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Big week for #teambigmoney and Volcom’s sustainability and responsibility program @volcomfamily @volcom @volcomsurf @volcom_oznz @volcomhawaii_ Derek and I were invited to speak at the MAGIC Sourcing Show in Las Vegas and to a packed house too. Next was the AAFA conference in Long Beach and finally the 10th anniversary of the Volcom Pipe Pro, unfortunately we couldn’t make it in time for that event but closing this post out with a great message during the event created by @sustainablesurf and @drewtoonz for the event. Check out for more information on our programs and the New Future Alliance and help us spread the message of sustainability, responsible manufacturing and safe products for all. Thanks Volcom and thanks to all of you for supporting @derekasabori and me and for backing The STONE... Know Your Rootz earthlings @rimmegart @braddougherty @chubbzpeterson @toddhymel @sweetleaf70 @madz_lyfe0319 @kendallamar_ @ciannanicole @jinap1010 @alitomo75 #newfuturealliance #sustainability #P.A.S.S. @mynameismikeaho @sourcingatmagic @sgsglobal @theunderswell @americanapparelfootwearassociation @tiffaknot


Oh yeah, the best birthdays are Yurt birthdays. Good times this week and now with my squad. Thanks for being here and celebrating my old ass (51yrs). Much luv brothas and Sistahs. Know Your Rootz...... @sweetleaf70 @madz_lyfe0319 @mizzjewelz @gs_chall @shopheritage @johnny_falcon @sutherlandsurfari @cindyprohaska @jeffprohaska @margwonz @thebirdman47 #knowyourrootz @edwardquinn @mrjanguee @randiego


Was literally gutted last night when I received an email about the passing of Chris Brown. I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time with him in the water back in the day when we were on tour together. After that the random surfs up the coast when we would cross paths, always good seeing him and that huge smile and hug. Later and in the more recent years we saw each other a lot in the SB Harbor passing each other in the water on our boats. Always the same, “Yeah Big Tone” he would yell out of the cabin of his Radon Urchin Boat. We even parked next to each other for a few years too. Vahewa CB, gonna miss seeing you at the fuel dock brother, but know we will see each other again at some point. I’ll know it’s you by your cutback aptly named the “Chris Brown Wrap Around” by PT. Know Your Rootz my friends... @sunnygarcia @ronnygirl @film_surf_fish_moto @sbsurfer @colinmccrindle @jeffhullfiberglass @balzerphoto @tomservaisjr


I’m happy to share with all of you the project that we have been working on for over year, Farm To Yarn. This is an organic cotton program that traces the product from seed to garment. In association with the program are the Farmer Business School and Gender Training School which is a Womens Empowerment program , all located in rural India. Check it out and hope you enjoy it. For more on the Farm To Yarn program go to and see additional videos and information that is sure be eye opening. Do the right thing, help others, protect our planet and always Know Your Rootz Brothas and Sistahs #FarmToYarn #TrulyAware #TrueToThis #P.A.S.S. #NewFutureAlliance @derekasabori @rimmegart @volcomfamily @volcom @volcomsurf @madz_lyfe0319 @kendallamar_ @ciannanicole @sweetleaf70 @edwardquinn @mrjanguee @johnny_falcon


Ahhhh, the sound of ACTION! I love that sound and is coming to a secret location nowhere near most anyone very soon 😁 Big Thanks to @jeffhullfiberglass for the new fuel pump and service. Know Your Rootz ya pirates.... @edwardquinn @mrjanguee @colinmccrindle @sbsurfer @point_arguello_yacht_club @rochlitzer


New swell, time for Mex! Lots of funk, but plenty of size. The best tacos pesos can buy. But, don’t use kitchen utensils when repairing the ski, not what Bob Villa would recommend 🙄 Know Your Rootz Amigos & Amigas @jeffprohaska @ted_robinson @sweetleaf70 @cindyprohaska @reneerob1 @edwardquinn @mrjanguee


A big thank you to @birdssurfshed for putting together a great gathering for the Kneeboard community. I couldn’t think of a better , more Rootz place to have something like that than The Shed. Also, big thanks to Ma Brotha Steen Barnes @16images @leglesstv and Marshall Photography for the great slide shows spanning from 1970-2018. Good times with great brothas @edwardquinn @randiego @mrjanguee Know Your Rootz Ya Cripples... @jtjoetaylor @buddymccray @tombackerart #superdownlow


Mele Kalikimaka from my Ohana to yours. While we are all exchanging gifts with family and friends, overeating amazing meals and staying warm by the fire or in our homes, let’s not forget to those that are not as fortunate as we are. Those that might not have anyone to celebrate with or those that are sitting on top of a mountain in a far, far away place defending our right to recognize a date like Christmas, our armed forces. I want to send a big thank you and Happy Xmass to my man and his crew of swimmers who are sitting in the cold doing real work in a land far from here. You know who you are brother and our xmass wishes are for you and Da Boyz. Happy Holidays Ma Brothas and Sistahs. Know Your Rootz Santa! @sweetleaf70 @madz_lyfe0319 @seapgee @johnny_falcon @edwardquinn @mrjanguee @artifexfirearmstraining @artifex_original


Always good when you and your team are on the same page, especially at xmass time and they know what you you need and will use . Super stoked on the new @rinsekitusa , couldn’t have received a better gift that will be used daily. Thanks @madz_lyfe0319 @kendallamar_ @jinap1010 @ciannanicole and the others for thinking of me. Mele Kalikimaka and Know Your Rootz my Elf friends... @sweetleaf70 @edwardquinn @chillyp6991 @mrjanguee


Finally got my own statue, in a place of the world most of you will never visit 😝 🇮🇳 Thanks Asia, Solid trip that never disappoints. Good things coming in 2019, stay tuned to @volcom and here for more of the goods on sustainability and responsibility and what we have been working on. Stay solid my friends, extend a hand and help someone when you get a chance and pick up your FU$&ING trash, Mother Earth needs all of us. Know Your Rootz Humans @derekasabori @rimmegart @sweetleaf70 @madz_lyfe0319 @edwardquinn @mrjanguee @johnny_falcon #volcomsustainability #P.A.S.S.


