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*IG story saw it first like 2 days ago* Just a lil’ physique update & because I get these questions all the time 🤗 I’ll just run thru them now: 1. I am 5’5(ish) 2. I’m like 18% bf but it changes 3. I weigh like 138 when I wake up, 143 before I go to bed, 141 after I eat, maybe even 146 after a big meal idfk it changes that’s my point don’t focus on the scale 4. I do exactly 0 strictly cardio sessions per week 5. Yes- I did say 0 6. Yes- you can in fact do cardio in ways other than slaving on a treadmill or stair stepper if you don’t like doing that ish 7. No I am not prepping for a bodybuilding show 8. Cats > dogs. don’t @ me - - @tilyoucollapse leggings always slay use my code ‘blspringfit’ and try em’ for yourself thank me later 😘


Sometimes I like to document my regular outfits too 💁🏻‍♀️ FALL is 110% my fav season and I’m not ready to let go of it even tho there’s ❄️ on the ground here 🙂🙂🙂 so here’s me rockin’ a sweater and @vans #fashion #vogue #GQ


Jussssa lil’ soft flex in celebration of #flexfriday 😌 I’ve gotta say, imo, nothing compares to looking and feeling STRONG. I’ve decided that I wanna start a big group called the “Strong Squad” of likeminded strong women- Idk what exactly this group will do but I thought of the name like .5 seconds ago while typing this and I like it so if anyone has any ideas HMU 🤓 #girlzwithmusclez• - - Leggings: @tilyoucollapse tan classics 👏🏻 code ‘blspringfit’ saves you 💰 HUGE new release coming soon guys get ready!


Are your posts authentic? Are you posting what you WANT to post, and not what you think you SHOULD post 💭? This is something I spoke about on my story earlier - I hear it EVERYDAY- “I just want more followers” like who doesn’t? But what I here next is always similar. “So and So posts a ton of pics of her butt like that’s what got her on explore like that’s how she got so many followers”... is this wrong? Probably not. BUT- the QUALITY of your followers and WHO you are attracting to follow you M A T T E R S. Who is most likely to follow a picture of your bare bum from the explore tab 🤔 #thinkaboutit. If you LOVE posting these kinds of pictures then DO YOU- this isn’t my point. My point is that you do not NEED to post pictures like that if you’re posting them SOLELY with the goal to gain followers. You do not NEED to drastically sexualize yourself to increase your following. You CAN do it without that!! I promise you. I am posting this picture because i am proud of my gains and to show u how dope these @tilyoucollapse slate grey leggings are (🔌). I am posting it for no other reason than that I WANT TO - I have ~ZERO~ pics in my underwear on this account, THIS IS MERELY MY OPINION AND CHOICE NOT TO POST ANY, and my following is consistently increasing, AND the majority of my follower ratio is still WOMEN 👏🏻 aka my target audience. Obviously NUMBER OF FOLLOWERS DOESN’T DEFINE YOU- but I’m not naive to think that you guys don’t care - Love your body- post whatever the hell you want- but please, NEVER feel pressured to post something you aren’t 110% comfortable posting JUST to increase your following #REALinspiresREAL #beauthenticallyyou


This whole “Leg day 3x per week” thing has me WRECKED. Started a new offseason program with an 8x2 @ 80% (285lbs) with full resets and it felt like 🍰 thankfully - - ⬇️ Rest of my workout - In video: 🔥 4x10 uni-lateral stiff leg deadlifts w/ dumbbells and 5ct static holds 🔥4x12 glute bridges w/ 135lbs 🔥4x10 glute pull-throughs with 3ct eccentric movement - Not pictured:🔥4x10 seated hamstring curls 🔥 4x10 uni-lateral glute kickbacks (machine) 🔥4x10x12 seated abductor dropset


