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~Always and forever~ Lara is the Malia to my Lydia❀

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December {Videostar}
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I think now it's the time to write a long textπŸ’” At first I want to say that I will NEVER forget this incredible show and I'm so thankful for every scene we got (Ok not everyone) But I will miss this so f*cking much. I can't describe how much. I love this show from the bottom of my heartπŸ’• But I think everybody wished a Better Ending. We are treated like shit by the writers... This is the saddest finale I have ever seen and I hoped so long for a good Ending... But this show was my shelter for a long timeπŸ’” And I'm just so happy that it exist... and yes I'm sad, speechless and disappointed too and it makes me angry how they treated the Mikaelsons πŸŽ€ But thank you for amazing years. I will never forget that πŸŽ€ #theoriginals #alwaysandforever #themikaelsonsl


Für alle meine deutschen Follower und die meine Story vielleicht nicht anschauen. Ich habe auf Wattpad angefangen eine Kolvina Story zu schreiben. Vielleicht wollt ihr sie euch mal angucken. Es würde mir zumindest sehr viel bedeuten, da schreiben mir schon immer sehr wichtig war❀ Also vielleicht wollt ihr sie euch mal angucken. Ich heiße dort memevanilla #kolvina #kolmikaelsonedit #kolmikaelson #davinaclaire #davinaclaireedit #kolvinaedit


~They really came back to me~ And I can't believe it It looks like shit and they don't deserve it 😭 Ac: drizzyaudios Dt: @artstial @tvdbadass @xmysticaledits @gladdagi @bloodyerica @lutteofndm @vroni.24.01.04 @nolaxmikaelson @lunitaxedit @hysteriaforbes @evilvalente { #holdongrp #davinaclairegrp #multifndmgrp #themikaelsonsgrp }


~Thats a glow up~ ~I loved S4 Hope but I stan S5 Hope~ It took so much time but it still looks like a trashy Ccp Edit Ac: @plotwistaudios Dt: @itsdaniellerussell @tvdbadass the biggest Hope Stan I know @dylvnobrivn @lunitaxedit @lutteofndm @gladdagi @_tvdsalvatore @multicovens @linni015 @soylunacorazones @manishay2013 @haylljah { #holdongrp #multifndmgrp #davinaclairegrp #themikaelsonsgrp } #entertvdgrp


~Queen D snapped~ We gonna see this Legend in 2 weeks I tried something new but it looks like shit Ac: @drizzyaudios Dt: @tvdbadass @bloodyerica @nia.ofc @mysticalmikaelsons @manishay2013 @mara.mlc @lunitaxedit { #holdongrp #davinaclairegrp #multifndmgrp #themikaelsonsgrp }


~The writers tried it so often... And now they reached it... Haylijah is destroyedπŸ’” Ac: mine Dt: @tvdbadass @klausmikaelson.mp4 @theoriginalsoz @mysticalmikaelsons @lutteofndm @gladdagi @evilvalente @mara.mlc @stelenahbic @nolaxmikaelson @lunitaxedit @_multiseries_ { #holdongrp #davinaclairegrp #multifndmgrp }

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