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// what are you going to do about planets circling around your head? #ifyouleave


// people of northeast india. #WhereIsNortheast at Meghalaya


// at some point you wander so far from the path that it's easier to make a new one than try to find your way back. #mood.


// stop holding everything together so long that your hands stop feeling. let it go. you will get an opportunity to hold again and you should be in a position then to feel it. #whpinspiredby at Assam


love and care transcends all boundaries. #whpunexpected @instagram at Tezpur, Assam


// this state of mind needs a walk through meadows. #earthpix


quietly watching the autumn and the winter merge. #magnificientnortheast at Chandubi Lake


// something about the autumn that makes you miss the colors you were made of once. #magnificientnortheast at Sessa Orchid Century, Arunachal Pradesh, India


// how long you have to sit by the river to watch your worries flow away? #MagnificientNortheast at Chandubi Eco-Camp


// allow yourself to blend with the darkness instead of avoiding it to see the clarity you would've never seen in your comfortable light. #whplight


// sky is grey and there's this perpetual silence amidst the pitch, changing in the air. too high to reach, to touch, to feel. @instagram #WHPlookup


// let your inner scars and darkness blossom into a wild flower. #whpflowerpower


// there is darkness inside each and every mind. we keep staring as long as we can. some wait for the sun to come out and some stars. @instagram #WHPjourney at Anantnag district


// there are so many personalities inside you, and all of them are fighting for a chance to take over yourself. #whprelax @instagram


// home is different for different people. for me, it's never been the one which is surrounded by four walls. #MagnificientNortheast at Shillong Meghalaya


somewhere amidst all the quiet moments that i've been a part of so far, i felt nature deeply. i always have been fascinated by this feeling to be on a mountain top surrounded by lush green meadows and to watch the valley covered in mist where i can't even mind staying lost. more importantly, where i can feel being myself. #mood at Meghalaya


what you feel in your heart when you watch the sunrise is precious. it stays with you wherever you go, in sad as well as happy places. //swipe for full picture. #MagnificientNortheast at Umiam Lake

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