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Don’t forget to be ridiculous in all scenarios in life. #dive #dab at Molasses Reef


Colors, photoshoot and discovery of a hole in a wall gem restaurant in SF with the talented @jenuine120 at San Francisco, California


Been away for a while, focusing on off-instagram things. Went private and decided to take the gram more leisurely. Which is why I’ve been away for a couple of weeks. Going against my strict “no weekend upload policy” and shaking up the gram work significantly on private mode. But check out the highlight reel from Barcelona! 😋 at Catalonia, Spain


Here is some symmetry with just a hint of chaos. #symmetryMonday #symmetry at Casa Batlló - Gaudí Barcelona


This city never stops amazing me #sanfrancisco #sf #nightshot #longexposurephotography


Patched up elbows and dry hands, while hopeful that there is still enough compassion and sympathy left in the world to help him get thru the day. Hundreds of people walked by, carrying LV bags, wearing Rolex watches or walking in brand new Yeezy shoes, passing literally two inches from a man holding a cup with less than a full euro worth of coins. Not a single person noticed this man, let alone bothering to give him their left overs, or reach into their pocket. I don’t know his life story or how he got where he is now, but I know that wherever I am life, I couldn’t have done it without others helping me get there. I’m very lucky to have had a family and group of friends who’ve always supported me thru whatever goal I’ve had. I’m happy I was accepted for grants and scholarships to put me thru university without asking for anything in return. I might have taken some for granted, but know that it didn’t go unnoticed. Just wanted to say, along the way up in your dreams and goals, don’t forget to help others, specially strangers and people who you don’t know and may never end up knowing. Donate to charity, victims of hurricanes, wild fire, racism or sexism. Devote even the shortest amount of time volunteering to help someone, motivate them verbally, or anything. Do anything that you can to be part of a society that thrives as a whole. Do it today. $25 maybe nothing to you, may not even cover two drinks at your usual bar, but it makes a world of a difference for someone in need.


Smile thru it all. @tatianamodelsf #sanfranciscoportraits #sfportraits at Pier 14


#Barcelona at Magic Fountain of Montjuïc


🍂 at Pier 14 Shopping Centre


Late nights, deep colors. @tatianamodelsf at Grand Hyatt San Francisco


Have a bit of chaos in your symmetric lives. It makes it worthwhile 😏😉


Love the sunrise flights #barcelona #spain at Barcelona International Airport Barcelona Spain


It’s all about how powerful and confident you feel... at Santana Row


One of my favorite shots with @herjablife And no, this is not shot on iPhone. Stop asking that at Santana Row


🔴 vs. 🔵


⬛️❗️⬛️ San Jose after sundown #leagueoflenses at San Jose, California


California livin' with @mvpistilli in a @ford #shelby #cobra @tangsherry at Santana Row

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