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Happy St. Patrick's Day from the Blue Ridge Parkway! We can't wait for the Parkway to be dressed in green in just a few weeks! Photo by Jim Ruff, © 2016 All Rights Reserved. #saintpatricksday #rainbow #green


The Blue Ridge Parkway was constructed, in part, to connect Shenandoah National Park in Virginia with Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina. In between are the places that millions of motorists have come to know and love over the decades. In the 1950s, with road infrastructure expanding and vehicles becoming more affordable, a culture of leisure driving developed in the United States. Many motorists flocked to the completed sections of the Blue Ridge Parkway and got to experience high elevation vistas and expansive countryside views. Do you have a favorite Parkway memory from over the years? This photo was taken in 1953 near Rocky Knob at milepost 169. NPS Photo. #history #findyourpark #roadtrip #blueridgeparkway


Interested in learning about this season's projects on the Parkway? Have a question you've always wanted to ask a park ranger? If so, join us at one of this year's Parkway Preview Events scheduled for the first week in April. Parkway Preview Events are open house style events highlighting Parkway activities and upcoming projects. National Park Service staff will be on hand to provide a "behind the scenes" look into the Parkway, its operation and partners. Check out the events page on Facebook through the link in the bio.


"Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world" - John Muir Photo of pre-dawn mist over Pisgah National Forest from Pounding Mill Overlook (MP 413.2) by Joshua T. Moore, © 2019 All Rights Reserved. #mistymountains #blueridgeday #blueridgeparkway #mountains #fog


Peregrine Falcons form lifetime bonds and use the same cliff face nest sites year after year. At Devil’s Courthouse at milepost 422 peregrines were able to nest from 2000 through 2007 producing 14 young birds that fledged. Since then no young have been produced and falcons have not been able to nest there successfully. Biologists monitoring the site have noticed increased human activity in the closed area at the top of the cliff and that this intrusion has likely caused the birds to abandon their nests. Help us protect these magnificent birds by staying on the trail and behind the wall at the overlook. Gary Hartley Photo.


Would you be interested in spending a season on the Blue Ridge Parkway assisting visitors with trip planning and helping them connect to the Parkway and it's resources? The Rocky Knob Visitor Center, on the Parkway near Floyd, VA, is in search of a volunteer or volunteers that could assist with visitor center operations during the busy summer and fall seasons on the Parkway. To learn more click the link in the bio.


The Blue Ridge Parkway’s 469-mile scenic drive, 369 miles of trail, 14 visitor centers, 8 campgrounds, 10 concession operations, 15 picnic areas, and numerous other recreation opportunities welcomed over 14 million visitors in 2018. These visitors enjoyed high quality experiences on and off the Parkway thanks to the vital relationship between the National Park Service and the Parkway’s neighboring communities throughout the region. Visitation patterns on the Blue Ridge Parkway confirm that visitors access the Parkway in large numbers when the Parkway is accessible. Weather and maintenance related closures continue to be the primary factor influencing Parkway visitation through the years. In 2018, Golden Gate National Recreation Area reclaimed the top spot for highest visitation in the National Park System from the Blue Ridge Parkway. These two parks have been trading places at one and two since 1979. Photo by Steven Freedman.


Old man winter’s last hurrah is in full swing on the Parkway this week! Chilly temperatures on the south end this week made for some beautiful rime ice yesterday. What is it like where you are today? Photo by Ranger Chuck #blueridgeparkway #winter #iceicebaby


Just here at Peaks of Otter (MP 86)...waiting for spring. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photo @elspethes #spring #blueridgeday #blueridgeparkway


Although views from lofty mountain peaks are spectacular, there is nothing quite like the quiet simplicity of a country road through Appalachian meadows. What is your favorite type of Parkway scenery? Photo from near Doughton Park by Ranger Wes. #blueskies #blueridgeparkway #visitnc #roadtrip


Looks like warmer weather is bringing out some of our furrier Parkway residents! This photo was taken today by a ranger near Milepost 232. When asked if he had added a filter of some sort to the photo he stated, “No, he was just that shiny!” Be sure to watch out for bears and other wildlife as you are out exploring the Parkway and give them the respect and space they deserve. #wildlife #bear #findyourpark


Doesn't this photo make you warm just looking at it? Sometimes on a gray February day it helps to daydream of the verdant colors of the Parkway in summer. Who is planning a summer trip? #summer #blueridgeparkway #blueridgeday #mountains #findyourpark #wildflowers

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