When people say u can’t rock the tan leggings unless ur super tan 💁🏻‍♀️ obvi not true cause here I am ~slayin~ but also... I gots some biggggg news for you guys - - Ya girl has finally accepted a supplement sponsorship ☺️👏🏻 it’s taken me 5ever to find a company I actually agree with and trust but when @legionath reached out to me I KNEW they were the perfect fit after doing my research ~science based supps ftw 🤓~ check them out and use link to shop their products and EDUCATE yourselves on proper supplementation. Will be doing a post on the supps of theirs which I use later this week ❤️ - - Leggings: Tan classics by @tilyoucollapse as always use my code to save 💰 ‘Blspringfit’


NEVER STOP WEEERKING 👏🏻 I cannot stress how important consistency is in all aspects of fitness. Results don’t come fast or easy. You have to GRIND for them. You have to PUSH for them. You have to EARN THEM 🙌🏻 so do it, earn your sheeeet. Don’t just sit back and wait for things to happen on their own because *hint* they won’t - - The easiest way to stay consistent with diet is decreasing prep time. My team over at @hardbodymealsofficial saves me every week and helps me stay C O N S I S T A N T. If your local to the MA/NH area I highly recommend that you join me! Code ‘BRITNI10’ saves you 💰


The quad/hammy/glute pump was ruuuuul after yesterday’s accessory leg sesh 🙃 spending this morning wrapping presents and listening to Michael Bublé serenade me w/ Christmas songs ❄️ could it get better than this? It’s debatable. Was I extra enough to hang up the curtain in the lockeroom so this selfie could be more aesthetic? Not very debatable because the answer is yes I was 💁🏻‍♀️ not sorry - - Leggings are total blue classics by @tilyoucollapse THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING 🎄 do not sleep on these leggings! So comfy, allll da gorgeous colors, AND 1/2 the price of LuLu for the same if not better quality 😇 use my code ➖ ‘Blspringfit’ ➖to save 💰 on your orders


Today was accessory leg day which meant hamms, hamms, and moooore hamms 😅🔥 Romanian deadlift variations are my go-to for ham work because there are SO many of them, don’t get stuck doing standard barbell RDL’s 🙌🏻 here are two of my favorites- These can be done with kettlebells, dumbbells, plates, whichever! ⭐️Uni-lateral RDL’s ⭐️ Bi-lateral RDL’s. Move slow through the eccentric (elongation) portion of the movement to fully engage those hamstring 👏🏻 try em’ yourself and thank me later 💁🏻‍♀️• - - Also idk why people sleep on this color of @tilyoucollapse leggings 😍 use code -> ‘blspringfit’ on all orders to save 💰


DAMN putting this thing together hit me haaaard. Not in a negative way like I typically see on here- but in an it LIT MY FIRE kind of way 🔥. Very frequently, I forget how far I’ve come. I often forget where I started because I am so hyper focused on where I am now and where I want to be. It’s probably because I was only at me “lowest” for a month before I kicked my butt into gear. If I’m being completely honest, I don’t even remember ever looking different than I do now so rando finding pics like this really puts things into perspective for me - Where I was 3 years ago was on the left. In my most stressful semester of college after recently transferring schools, still not fully grasping how important nutrition is in the role of weight loss, and trying my hardest to stimulate a change in my life - THIS was where it started for me. 3 years ago is when I began to educate myself and stopped making excuses. When i stopped blaming circumstances and genetics and started taking responsibility. 3 years ago is when my true journey started- and it’s amazing just how much progress can be made in a mere 3 years 🙌🏻 i can also promise you that fat burners, skinny teas, an/or waist trainers did not 🚫 get me here #REALinspiresREAL


This is just the beginning 😏 can’t wait to look back on these a year from now and see where I am. Using this New Year as a time to transition my training style a bit toward Olympic Lifting- just for funsies ☺️ & @vanessa_halliday come teach me your ways • - Snatch work 8x3x65lbs Clean and jerks 4x5x65lbs & 3x2x95lbs RDL’s 4x12x135lbs - Classic slate grey leggings by @tilyoucollapse. Both squat proof and durable enough to REALLY train in 😌 use code ‘blspringfit’ on all orders • - 🎶 @balance510


Don’t even front and act like this isn’t exactly what u wanna see under your tree this year 😛 #sleighingit #lolgetit


