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The bulk is now in full effect! 💪 Currently murdering the food, the workouts and most importantly the business! ✅ Having a few more fun foods than I probably should, however at the same time it does take me forever to gain weight! Currently holding down the. Fort at 87kg looking to reach 95kg, a complete 5kg heavier than last year! It’ll be fun to see how this goes!!! Swipe across to see my fat stomach! 📷 @nathanbeer at Goodlife Health Clubs West Lakes


Excellent bench day!! Hit 107.5kg on decline for a single! at Goodlife Health Clubs West Lakes


Over the past 9 months I’ve been building my PT business! Learning as I go, making decisions that directly and indirectly effect the outcome of my business! 🤔 One of my greatest lessons through this time is organisation! ✅ Organisation is pivotal to run a successful business and I’ve seen how it directly effects me as a person. ✅ I never once had a diary as a kid, just went as it came! This was the first thing that had to change, as I found myself forgetting simple things all the time!😅 Probably the most organisational factor that needed to come to fruition, was planning! This green folder holds all my daily sessions! I like to plan my sessions at the beginning of the day to make my life a ton easier! ✅ Try it! It helps! at Adelaide, South Australia


Continually making strides in the right direction.... Started a new business and already seeing a positive result! Bring it on! at Adelaide, South Australia


When the homie @nathanbeer always looks amazing in all of his photos but in real life this is the result!!! Photoshop or nah? at Adelaide, South Australia


My life is on a continual revolving basis. Eat..... Eat...... and, you guessed it, Eat! ✅ The best part about food is it provides the essential nutrients for your body to grow. ✅ People seem to think it’s a good idea to completely starve themselves, or go on a liquid diet to lose weight, with their reasoning being “saw it on the internet or TV”...... 👀 WHAT???? This makes absolutely no sense. To lose weight it’s quite the contrary. YES, you might need to eat a little less, or make significant changes in your diet, but that is solely because you make the dignified choice to “eat shit foods” or not even eat at all. So be smart about it, get some assistance if you need it, but don’t completely starve yourself or go on a liquid diet, because it won’t end the way you want it too..... 🙌🏻 at Adelaide, South Australia


There is always that one day, where things don’t go your way.... There is always that one thing that ticks you over the edge.... There is always that one thing that kicks you when you are down.... There is always that one thing which annoys you beyond recovery.... There is always that one thing that makes you smile.... Use that one thing, run with it, until the end of time! at Adelaide, South Australia


The never ending question...... What time is it? ✅ I literally hear this question about 50 times per day. But it’s true, what time is it really? - Time to workout ✅ - Time to drink ✅ - Time to party ✅ - Time to work ✅ - Time to be serious or time to joke around ✅ ————————————————— The truth; Time is irrelevant, it’s always time for all of those things. If you want to have a beer at 9am, go right ahead. If you want to workout at 3am or 10pm, go right ahead. There is no right or wrong time for anything. Just enjoy the time you have, doing things you love! ❤️ at Adelaide, South Australia


I’ve decided to step up my photography game, I enjoy taking better photos, that show more meaning within them. Really, really simple stuff! Something that you can implement into everyday life and hundreds of different aspects of your day✅ Examples you ask? - work: be better at it, whether it’s faster, more efficient, taking risks etc. - healthier: taking or making smarter options, eating in rather than out, less fast food. - hobbies: not wasting your time with things that don’t matter to you, do everything you love, all the time ✅ I completely understand most people won’t even read this far or put any of this into practice, but, if there is 1 thing that you can take away from this; WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER 🙏 at Adelaide, South Australia


When your crazy loco, and don’t give a damn what people think! at DFO South Wharf


What most of the younger generation are starting too continually see less of is the outdoors. Children are overrun by video games, IPad’s, YouTube and their phones. They fail to see the outdoors as I once did when I was a child. 👤 The world, and Australia specifically has many beautiful places to visit, which overtime will become ghost towns due to lack of interest and/or resistance to the outside world. 🌍 at Adelaide, South Australia


I constantly believe more and more every single workout, that music dictates how you perform! ✅ Whenever I seem to forget my headphones I generally have workouts where I don’t perform as well compared with when I use them! 🎧 Music can create a mood and an environment in which you can maximise your workouts, whether you listen to R&B, Rap, Country, or just straight bangers!! Music definitely dictates my workouts! 🎶 at Adelaide, South Australia


As of recent, my partner and I have been looking at houses to buy! And I’ve found a few good ones, however the one I went into here is amazing! No wonder it sold for $1,200,000....😯 at West Lakes, Adelaide, SA


Is it weird to take a photo of yourself, taking a photo of yourself? These are the unusual questions I continually ask myself... at Adelaide, South Australia


Preparing for the worst, but still praying for the best! 🙏 at Adelaide, South Australia


Yoghurt!! ✅ Probably one of, if not, the most tasty protein source on this planet! 🌏 Yoghurt is full of probiotics, calcium, potassium and magnesium, all much needed minerals to help develop a strong body, and more importantly; immune system!! ✅ I know for a fact that hundreds of people are getting sick at the moment from all this winter weather! So why not get some yoghurt in you!!! 🙏 Big thanks to @theyoghurtshop for supplying the absolute best flavours! at Henley Square


In every single day, there are 1440 minutes. That means I have 1440 opportunities to make a positive impact on someone else’s life! ✅ at CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice Australia


People seem to think I am just a PT.... However, what people fail to see is; all the hard work, time, dedication, and most importantly effort into developing my other businesses. I don’t want to be a one trick pony! My 2-5 year plan is to have multiple incomes, from multiple sources and doing PT because I absolute love helping people change their lives! That is my plan ✅ I don’t want to be stuck in the same cycle..... Go to work. Get paid. Go to work. Get paid. What I want is to be able to work and earn an income, but have multiple other sources that I don’t even have to think about! Not to ever worry about income, and most importantly not to ever stress about money! 💰 ✅ Id love to help you too!!!!! at Adelaide, South Australia

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