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Yep! It’s official, Big T does Hot Yoga now . Second class and love the feeling and the sweat. I look like a wounded elephant doing it, but I like it and if you want to get humbled give it a try. Thanks @gs_chall @mizzjewelz for the encouragement. Know Your Rootz brothas and Sistahs @sweetleaf70 @madz_lyfe0319 @edwardquinn @johnny_falcon @j_lg @becksp


Had a great time last week working on a project that brings these two things together which play very important roles in my life. One I share often, the other not as much. Both since I was 8yrs Old. Know your passions, know the way to who you are and definitely Know Your Rootz... @sweetleaf70 @madz_lyfe0319 @nateperacciny @nateneal @edwardquinn @korinjirinzaizen @ronnygirl @mrjanguee #truetothis #pronetothebone #budo


Still recovering from shoulder surgery several months ago, still can’t Kneeboard. Fortunately my SDL Paipo Tomahawk is keeping me in the water. A little frame grab from @ryanperry of an afternoon Shish kabobs session inside Cloudbreak a couple weeks Back. Good fun, but missing my Kneeboards. Thanks RP! Know Your Rootz my friends #pronetothebone @edwardquinn @mrjanguee @point_arguello_yacht_club @johnny_falcon @sweetleaf70 @madz_lyfe0319 #SDL


Ahhhh Baja never disappoints! Good times last night in the village with @sweetleaf70 @reneerob1 @ted_robinson @jeffprohaska @cindyprohaska for the 2nd annual Robinson’s Labor Day party. Can’t beat a Santana cover band from Tijuana 👊🏽. Happy Holiday my peeps and Know Your Rootz @mrjanguee @supereq @johnny_falcon


Had to fly a good brother off the island yesterday to make sure he was ok. After sustaining a severe wipeout at pumping Restaurants on @tavaruaislandresort , @dougdelancey was severely injured and had a possible spinal injury as well as a solid dose of reef rash. Fortunately after multiple X-rays in Nadi Town, All spinal and bone scans came back normal. Thanks to the top notch team that worked on Doug before the flight that Tavarua works tirelessly to provide for its guests, Doug should fully recover. Big thanks to @waterliliblue @jenn6jenn @dalerbaker @gs_chall @dylandafish @miss_yam @justjamieis @parkercoffin @connercoffin @abelerner and the rest of the crew, much luv and respect #boatmannation Surfing here is no joke and not for the inexperienced when things turn on. Many of us have had severe injuries while surfing here and it’s important that all those who surf in these conditions be prepared to assist if needed and should maintain basic first aid and CPR. If you travel regularly to Surf in remote locations, seek additional medical training as you never know when you may need it. Fortunately for our guest on Tavarua Island, we have the best infirmary and staff available, not all Surf resorts or destinations have this. Be smart, be safe, PU N’SAI’ and be prepared my friends. Know Your Rootz @sweetleaf70 @mizzjewelz @johnny_falcon @shopheritage @chase.saldana


Scrub it look! Yep, when you are here and the wave breaks there you get limed by me. Too much m at on da bone.. Tavy baby! Know Your Rootz @tavaruaislandresort @dougdelancey @johnny_falcon @dalerbaker @jenn6jenn @sweetleaf70 @waterliliblue #scrubitkook #joj


And so it begins, another beautiful stint in Fiji on Tavarua with @johnny_falcon @gs_chall @jeffprohaska @cindyprohaska on the hunt with Eddie for dinner. Missing @sweetleaf70 on this one, but plenty more next time. Know Your Rootz @tavaruaislandresort @miss_yam @dylandafish @justjamieis


It’s the unseen acts that really make us who we are. Helping when needed, even if not asked because you can see that a person needs help. That’s what the Hospitality Ambassadors do! Earlier this morning while gathering the team for the US Open we spotted this little boy walking alone, crying and scared. He wasn’t asking for help, but it was clear he needed it. One of the Ambassadors Vic Solorzano seen here with the assistance of @iambuddha3824 made contact with the boy , calmed him down, and walked with him until they found his parents. Nice work boyz! Uncle Vic and Uncle Buddha has yo’ Back!!! If down at the event this weekend stop by and say hi to the Ambassadors and throw em’ some Aloha. Know Your Rootz brothas and Sistahs @sweetleaf70 @madz_lyfe0319 @jkevinash @lia_togia


Big thanks and much luv to my good friend @robbiecrawford @michellewinter_sweets for taking the annual photo of the US Open Hospitality Ambassadors Crew, 2018. Come on down and say Aloha to the boyz, pick up some trash, tell kooks to beat it and leave the beach a better place than when you got there. We all appreciate it 🤙🏽 Know Your Rootz and Support the Ambassadors... @iambuddha3824 @lia_togia @ @huntington_beach_police @dahui.hawaii @madz_lyfe0319 @jkevinash @kellyslater #hospitalityambassadors #usopenofsurfing #wsl


