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there’s beauty in simplicity! ⠀ Sameer & I ⠀ I‘ve really nothing to tell u guys, and I don’t know what to write so... have a nice day and take care of your self! 🌿 ⠀ picture by @svenrudinskyphotographie 🌾


you have escaped the cage. your wings are streched out. now fly! ⠀ Sameer & I ⠀ Hello and here I am.. Out of school and a new chapter of life will start for me now. Passion. Passion is one of the most important things in life for me now! Just make what makes your soul happy and do not listen what the others will say about that, they are just jealous, belive me. I really had to make my own experience about that and sometimes it wasn’t kind what the other told me about my future planing but now I‘m there I wanted to be and I have enough time to reach my goals with the horses! Like I said at beginning of social media... I‘m just a girl who wants to show you that there’s also another way in the progress with horses. Because I‘d rather be with horses! Stay tuned about my plans and social media will become a big part of my life the next time! If your reading this, your official a part of my project if you want! Thank you! 🙏🏼 ⠀ picture by @svenrudinskyphotographie 🌿


I ain’t gonna fall back down now ⠀ Sameer, Cresca & I ⠀ Guuuys I’m baaack agaiin 😌 I had to remake the video because I couldn’t download the other one.. sorry for that ❤️ enjoy and comment something! ☺️ ⠀ Song: nevermind at Nevermind.


cause I‘m a dreamer and you‘re the dream!💛 ⠀ Sameer & I ⠀ Hello everyone 🙈 I hope you had a great week until now! It’s so freaking hot outside that I let the horses have a break and just go to them without expecting anything 💛 I really love the summer time 🤗 ⠀ pic by @svenrudinskyphotographie ⠀ ⠀ sponsored by @mayaki_swisshorseshop


you light the spark in my bonefire heart🔥‘ ⠀ Horses & I ⠀ Helloow ❤️ Yes I‘m baack on IG with a new video with some clips from the last days when I did not posted anything 🙈 Just so thankful for this wonderful horses and what they do! ❤️ Hope you enjoy those video eith some fails in it 🤗 ⠀ song: bonefire heart - james blunt


Do not just exist. Live! ⠀ Sameer & I ⠀ Good morniing post 😴 Just want to wish you a nice week! 🦋🐴 ⠀ ⠀ pic @svenrudinskyphotographie


discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most! ⠀ Bella & I ⠀ Helooo 🙉 Today is a very special day for a special person! It‘s the birthday of my mom!🎉 Happy birthday mommy, enjoy your day and thank you for everything you ever did for me! @natashagentner ❤️ Hope you have a nice weekend and soon a new video is coming up, stay tuned! 🎬☺️ ⠀ pic by @svenrudinskyphotographie 🦋


Be a warrior, not a worrier! ⠀ Cresca & I ⠀ Hello, I‘m back! 🦋 I had really much to do in school and if I had time I was by the horses.. 🐴 But now the stress is letting go and I have more time for the horses and also social media! 🙌🏼 I‘ll make soon a longer video for YT and I’ll also try to be active there! 🎬 ⠀ pic by @svenrudinskyphotographie


All we have is now! ⠀ Bella & I ⠀ I’m so glad to have a pony like she! It was so difficult with her and also now she have her own decision about what she wanna do or not... 🤷🏽‍♀️ But I’m really glad that she became such a loving and caring pony! 🦋🐴 Have a nice day! And thank you all so much for 12K Followers! 🙏🏼🎉 ⠀ picture by @svenrudinskyphotographie 🍃


In the night, the stormy night, she'd close her eyes and dreamed of paradise🦋‘ ⠀ Cresca, Sameer & I ⠀ Those days when you don’t expect anything, the horse will do so much for you! It was such a wonderful ride! 💐 I really like spring more and more... 😂 And for the bandage on my knee, I had a little accident a few days ago, nothing special and no it wasn’t while riding or something with the horses! 🙉 Have a nice day! 🌾🐴 ⠀ Song: Paadise - Coldplay 🍃 ⠀ Filmed by @natashagentner (happy mother’s day mom❤️) at Paradise


