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Life is LIT 🔥 excited to wake up this morning, head into the office and make some magic happen ⚡️ Did everyone feel that big break through? We just birthed into a whole new time + space that genuinely carries through the proper intention, desire to go inward and vibration of unity for the practice. I’m grateful for where we are in this moment. Brains, hearts, bonds grew this weekend and there is so much more where that came from. It’s a true honor.❤️ • • Don’t forget @butiyoga with me tonight @trufusion_scottsdale 7pm it’ll be heated so get ready to SWEAT 🔥. Music track is Life is Lit by @donnyarcade - if you haven’t downloaded his albums yet - you’re missing out. His music is 🙌🏽 and perfect for classes. at Buti Yoga


The LOW to HIGH, the LINEAR to the DYNAMIC, the FEMININE to the MASCULINE, the DARK to the LIGHT - the alchemy of movement. This movement is my medicine and it is our medicine. ❤️🤙🏽 at Buti Yoga


This morning’s class with 1/4 of our Master Trainer and Master Trainees was so inspiring. Looking around at everyone’s intensity, focus and connection pushed me to a place that made it so I couldn’t stop smiling the whole 95 minutes 🙌🏽 I’m so impressed with the group we had this weekend and I’m even more excited to unleash these amazing (+ incredibly intelligent) souls onto the new incoming butisattvas. Big love to @acosia_ @sara_fakih @the.miss.kris @antonyoga11 @nanimoves @britthodgen @fitnessinthebigworld @highvibes_keri_d - each Trainer has their niche that they embody so well... they show up for the collective to ADD not SUBTRACT. Today also reminded me how important it is to keep teaching this work personally. We got DEEP into anatomy + physiology today and the art of subtle body cues to use engagement to move energy and realign the body. It was a beautiful thing and tomorrow is going to be even better. ❤️ • • PS this full live class will go up on the @butiyoga online membership tomorrow 👉🏽 at Buti Yoga


Day 6 ✖️ #25daysofbuti ✖️Chatturanga Dandasana • • Inspired by @kppinnyc + @jamesissmiling from our @bmvmnt location in NYC 👉🏽 @antonyoga11 got into Utthita Chatturanga Dandasana first before I grabbed his ankles and tucked my toes under between his scapulas. To enter this pose properly, you must engage the deep abdominals to keep the pelvis posterior tilt. Elbows drop to 90 degree angle as the triceps hug the side body. For modification, drop one knee to the floor then switch and repeat with opposite knee to the floor to prep core for full expression. • • #butiyoga #butitribe #butisattva #chatturanga at Buti Yoga


MOVEMENT is medicine and we all have a right to heal surrounded by our community. This weekend we are bringing together the first group of @butiyoga Master Trainers and Trainees for an immersive weekend experience. Among the attendees is this beauty 👉🏽 @acosia_ I’ve watched her grow and step into her leadership in the most epic way over the past few years and I am grateful for all she brings to our crew to inspire, connect and integrate these powerful movements into our practice. We honor you, the work you do and the whole world needs to see you dance. Period. Check out her inspiring words on movement + sharing: To me ; Movement is Universal. It is our God given right to move any way we want to. It is about balance, it is about uplifting, honouring, sharing and embracing through movement and dance. Anybody can dance, dance is a celebration of joy about wellness and about learning and discovering more and more about ourselves and our capabilities. There are many forms of dance from modern to contemporary to traditional and so forth. We are not condemned when we dance other non indigenous forms of dance . If we are open and willing to learn about their dance and the history then we can celebrate that as well that is no different than non-indigenous peoples learning our dances. The reality is, Everything has been so contemporized. As dance teachers , we present dance workshops and open it to all community members, if nonindigenous people participate and attend We welcome them , they learn about who we are, our values, our history, the significance of the dance, and in the end, Develop respect and admiration of our people and our way of life. We are not teaching them how to be Indian rather we are creating inclusive learning environments providing a safe place to play with Movement modalities in order to Move trapped energy from the body . If we are to discriminate , ostracize, ridicule and close the door to our nonindigenous fellows we then are closing our perspectives and willingness to share an experience and to honour our own ancestery. Movement is Medicine 🙏🏽 #butiyoga #butitribe #butisattva at B MVMNT


