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Your holiday entertaining starts here. Show your guests that you thought about every detail with our amazing pairings. Similar users See full size profile picture

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Hands aren't just for making hand turkeys. They're also for grabbing mounds of snacks.


Thanksgiving Etiquette: When hosting cravings, embrace them firmly and scarf them down without a morsel of regret. Napkin on lap optional.


Don't deny your cravings. Gobble them up.


Blue Diamond Gourmet Rosemary and Sea Salt Almonds are surprisingly versatile. From smoked salmon to dark chocolate, these almonds are the perfect complement. Share your own Instagram-worthy holiday spread with #MyBlueDiamondHoliday


Greet guests with an array of unexpected flavors anchored by Blue Diamond Gourmet Almonds and Artisan Nut Thins. They’ll be delighted (and unconcerned when the turkey takes 30 minutes longer than expected). Start your holiday entertaining with Blue Diamond. Learn more at


Blue Diamond Artisan Nut Thins pair beautifully savory or sweet. Layer on prosciutto with pesto or fresh figs with honey-drizzled brie. Learn how to put together more amazing pairings at


Blue Diamond Artisan Nut Thins simplify your holiday entertaining with their versatility. Something as simple as microgreens and fresh herbs can serve as edible decorations to enliven any plate. #BlueDiamondGourmet #ArtisanNutThins #TisTheSeasonings #MakeYourHolidayUncommon #CharcuterieBoard #Entertaining


With Blue Diamond Gourmet Almonds, just a couple of beautifully paired flavors can feel special. Use fresh rosemary as garnish to add color. Build your pairings, build the moment. Learn more at


Blue Diamond Gourmet Almonds and Artisan Nut Thins are a great place to start when creating an Instagram-worthy spread. Unify the look of your table with warm wooden bowls, boards and spreaders. Let the colors of your ingredients stand out. Share your own Instagram-worthy holiday spread with #MyBlueDiamondHoliday


Blue Diamond Gourmet Pink Himalayan Salt Almonds round out a beautiful board with soft cheeses, salty meats, tart apricots, and pickled eggs, and sweet honeycomb. Make your holidays uncommon, start with Blue Diamond.


Blue Diamond Artisan Sesame Nut Thins fit in with any holiday celebration. For a rustic table setting pink Himalayan salt crystals can add texture, color and seasoning to your place setting. A perfect holiday table down to the last detail.


Thank you @blakelively, we're huge fans of you too! • • • • • Trying to do an #ad post to talk about how hooked I am on @bluediamond Nut Thins, but I can’t get 2 seconds alone to take the pic because of all the little hands incessantly grabbing for more. Enough said! 100% OF THE PROCEEDS from this post WILL GO TO @CHILDRESCUECOALITION❗❤— the incredible organization helping to protect children WORLDWIDE from sexual predators. Link in bio for more info on them 📚 knowledge is power.


Meet our new Crafted Gourmet almonds. They're chef-inspired and seasoned to entertain any palate at your next gathering.


Victory never tasted so sweet! Swipe to see Dark Chocolate’s journey from craving to champion in our Almond Madness Bracket.


Don't deny your cravings. Crunch them in our Almond Madness Bracket! Head to our story to vote for which flavors will advance to the next round. ☝️


Don't deny your cravings. Conquer them. One handful at a time!


With Valentine’s Day over, now you can celebrate your snack love #NationalAlmondDay


Ready. Set. Go For Bold! Get $1 off your next can. Official snack nut of @usskiteam & @ussnowboardteam. Coupon link in bio!

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