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💪PowerBuilder (170/100/182.5) 💪Goodlife Royal Park Personal Trainer 🥇Be the best version of yourself 🏓 Table Tennis enthusiast 👫V.T Similar users

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Looking up to the Lord our saviour, to bless me with those bulking gains! 📸 @williamones_brother at Pro Fitness Health Club


Hamstrings would easily be my most loved body part in terms of DOMS. The muscle soreness I feel from doing supersets like this are radical. Sometimes I can't handle the pain, but more often than not it's the perfect mixture between pain and pleasure! Hamstrings you always have my best interest in mind, so please GROW!!! Brought to you by at Goodlife Health Clubs Royal Park


Wake up, get out there, and kill your day today! The only thing standing in your way is yourself! at Southbank, Victoria, Australia


Ladies and gentlemen, really simple yet effective superset for chest! - cable crossover 20 reps - single arm cable crossover 20 reps Give it a shot, the pump will be insane!!! at Pro Fitness Health Club


Utilise your surroundings! 📸 @schulzy995 at Bourke Street, Melbourne


Reach for the stars, reach for the sky, and most importantly reach for your goals. Once you start reaching don't ever stop, and once you get there be sure to set yourself a more challenging goal the next time! at West Lakes


Just admiring the parklands Melbourne has to offer! Seriously though do you think Melbourne is Australia's most 'liveable' city? at Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne, Australia


Brought to you by Keeping it real quick and simple with this giant set for a lower body destroyer.... simple 3 sets! -Walking lunges x 20 -Lateral jumps x 10 -Twist double squat x 20 -Sprint -Walk at West Lakes


@vaneeesaa_t I am lucky enough to call you my #wcw every single week. You my woman crush and you have been since back in the day. Before I started working out and my life just revolved around sport. #7years 📸 @williamones_brother at Sealink Ferry Terminal


I would say probably my most alpha quality is my competitive nature. I am very competitive, and it tends to bring out very much the man in me. 📸 @williamones_brother at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC)


It felt so surreal to finally go to @dohertysgym a place I've only seen in @maxxchewning And @christianguzmanfitness videos or in pictures. Was a great experience! 📸 @williamones_brother at Doherty's Gym City


Whether I am sick, tired, feeling rundown, have the flu or any other sickness, you can guarantee I will find time within my day to have a workout. Fitness isn't a pass time, it's a lifestyle. No matter how busy you are during the day there is no excuse you can possibly make which defines it being 'ok' not to be physically fit or attempt to at least improve upon your weaknesses! at Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne, Australia


From cover of men's health. Sign me up! 📸 @schulzy995 at 9th District


Simple little chest and tricep superset whilst your own holiday. Start your day off right with some exercise. Yeh baby!!! 📸 at City of Melbourne


It ain't all sunshine and rainbows 🌈 at Salisbury, South Australia, Australia


The best and most beautiful things in the world can not be seen or even heard, but must be felt through the heart ❤️ I am lucky to have what I have and what you provide to me within my life. #wcw at Semaphore Jetty


Happier than a seashell with a French fry! at Henley Square


For me personally, training gives me an outlet. An outlet for suppressed energies created by stress and thus tones the creative mind and spirit, just as training conditions my body! 📸 @adl_675 at Pro Fitness Health Club

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