conant #godmakesoriginals #bethelmusic

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