I remember a few years ago I asked my mom in 2014, when can I ride Sammer for the first time? She said next summer. In 2015 I asked her when can I ride Sameer outside? She said next summer. In 2016 I asked my mom when can I ride him in gallop? She said next summer. It feels like ages until I reached everything I wanted with him. But in 2017 I asked my mom the last time... When can I ride Sameer ever again...? She said that she didn’t knows because my horse have to fight for his life. ⠀ Sameer & I ⠀ With this text I just want to say that you shouldn’t take everything your horse does for you for granted! You‘ll never know what will happen in the future! Take this text in your heart and be thankful for every second with your horse! 🙏🏼 ⠀ picture by @svenrudinskyphotographie 🦋 ⠀ text by myself ☝🏼


there are those little things in life who makes the best memories ⠀ Candy, Cresca & I ⠀ It‘s nothing extremely special but I kinda like those short video clips, especially the spontaneous! 🌿 I thought a lot pf my Instagramacc. and I‘m still wondering sometimes, how I can reach so much peoples! Really, I know there are peoples with 1Mio. Followers but I think it‘s just a number sometimes! But soon @bewithhorses reachs 12K and just think about it that there 12‘000 human beings... Again, I really think a lot why you really follow my work and support me so much while I’m seeing pages who make special extremely powerful things or whatever! But I realized just a few days ago that you maybe follow my progress with our horses because I‘m being with horses. I don‘t make tricks or train with them for a performance. Don’t just use them! I work with them and be with them because every horse should deserve this so much! Not funcion all the time just of a handsignal or work and work just for the same things all the day and after this it‘s back in the barn for the next day. Do not just use this wonderful souls! I’d rather be with horses... Belive me, everything comes back to you, especially a horse can give you so much back! It’s so difficult to describe how I look to this but I‘m sure this could maybe help you more to understand my way. 🍃


We'll never lose faith 'Cause we'll never forget this taste ⠀ Cresca, Sameer & I ⠀ #bewithhorses | Just a few clips from the shooting last saturday. 💛 This was the first time ever I rode Cresca again at the exactly same spot everything happened... So happy about this progress of trust I made the last time with her! 🙏🏼


„real happiness comes from inside!“ ⠀ #bewithhorses | Much thanks to Sven who catched all those incredible moments! I‘m just so happy and pleased at the moment! Everything goes the way up. 💛 Have a great start into this weak! 🦋 ⠀ picture by @svenrudinskyphotographie 💛 ⠀ halter sponsored by @mayaki_swisshorseshop 💛


Freedom is found when we let go of who we supposed to be and embrace who we really are! 🌿 ⠀ Cresca & I ⠀ #bewithhorses | so much emotions in this picture! Fear, trust, happiness and freedom! This was the first time I galloped her on a field after the accident last year... And this moment is catched on camera! 🍃 ⠀ ⠀ picture by @svenrudinskyphotographie


time is now...💭 ⠀ Sameer & I ⠀ #bewithhorses | And I’m back again and I’m still alive! Hehe, I’m very sorry but I didn’t had any time for instagram and nothing to post! Enough to be sorry, I should be thankful because u were so active and soon we’ll hot the 12K I think! 🧡 I have much stress in school atm but every time I went to the horses they are just great like they would understand hahaha, difficult to explain but sometimes I feel very bad because I have no time for them and do other stuff... I’m sure you’ll know this feeling! Next week I’ll have normal school again and in the evening the sun is here longer and longer so I can go and make something with the horses after school! 👏🏼 ⠀ ⠀ picture by @svenrudinskyphotographie 🧡


And we'll wish we could come back to these days ⠀ horses & I ⠀ Hellow 🌿 Just a few clips from the last days, I LOVE holidays hahaha! 🙌🏼 Sameer and I make so much progress atm I’m really proud because the last times I wanted to give up because nothing went good... Do not get me wrong but you guys know for sure that it has ups and downs in the progress with horses! But now I can see again that patience is the most important thing in the work with horses. 🙏🏼 Have a nice day! ☀️


„Life happens in moments“ ⠀ Candy & I ⠀ pic @svenrudinskyphotographie 🌿


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