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Jewelry inspired by Victoriana, Jungian Alchemy, Surrealism and Melancholia, handmade in Philly since 2008. Books : @bloodmilkbookclub See full size profile picture

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Swooning over the new drawing via my 🖤 @aaronhorkey for the @mondonews X @thevacvvm exhibit ‘Silent Aviary’ II - filled with artwork of birds local to Texas { or inspired by }. One of the things I find so interesting & inspiring about Aaron’s work is the long running narrative of his imagined ‘life after man’ post-apocalyptic speculations. In his world, the fauna have all evolved after an unspecified cataclysmic event has erased humanity from the planet - the birds are all blind and have started growing protective bone helmets and have also grown more reptilian in order to navigate & survive the devastation of this speculative landscape. For more: @aaronhorkey #speculativefiction #postapocalyptic #aaronhorket


Happy cusp of the Autumn Equinox ! To celebrate we have released our small collection of devotional rings, ‘The Lovers’, which features a life cast of a small juvenile snake { found mummified } that we’ve manipulated into many incantations this year. These rings are special to me as they are the fruits of the design I made to mark my marriage to @aaronhorkey earlier this Winter. The Ouroboros has been one of the most enduring ancient symbols, spanning both time and cultures and suggests both the cyclical nature of time and human life, as well as the unification of opposites. Wearing my band links me to my love daily, but it also tethers me to the past, to myself and to the idea of the eternal return. It is a commitment to myself & my life’s work as much as it is a symbol of my love for Aaron. I hope you enjoy these rings as much as I do and I hope they’ll mark many variations of love for their wearers: friendship, romantic love, self-acceptance, love of a dream no matter how out of reach it may seem, love for others, familial love .... & on and on endlessly. 🖤 For more please click our direct link tree in our profile: @bloodmilk 🖤 #bloodmilk #ouroboros #eternallove #snakemagic


“...throw roses into the abyss and say: 'here is my thanks to the monster who didn't succeed in swallowing me alive.” -Friedrich Nietzsche Our upcoming nesting twin ourobori band with our current ‘Belonging to the Darkness’ ring Part II. Launching later today, 9/21 at 3pm EST US #bloodmilk #roseoftheabyss #belongtoyourself #shadowself #psychicprotection 📷: @jenvonhaunt & @theewhitewitch


#currentfeels via artist @magpie.rodgers 🖤


This Friday, 9/21/18, 3PM EST US- we’ll be releasing a small capsule of rings inspired by the wedding bands I designed for @aaronhorkey & I, in homage to the enduring symbol of the Ouroboros. Pictured here are the Onyx versions of ( L - R ) ‘The Other’ & ‘The Lovers’ rings; they will also be available with Moonstone & Labradorite options, as well as in solid rose gold. Two ‘Lovers’ bands will also be released - one that nests with these two and one that is very close to @aaronhorkey & my marriage bands 🖤 More soon 🖤 #bloodmilk #tarot #snake #ouroboros #selflove #psychicprotection


Beautiful accompanying book by @lulu_at_the_end_of_the_world, to the new tarot deck via artists @kahnselesnick - via @ritualcravt. This deck & book is available at @ritualcravt or directly from @kahnselesnick 🖤


My dear lovely @0ld_hag is on the cusp of her next solo show out here in the US & has been posting previews of her work that will be on view at @lastritesgallery. Darby has only recently been drawing & is entirely self taught. This new shadow wolf drawing has my heart and I’m looking forward to seeing all of her new work in person at the opening on October 5. If you’re local, I hope to see you there 🖤 For more: @0ld_hag - @lastritesgallery #oldhag #lastritesgallery


All the feels via @russelljoslin #russelljoslin


This booth was owned & operated by some lovely people who were so kind to me. Part of the reason I love coming to these shows is developing relationships with the people who I take home crystals from. To me this adds to the personal pieces I work with as well as the pieces that end up in jewelry. The people here love and care about what they do and each one has a different story. I spent over an hour with the people at this particular booth and feel so good about the gemstones for new ooak pieces that I took home from these dealers, excited to share them soon! 🖤 #crystals #crystalmagic


New, beautiful work by artist Darla Teagarden { @darla_tea }.

I finally made it to the gem show - & already sad I left this giant phantom quartz crystal ball behind 🖤 More photos of crystalandia over the next few days 🖤🔮🖤 #crystalball #magic


#currentmood via @kahnselesnick

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