Been rehabbing my shoulder for almost six months after surgery in February. Came up with this exercise I call BTM’s after the collab between me and @monece over at @markkozuki place. This paddle exercise with the Red Cord bands has increased my range of motion and paddle strength significantly and hopefully to the point that I get to do the rest of this on that little heart shaped sand mound in the ocean we call home @tavaruaislandresort looking forward to seeing you all in a couple weeks and hopefully being back on my Kneeboards and feeling normal. Thanks Elite Performance and definitely Know Your Rootz... @dylandafish @miss_yam @fijichili @justjamieis @johnny_falcon @gs_chall @sweetleaf70 @madz_lyfe0319 @leglesstv


Great first day at the Outdoor Retailer Show here in Denver Colorado. The Volcom booth is located in the Venture Out zone and our focus is spreading the word of The New Future Alliance which incorporates all of our Sustainability, Social Responsibility and Chemical Management efforts as well as our Give Back Series into one POWERFUL message. Thanks to Tiffany at @shopeatsurf for the great interview with the team too. When I’m Denver and with the team, you must have some team building and what better way to do so than throwing axes at Dagars in Denver. Such a great time and Team Nook took em’ down with the double bullseye. In the end, it’s all about the Volcom Family! Day 2 comm’n at ya soon. Come check us out and always Know Your Rootz my friends @rimmegart @amsiglin @derekasabori @theunderswell @madz_lyfe0319 @kendallamar_ @volcomfamily @banjospop @volcomsurf #NFA


Been a busy week tripping around Latin America looking at new sources to create the best products possible. It takes a hands on approach to ensure everything we do is to the Volcom Standard for Sustainability, Social Responsibility and Responsible Manufacturing. Something that we have been doing for almost two decades! Check out our website at under sustainability and New Future and learn about how we value doing business responsibly. Always True To This and always Know Your Rootz. Next stop, Outdoor Retailer Show in Denver.... @volcomfamily @volcomhawaii_ @volcomjapan @volcomsurf @volcomwomens @derekasabori @theunderswell @shopeatsurf @rimmegart #P.A.S.S. #productandsocialsafety #newfuturealliance


Happy Long life to Da Boss, Uncle Eddie Rothman. Thank you for your guidance and luv over all these years. Your willingness to help those that are less fortunate and need assistance is just one of the things that make you the person that you are, that those close to you really know and understand. Uncle David would be proud of you. Wishing you many more my friend. Hui O’Hee Nalu fo’ life! 👊🏽 Much luv and Aloha and as always, Know Da Rootz... Cheeehooo @eddierothman @mahinadahui808 @sweetleaf70 @makuarothman @koarothman @dahui.hawaii @dahuilifestyle @madz_lyfe0319 @kala_dacaptain #HuiO’HeeNalu #DaHui


Baja with this crew, @sweetleaf70 @reneerob1 @ted_robinson @shakaonokine good times, great getaway, good reset. Let’s go! Know Your Rootz Amigos and Amigas #dukeshuntingtonbeach


Ya know it’s a great day when you roll into the office and a box from Emerson Knives Inc. is sitting on your desk waiting for you with the new All Black Kwaiken from Rachel Emerson @emersonknivesinc family owners and operated, Ernest Emerson and the Emerson family have been friends for years and been taking care of me in providing the best, hard use folders you can get. By the best, forget the rest! AMERICAN made right here in Harbor City Ca. Check them out and tell them I sent ya! Thanks Rachel and family, much luv and aloha. Know Your Rootz my friends and Happy Long Life America @edwardquinn @mrjanguee @iambuddha3824 @dankeupp @artifex_original @artifexfirearmstraining @seapgee @fldwrx #emersonknives


Being a father is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Having the responsibility of mentoring your child to grow with respect , integrity and honor is something that I have cherished since day one. Thanks @madz_lyfe0319 for making me a better person and for giving me the honor of being your Dad. Luv ya! Happy Fathers Day to all of you and to you moms running double duty, today is for you as well. Know Your Rootz @sweetleaf70 @johnny_falcon @jeffprohaska @mrjanguee @edwardquinn @eddierothman @dahui.hawaii


Had a great time tonight spreading the word of Responsible Manufacturing to the Volcom Family about our recent Fair Labor Association accreditation. Doing the right thing takes commitment and effort, making a difference is what we do. The team has the ammo, time to take it to the masses. Volcom leading the way... Know Your Rootz my friends and always, make a difference @volcomfamily @volcomhawaii_ @volcomjapan @volcomsurf 📸 @dagwood33 @derekasabori @rimmegart @k_norm @toddhymel @chubbzpeterson @skin_dizzle


Another great day of training with @artifexfirearmstraining @artifex_original @aim2ms.behave running Post CCW Vehicle Operations. Working with a partner, communicating and planning and working under stress through scenarios keeps ya frosty. It’s your responsibility to maintain a high level of training if you have are a CCW holder or use firearms of any kind and the best place to do that is with a group like @artifexfirearmstraining Send It! Know Your Rootz and be of service to others when needed. @lt.ghost27 @gorillaoperations @skinny_greg @denim_cons @gs_chall @chubbzpeterson #sundaygunday @brandonlillard @burritosavage

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