Good couple of days here in Vietnam. The country is beautiful and has always been a favorite of mine. Good times with old friends and sourcing partners here in HCMC for dinner last night and visited a one of a kind, fully sustainable factory that recycled waste and materials in order to create things like clean water, steam for processing and bricks that are made from the sludge after washing that are then donated to people in need to be used to build homes with. They are donating upward of two homes worth of bricks each year made from waste. Awesome! People making a difference for people and the environment as a whole. These are the kinds of partners we seek when choosing a location to manufacture our goods and partners that care about the future. Next stop, Hong Kong. Thanks Ho Chi Min and Know Your Rootz my communist friends... @johnny_falcon @derekasabori @volcom @volcomfamily @sweetleaf70 @saitexdenim @j_lg @rexsslau #P.A.S.S.


Good couple of days tripping through Bangladesh with @derekasabori working on special projects and checking on current and new sourcing opportunities. It’s important for Volcom to maintain its relationships with our suppliers as well as ensure that our sustainability, social responsibility and chemical standards are continuously being followed by our partners. Fair labor and safe working conditions as well as environmental responsibility are key pillars of Volcom and how we do business globally #newfuturealliance #P.A.S.S. #productandsocialsafety Support brands that source responsibly, now and for the future. Know Your Rootz my friends... Next stop, Vietnam... @volcom @volcomfamily @sweetleaf70 @madz_lyfe0319 @johnny_falcon @kendallamar_ @mrjanguee @edwardquinn


Shot this pic of a women in Central India standing on a mountain of GMO free cotton. There’s a sense of pride in her posture, strength and exhaustion all at the same time. The overexposure seems to lend to its depth. India life! Get out and explore culture my friends. Know Your Rootz @derekasabori @edwardquinn @volcom @volcomfamily @mrjanguee @sweetleaf70 @madz_lyfe0319


Commuting through India in its various stages and being asked to take more selfies at each stop than there are cows on the road, which there’s a lot! Good times with good people doing great work. More to come... Know Your Rootz and your Tuk Tuk’s... @derekasabori @theunderswell @volcomfamily @volcom @madz_lyfe0319 @edwardquinn @sweetleaf70 @mrjanguee


Well, 24hrs later and Team Big Money has landed in India and ready to spread the message of being Sustainable and Responsible to the masses. Always a pleasure to travel with @derekasabori former Volcom Sustainabilty visionary and my personal environmental Guru and founder of the @theunderswell We dropping knowledge on a global scale for all. Check out for more of what’s happening in these areas and support The STONE @volcomfamily @volcom @volcomsurf @volcomhawaii_ @volcom_oznz Know Your Rootz Humans... @rimmegart @madz_lyfe0319 @kendallamar_


Road tripping this last week with @sweetleaf70 someplace in the middle of the state. Lots of van action with the Sportsmobile @sportsmobilewest , good food, wine, surf, family @madz_lyfe0319 and a killer box of succulents to bring home. Off tomorrow for India, Bangladesh and Vietnam to spread the word of the #newfuturealliance and Volcom’s sustainability and responsible manufacturing with @derekasabori @theunderswell ... stay tuned for that journey and always Know Your Rootz brothas and Sistahs... @johnny_falcon @edwardquinn @colinmccrindle


And that’s how every day should end, with a fresh rip stick under your arm from my good friends @mikedelaney_pureglass @jimpureglass at @pureglassinc and made by @jeffdoclausch . This was a collaboration between Doc and I and I can tell you for sure, the Mad Doctor mixed up a serious secret batch of Action in this one. 6x25.5x2.8. All Killa, No Filla! Thanks boys and looking forward to some road testing next week at some undisclosed locations someplace north of wherever everyone else is not 😁 Know Your Rootz @colinmccrindle @point_arguello_yacht_club @edwardquinn @sweetleaf70 @madz_lyfe0319 @mrjanguee @surfboardslinger_ #Bigmikemakeslifegreat #superdownlow #SDL


As this day ends, we celebrate the 243rd birthday of the Marine Corps. I celebrate my fathers birthday on this same day, a Marine who volunteered to serve his country and to defend others, regardless of politics. He went and did his duty. He would’ve been 72yrs old today. It’s now 12:01am November 11th and today we celebrate Veterans Day. Today should be a day for all of us to remember those that have fallen on our behalf and for others, that sacrificed when others couldn’t or wouldn’t. Find the time in your day today to thank a vet and give them the respect they deserve. Leave the bullshit politics and political ignorance from all parties and know it all groups aside and just say thank you. It’s not that hard. Thank you veterans and thank you to my Pops for teaching me things about life far beyond your passing and your ability that have played a big part in me becoming who I am today. #semperfi Marines. Know Your Rootz my friends... @stevemar77 @artifex_original @artifexfirearmstraining @seapgee @maxordinate @tyler_hughes_ss @madz_lyfe0319 @sweetleaf70

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