When bae worships the 🍑😌 #softflexfriday be with someone who loves everything about you and pushes you to reach YOUR goals. I talked about it on my story the other day- NEVER WASTE YOUR TIME WITH SOMEONE WHO MAKES YOU FEEL BAD FOR HOW YOU LOOK OR FEEL. Be with someone who you can be your 110% self around. Be with someone who takes YOU and YOUR feelings into consideration, always. I see too many people settle for relationships that don’t involve love, respect, and encouragement. KNOW YOUR WORTH PEOPLE 👏🏻 cause I do • • 📸: @jordy.and1


The pump was ridiccccc tn after a dope push sesh w/ @obie1_matt. Changing up my training split to try some new thangs and I’m essited 🤘🏻BUT LETS TALK ABOUT HOW yesterday a man summed up all my hard ass work to saying that I’ve built this body with help from enhancers 😂👏🏻 a friend of mine commented on my picture yesterday asking how I made these gains and this dbag commented saying “drugs”. Did this make me mad? Ya kinda. But since I’m #natty4lyfe it’s honestly pretty flattering that someone thinks I look that swole 💁🏻‍♀️ so h8ters can hate all they want I know where this ish came from 😌


Swipe for a #WideBackWednesday transformation 👐🏻 138lbs in pic 1 (now) and about 150lbs in pic 2 (before). Weeerk for it peeps- only 4 months between these pics 😎


Today was my first leg day since my meet and I am deceased ☠️ also ~unpopular opinion amongst fitspos~ I freaking HATE training glutes 😅 the lack of muscle mind connection I have w my glutes is SO unreal it makes me anxious. Thankfully I’m a powerlifter so my glutes stay 🤤 because of the constant compound training, but if I want to perfect my lifts I’ve gotta sack up and do my accessory glute work 👏🏻 so here’s to this off season being dedicated to the 🍑 #bootydayeveryday #tricepgainzonlegday• - - Leggings: @tilyoucollapse classics in Caribbean blue ✨ use code ‘blspringfit’ for a discount on orders and keep an eye out for a new release in 3 weeks 👏🏻


My deadlift attempts from the NE Open posted from final attempt-> opener 👏🏻 nothing makes me feel stronger than watching this ish. I️ may not have gone 9/9 at this meet but I took an overall win even though I failed two lifts- so I’m still proud a f • - Final attempt of 352.7lbs ➡️ second attempt 330.7lbs ➡️ opener 308.6lbs at bodyweight 139lbs• - As I mentioned, my final deadlift attempt was not counted into my total due to a hinging call, meaning that it did not count toward my total as per USAPL standards. Maybe if I️ hadn’t accidentally gotten too big of a whiff of nose torque and kept my lats tight I️ wouldn’t have hinged but that’s why this is a learning experience 🙌🏻 BUT I am still stoked at the speed of the lift off of the floor because when I’ve pulled 350 during training it’s been slower (silver lining ☺️). This just makes me even more hype for the next time I hit the platform but next time I will be hydrated and carbed up af so there’s no saying what numbers I’ll bring 😈 #IllBeBack #GWPL


Hi guyzzzzz. I’m v happy today ☺️ aaaaaand I’m also taking my 4th rest day from the gym in the past 7 days and I’m not even mad about it. Today is about enjoying the company of my love and wanna know where I refuse to spend it?? In a damn GYM. Old me would’ve rushed to the gym to get a workout in even on a busy day and if she didn’t make it would’ve been anxious and felt guilty for days (sounds sad- but it’s true) but not today - - Feeling guilty about missing a workout is NOT healthy. Feeling guilty about consuming certain foods is NOT healthy. All of these guilt complexes which are common in the fitness industry are NOT 🚫 HEALTHY. The minute I took this realization to heart and stopped ignoring/normalizing it, i started controlling my relationship with MY fitness and not letting my fitness control ME. That was the minute when the recovery from this awful mind set began. I’m not perfect, and I’m no where near “over” this - but I sure am trying #mentalhealthmatters #snapbackzandtattoos

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