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Zzz Natural and FORBES. Thank you @AllThingsMitch for covering our industry launch and interviewing me for a @Forbes feature. It's an honor. If you're interested in understanding what drove me to create @ZzzNatural, definitely read this article (link in my bio). It's thorough and I don't pull any punches. Zzz Natural is about to be putting people to sleep worldwide, and Forbes covered it first - that's damn cool. #DreamBig #LetsGetIt #ZzzNatural #BrandWolves


No one is truly self-made. It takes support from your circle to become a success. Know what that means? You should support the people in your circle the same way. They often need your backing to achieve their goals. Whether it's showing love when someone is having an awful day or giving them advice when they’re struggling with an issue, support them in any way you can. Sometimes people forget or discount the importance of helping others, but from someone who’s gone through a lot...understand it's so important and meaningful. I couldn’t have gotten where I am without the support of those in my circle. Tag someone in your circle in the comments! #LetsGetIt #DreamBig #BrandWolves


I want to thank so many people for sending me birthday messages! I hope everyone who watches my stories or reads my posts realizes how much I truly value my family, my team and all of the people who are a part of my life (both business and personal). I’m incredibly fortunate. Thank you all for always supporting me. This past year has been a crazy 12 months. It’s been a rollercoaster. One that has made me stronger through tough times, one that has provided me with some amazing experiences and one that has led me to some incredible opportunities. I’m a better person because of all of it. I’m ready for the next 12 months to be quite a ride. Let’s get it. Also, thank you @vivalafranz for Simpson-izing me! I love it. #PopularDemand #ZzzNatural #DreamBig #LetsGetIt


We debuted @ZzzNatural at the world's premier cannabis tradeshow - Hall of Flowers - and it was a major success. Considering we were on the same floor as established brands that have sold millions of dollars of product, I went into the show with no expectations. The response to Zzz was unreal. For two days straight we spoke non-stop to dispensaries, delivery services, distribution agencies, press and potential investors. My team absolutely killed it (and @bentimes10). A LOT is happening right now with Zzz, and I can't wait for the ride. This is what I live to do. Stay tuned for details on our official launch and the special partners we have involved. #ZzzNatural #DreamBig #BrandWolves #HallofFlowers


It truly matters who you surround yourself with. A LOT. Your circle needs to be there to support you when things are tough, be honest with you when you're fucking up, and show you love you when you accomplish your goals. You'll rarely find a successful person who doesn't have quality people around them. I'm telling you...the first step to success is surrounding yourself with positive, incredible Who are the winners that you surround yourself with? #LetsGetIt #WinnersRunWithWinners #MindsetMatters


I am proud and excited to announce my newest company @ZzzNatural - the first cannabis brand 100% dedicated to sleep. I've always had trouble getting a good night’s sleep, so at the suggestion of a few friends and employees, I tried cannabis. I discovered cannabis did help, but the process of finding a simple product specifically for sleep was nearly impossible. Every budtender had a different suggestion, and the more often I asked for help, the more complicated things got. A year ago, I set out to create a company that would not only develop an extraordinary and natural cannabis sleep solution, but a brand that would devote itself to helping people worldwide sleep better. Meet our flagship product, the ZzzPen by @ZzzNatural - a premium vapor pen that contains our all-natural, proprietary formula. I'll have exciting updates coming soon on ZzzPen’s release date (not too far away), the locations it will be available, our amazing formulation, and my great partners. I've been using the ZzzPen for months now, and I have never slept better or felt better. I'm excited for people to soon have the same, incredible experience. #ZzzNatural #ZzzPen #DreamBig #BrandWolves


Damn. This is dope. I'm holding the 7th anniversary edition of Cosign Magazine. The fact that KG and the team over at Cosign put me on the cover and showed love for my hustle is an amazing feeling. For those of you sleeping, Cosign is an incredible lifestyle magazine that highlights entrepreneurs, influencers, creatives, and artists. Also, shoutout my man @MikeLeShotit for killing this photoshoot! Thank you @CosignMag. #COSIGNs #AspiretoInspire #PopularDemand


I dare you to find a successful person who lacks passion or persistence. You won't. Each is both vital to anything that you're working to achieve. If you have the courage to start something new, make sure that you're ready to dedicate yourself to it and not allow roadblocks to hold you back. . . Tag a friend that’s this reminds you of! . . #MindsetMatters #NoDaysOff #BrandWolves


Caption this photo. By the way...this is my good friend @JessieMorrison giving me a hard time and loving every minute of it. I'm used to it 😂 Thanks buddy, lol. #PopularDemand


This was dope. I was interviewed on one of my favorite shows Business Rockstars and it just went live today! (Scroll to watch clips) The feature is running across the Business Rockstars media platform in 43 million TV households, 150 Radio markets, and at It was a great experience talking with host Brittany Lehman about dropping out of college, the benefits of failure, developing a clothing brand, and the beginnings of Popular Demand. Check out and for the full interview (scroll down to 'Featured Videos'). 🐺 #AspiretoInspire #PopularDemand


This is one of my simplest sayings but also one of my favorites. Most people only post on IG when things are going well, but we all know things aren’t always perfect. Sometimes you just need to hear this when you hit a bump in the road or things aren’t going well. Don't look bad. Don't get down. Just keep going. #MondayMotivation #MindsetMatters


Kim. Kanye. Marcus Hyde...and the Brand Brothers. What a night. The @MarcusHyde 'Girls on Film' book release at our office was incredible. From Don C to MadeinTYO to Irv Gotti to Phora to Aminé the event was filled with tastemakers. Most importantly, Marcus got the recognition he deserves and it was a hella fun night. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported. #PopularDemand #BrandBrothers

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