Day 3 of #25daysofbuti • Vasisthasana // Side Plank • My favorite part of yoga 👉🏽 the mind-to-muscle moments when your brain has to send signals to the deep core stabilizers to move your body’s anatomical position from one to the next. The moment when your brain knows where you want to go and what muscles need to fire in which order to get your extremities into place. This love for transition is what made me want to pour my all into @butiyoga . Each asana gives you the GPS coordinates to creatively navigate between movements with grace, fluidity and muscular control. Vasisthasana is one of these poses. Easily accessed through Utthita Chatturanga Dandasana by restacking the Palm under the heart and aligning the outside blade of the foot in line with hand. Inner unit of the core engages to protect the spine as you slowly extend your top arm lengthening through the sidebody. The freedom to play in this pose comes when your palm is correctly stacked under the shoulder with fingertips actively engaged to the mat. ❤️ at Buti Yoga


If you have to be serious all the time... you’re probably faking it. If you need to constantly control or be on a strict schedule or regimen - you probably don’t trust the universe has your back. I only know how to be me and have have so much trust in the universe. That leaves all the time in the world to be silly and give your homegirl a fake mustache with your own hair. ❤️ @jadealectra • • By the way @gointochaos is almost sold out. Click bio link 🙌🏽


Day 1 of #25daysofbuti 🎄- today’s pose is NAVASANA. This pose intensely utilizes the inner unit of the core for stability of the spine👉🏽 pelvic floor, transverse abdominis, multifidis. Once you become able to keep the spine straight, you can play with crossing midline and playing with hand position. Keep the energy of the heart open with rhomboids engaged - lifting the crown toward the ceiling. ❤️ In this sequence, I play with transitioning to Upavistha Navasana as well as Upavishta Parivrtta Hasta Padangusthasana. at DC Ranch Scottsdale AZ


Throughout the course of our written history there has been pain, suffering, slavery (both explicit and implicit), financial manipulation, war, poverty - and control. This control has swirled from one group to the next and when you look at the visual representation (i.e. the Histomap) you can see there is a clear cycle of repetition and outside influence driving this repetition. It is my hope that we will all start to peel back the layers and see what’s been done to us and stop being activated into solely blaming each other and instead start to seek answers for what / who / how this has been done to us for all of written history. We need a collective reset. We need ho’oponopono. We need reconciliation + forgiveness and then to work TOGETHER to chart a future course for humanity that is not built from the wounded lens. • #buildtheworldyouwanttolivein #hooponopono #breakyourworldwideopen


So let’s talk energy / cosmos / alignment. My nickname for 2018 is JUST KIDDING. Pretty sure it was a practice run for 2019 which is going to be the most epic year of my life. Then the last 30 days? Tested my ability to stay calm, not take other people’s sh*t personally and stay focused / energized on the epic path I’m choosing to walk for 2019. 2018 assembled the squad, the heart, and the GPS coordinates for the rest of my life and I couldn’t be more damn excited to be alive at this very moment ❤️🙌🏽 at Buti Yoga


Most of us lie about what truly scares us. We choose something socially acceptable that tricks people into believing we’re being honest. The truth is - our deepest FEARS are dark, twisted + don’t make sense. We fear judgment for speaking them into existence. • • For many years of my life - despite tons of work on my overall anxiety - I was still crippled with phobias. For a girl who spent her life in an airplane, guess who was scared of flying until a few years ago? THIS GUY 👋🏽 In the last couple of years I’ve pushed into ALL of my fears - ALL the way. There is a method to pushing through fear in a way that helps rewire your brain to experience FREEDOM + TRUST instead. That’s what this #fearalchemy retreat is all about - we are going to facilitate the process by which you transform your darkest fears into your MOST expansive FREEDOM. We will take away your control + create a multi sensory experience that will teach you to experience love + presence without control. Be sure to check in to @jadealectra + @bizziegold for the launch details at 6PM tonight in IG stories. • • What’s your FEAR? The first step to fear alchemy is telling the truth about what scares you. Commit to the truth in the comments 👇🏽 at Sedona, Arizona


I know today is a mixed bag for a lot of people. For some it’s the dread of having to interact with family - getting triggered by intoxicated siblings and parents + other fun family get-together magic. For others, perhaps you are rightfully angry about being systematically lied to when we were kids about the story of Thanksgiving. Whatever the case may be, there aren’t too many days of the year that we have off from work to be with family and try to remember the important of gratitude. Our world is an intense phase of disorientation where we are watching structures and narratives we’ve always believed to be true crumble right before our eyes. I know this can feel scary or chaotic but this is one of the things I feel most grateful for. I have so much hope for where we can go as a collective once we hit to reorganization phase and this chaos is merely a step in the right direction. We can’t ever go back and change the past but we can and must acknowledge the truth of what has transpired to be sure to write a very different future for our friends, family and fellow humans (+ aliens too 🖖🏽). at Park City, Utah

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