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I will go anywhere on a moments notice to take a picture of a rock... Especially if there is water splashing on it. Moderator for @jaw_dropping_shots

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Long Exposure Shots

The jurassic coast of the Iberian Peninsula stretches to the West, reaching out into the Atlantic. _____________________ 11mm, f/18, 8 sec, ISO 100 at A Coruña, Spain


How do I express my enthusiasm for such a cool stretch of coast line without worrying about it being overrun with tourists the way so many other locations have been? My need to photograph in solitude keeps leading me to the Northern coast of Spain. I’m fascinated with the forested woods that lead down to the rocky coast line littered with sea stacks and 200 year old mansions in ruin. When I arrived at this beach, I stood in an alcove of an old mill house and waited an hour for the rain to stop. When it did, these clouds floated by, low enough for me to reach out and touch. It was pure magic. ___________________ 11mm, 0.5 seconds, 11mm, ISO 100 at A Coruña, Spain


Did you know that an observation platform and railing are being installed at Horseshoe Bend? I drove up a few weeks ago to check it out. I'm not sure if I was saying goodbye, but one thing for sure, it's still beautiful after all these years. ________________________ f/11, 11mm, 1/6 second, ISO 100 at Horseshoe Bend


Traveling to a foreign country or a remote location for the first time is exhilarating, but returning over and over again gives a photographer the opportunity to remove (travel related) uncertainty from the equation. Finding a few destinations with a multitude of compositions and then returning during different seasons is a more intimate experience that translates into better compositions. I'm always searching for the next place, but I have ritualized a handful of locations by learning the best place to get coffee or good food before and after shooting. The experience is so much more than the resulting images. ________________________ 11mm, f/10, 405 seconds, ISO 100 at Cantabria, Spain


May you find good light (both literal and figurative) in 2018. _________________ Shot on another epic adventure with my picture pals @larrymarshallphotography and @dustinlefevre _________________ 26mm, f/8, 1/30th second, ISO 100 at Middle Of Nowhere Utah


I've seen many things in nature that pictures don't do justice.  This arch is one of them. Perched on a cliff, a thousand feet over a lush desert valley with a stream winding through it, this arch creates a reoccurring phenomenon. For about a week each year, the sun sets under it and If the conditions are right, the entire cavity beneath the arch illuminates with reflective light. For years I tried to find this arch.  On my first attempt, I was turned back by a man with a rifle.  When I befriended a local, I was able to gain access. Then I spent a lot of time trying to get the conditions right. I think I finally got what I've been looking for. ____________________________ 11mm, f/20, 1/8 second, ISO 100 at Somewheresafe


Peace on Earth... Merry Christmas _______________________ 11mm, f/16, 6 seconds, ISO 100 at Gothic Quarter, Barcelona


Hiking deep into the narrows of Zion National Park alongside my buddy (and fellow Denny's connoisseur) @larrymarshallphotography. ________________ 15mm, f/11, 1.3 seconds, ISO 100 at Zion National Park


Feel how ever you want. Argue your point. Stress out. Freak out. The earth keeps spinning and nature keeps doing its thing. _______________________ 73mm, f/8, 4 seconds, ISO 100 at Northern Ireland


Another shot from a trip to Spain earlier this year _____________________ 15mm, f/20, 2 seconds, ISO 100 at Cantabria, Spain


Catching a sunset on the Southern California Coast. ____________________ 12mm, f/16, 1.6 seconds, ISO 100 at Crystal Cove State Park


If you are resourceful enough, you can be on the roof of one of Barcelona's most famous attractions for sunrise. ___________________ 11mm, f/8, 1/125 second, ISO 100 at Passeig de Gràcia


Spain is really cool ______________________ 14mm, f/10, 100 seconds, ISO 100 at Cantabria, Spain


There was a small gap in the clouds just above the horizon. Every photographer has that moment of anticipation... Wondering if the sun will break through. If the light will be good... And then it happens!!! The light is glorious and everything glows! When it happened (this time) I happened to be on the edge of the abyss! The best part was being with @larrymarshallphotography and @dustinlefevre __________________ 16mm, f/8, 0.3 seconds, ISO 100 at Continental Divide, New Mexico


There is something about finding beauty in an ordinarily ugly place used to channel people to work that made me think of a quote from the movie ‪Point Break‬ where Bohdi says "We are here to show those guys that are inching their way on the freeways in their metal coffins that the human sprit is still alive". I also can't help think of the infinite, repetitive shots of landscapes, seascapes, etc that we've come to see on Instagram. Presented as real, yet focus stacked, masked and layered (editing techniques). They seem so unattainable and the resulting beauty is questionable. All the while there is this symmetrical concrete subway station right out of a science fiction movie. Using a single exposure with no filters I can capture the ghosts of commuters infiltrating a civil architect's masterful creation while still being able to see the little groves of the escalator track. I think for my next post, I'll put up a repetitive, edited seascape... __________________ Spain __________________ 12mm, f/16, 2.5 seconds, ISO 100 at Bilbao, Spain


Barcelona is a vibrant, whimsical, beautiful city. The core is the medieval Gothic Quarter who's buildings could tell tales right out of a Game of Thrones plot. When I set out (in the pre dawn hours) to photograph it, there are still stragglers from the previous night roaming the streets. Prostitutes, drunken tourists, and spectators all mix in with the smell of fresh bread from the bakeries. My take on the conflicting stimulus is one of a city that is reborn each day. A city that isn't phased by all the trivial struggles of its human occupants. Its seen it all before and I am just passing through with a gigantic tripod and a camera. ____________________ Barcelona, Spain ____________________ 11mm, f/20, 2.5 seconds, ISO 100 at Gothic Quarter, Barcelona


Dark places are not always as scary as we've been led to believe, although this one has potential. This sea cave lines up perfectly with a fantastic stack/arch. When I shot this (at low tide) the pounding surf was at least 300 meters away across a "beach" covered in slippery boulders. I came back at high tide and the entire "beach" was submerged and the sea was angry. Getting stuck in this cave would surely be a death sentence as there was no possible way to escape the small cove surrounded by steep cliffs. Special thanks to my friend @larrymarshallphotography who has been constantly plugging my IG profile over the last several months while I was in a different dark place. ______________ Spain ______________ 16mm, f/8, 1/320 second, ISO 100 at Asturias


Searching for good light ___________________ 16mm, f/16, 30 seconds, ISO 100 at Northern Ireland

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