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I had realised a few days ago that I haven't posted my wall hook covers in a while. Say whaaat? So I'm spicing up the grid with some colour. Here's the colours I have left & they look amaze teamed up with wall pieces. . . There's a short video I posted a while back that shows you how my wall hook covers are used. Super simple & effectively make a puuurrrettyy statement! . . They will be back up listed on my Etsy store over the coming days. Comment or DM me in the meantime if you have your eye on any of these pretties.....including that mini macrame. . . *** And, if you have purchased a piece from me before, contact me for a special discount on a wall hook cover ♡ Happy Weekend! *** . .


I have a few bits & pieces left in my Etsy store but just one super dooper comb for fraying! Yes, I love it! . . Plus, this week is the last chance to get down to the beautiful @thegladstonehub to see some of my pieces. And I will not mention that you will fall in love with the spot....ok, I will mention it. Ha! . . AAAANNND, I still have a spot to fill in my Macrame Workshop this weekend @wharfstreetcafe . Contact me if this interests you! . . Big Love! . .


All craft lovers of the valley & coast! . . I have two Macrame Workshop spots left that must be filled: - Sunday 23rd of September....YES! Thats this weekend!! - & Sunday 28th of October. EDIT: October spot filled Come for a relaxed few hours of knotty goodness @wharfstreetcafe If you are interested, let me know and lets make it happen! Feel free to tag or share. . . And yes, I still have these wall hook covers available for all your ugly screw needs! . . . .


Im a sucker for close ups so here's a bit of LOOPY TEXTURE for your tuesday! . . . I'm definitely feeling loopy approaching the school holidays. Who relates? But this piece has me dreaming of those beautiful ocean days. . . .


A pop of colour for your sunny spring sunday! . . How many projects do you have on hold? This is my work in progress that keeps getting put aside. I start making when I'm feeling good allowing the creativity to flow then I get stuck. So it gets popped aside whilst I work on something else. My life story! . . Hope your day is filled with small achievements! . . . . . .


Knotting but love.....these knots are what formed my recent plant hangers which are now listed on my Etsy Store. . . I'll be quite on here over the coming days because I'm off on holiday and I'll be workshop prepping. . . I have a spot that has become available for my second workshop on Sunday 28th of October at 10am @wharfstreetcafe Let me know if this is something your interested in or tag someone that may be interested too x . .


New plant hanger babies.... . . Shop them now. Link in bio. Or DM me x . .


I'm a tad excited that tassel earrings are a thing now. So are my kids because they can pull and tug on them!! But seriously though, how simple & elegant are they? . . Watch out for some sweeties being added to my Etsy store. These ones are mine though and are currently my sunday attire. But your more than welcome to get me to make a custom pair! . . Have a beautiful Sunday! The day is looking so fine here! . .

3's the weekend! I'm getting workshop ready. Very exciting time being the first one. . . I'm in the midst of doing emails for all you macrame workshoppers so keep an eye out. . . I also have a spot for my Macrame workshop on Sunday 23rd of September being held @wharfstreetcafe Contact me if this is something you are interested in. . . Have a mint weekend! Big love! . .


Had a holiday planned beginning today, little babe gets sick. Lucky us...not! The universe works in mysterious ways. . . Either way, I'm sorted with my @koelmagazine from @string_harvest . And just a quick note that orders are closed at the moment but please do not hesitate to contact me x . Happy Friday! . .


Following my previous post: Seriously so chuffed that I inspired someone to create a beautiful piece like this. . . This mustard beauty was made by . I'm so impressed and it's makes me so happy! I'm that happy that I'm going to make dessert hahahaha . . If you missed my previous post, check it out and get making! . .


Fibre OBSESSED. . . So my biggest plan yestetday with all this gloomy but much needed rainy weather was to be more no #creativebiz related stuff. Do you think I could? NO...I just couldn't help but add this mini to my wall. Simplicity wins! . . You know, YOU can make this too? Alot of people say to me "I'm not creative". Eff off! Hahaha I'm here to say you are!! Dive into your cupboard and look for any fibre or fabric that appeals to you, grab an awesome stick and use a Larks Head Knot to tie it on. DONE!!! . . Tag me if you do one. Enjoy a creative hump day! x . .


Making Monday look fine....flippin' adore this fibrous goodness! . . It's available to you lovers if you want it! Just DM me or I'll be listing it over the coming days x . .


OH HEY THERE SPRING! . . When you just ain't digging your piece. You think it's shit, you stick your finger up at it, but you also take a breath (or 50 breaths) with fresh new eyes and mind, then you start again......and voila! Now I adore this piece ♡ and I'm sure it will be adored by the beautiful lady whom it's off to! . . "The creative process requires chaos before the form emerges"  Marilyn Ferguson . .


Just leave me here for the weekend playing with knots...... . . .


The house is a beautiful mess with me trying to get through orders and general stock. The thing with a handmade biz is it.....ummmmm relies on your hand work haha . . Sometimes I wish I could order some stock. I brainstorm,  create, untie, critique, make again, stare 1000 times and this goes on and on.....until I get brain overload. But I LOVE the challenge and mindful practice that it allows me to do. It truly is a labour of complete and utter macrame love. Macrame makes it!!!! Over and over and over again. . . This monster piece is one of the orders I've just finished. Simple but an impactful design finally done and in it's forever home. I'm so impressed with it if I do say so myself! Cue ** girl stands back and nods with large smile on her face ** . .


Because you need plants engulfed in cute knots in your home! . . DM if your interested x . .


My life just got a little better with this cute fibre-y necklace in it! Oh, and that beautiful sunshine too. . . What are your thoughts? Add some of these beauties to the Etsy shop? . .

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