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Eat Naked x Body Fuel Please follow @eatnaked_uk to keep up to date of our new collaboration ✨ WE DELIVER check the web for details Similar users

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@eatnaked_uk for daily info and menus x


If you haven’t been in and seen the new set up tomorrow would be a wicked place to start as not only do we have a full breakfast/brunch menu available. We also have a new hot special launching of 5 spice, lemongrass, coconut free range chicken curry ❤️ and a full counter of desserts suitable for vegans/Paleo/Keto. Our breakfast/brunch menu is FULLY MACRO CALCULATED and if all this sounds too good to be true, but you can’t get into the shop- no sweat we got you- take a peek at the website because it can ALL be delivered to your door or workplace. Get a Friday thing going in your office/get a Saturday hangover delivered to your home/ Get a post gym smoothie or post workout carb bowl delivered to the gym. Yep we can accommodate all of that. Taking the stress out of your nutrition so you can focus on those gains! ✖️ and ask for loyalty cards with your order. Hope to see you tomorrow. And remember to follow @eatnaked_uk for daily posts/ menus and specials. at Eat Naked at Body Fuel


Did you know we now do daily hot specials. Friday ‘treat clean’ anyone? Follow @eatnaked_uk for the full menu and desserts this is just a little teaser. Have our hot special vegan (pictured) or with grilled chicken breast 😋 takeaway available... #eatclean #eatnakedatbodyfuel


Lush snap of our halloumi salad bowl leaving the counter today. Grilled fresh to order 😍 Just a reminder to keep up with all the action and what’s going on in the kitchen of The new eat naked at bodyfuel please follow @eatnaked_uk at Eat Naked at Body Fuel


See you all tomorrow guys, we’re coming back with a bang! 💥 . @eatnaked_uk @eatnaked_uk @eatnaked_uk at Brighton and Hove


💥 Who’s ready for the relaunch?! 💥 . So here’s everything you need to know 💫 We open at 9am tomorrow serving our classic Bodyfuel breakfast menu with a few new additions! Breakfast is served 9-2pm. Our brand new lunch menu and salad counter is served from 11.30am with prices and options from £4.50 for take out and sit in. Our clean desserts, cold pressed juice and smoothies will be available throughout the day. Our hot specials will be launching Wednesday this week to give our staff a chance to get settled with the new menu. We close at 3pm daily. We will also slowly be re-introducing deliveroo once the new team are settled. In the meantime If you have a large office order and need it delivered you can call us on 01273729090. Can’t wait to meet you all gang 💪🏻


Here it is... Eat Naked x Body Fuel! Launching this Monday 19th 🔥 . Some of you may have already seen the announcement in today’s @brightonargus, but we are so excited to be collabing with Eat Naked. 💥💥💥 Eat Naked are bringing their award winning lunch menu, daily specials, clean desserts, cold pressed juice, a joint brunch menu & still all your Body Fuel faves will now all be available to you at 123 Church Road! We’re serving up the good stuff Monday - Saturday 9am - 3pm ✨ at Brighton


One of the new salads hitting our menu on Monday... Moroccan carrot with harissa marinated kale. It’s vegan. Gluten/ grain/dairy free Loaded with plant protein from the quinoa/buckwheat and is a flavour bomb 👌🏻 one of the six salads we launch with.. what will be your favourite 😛💫😎


Raw vegan millionaires shortbread. No gluten. No dairy. No refined sugars. No empty calories. No sugar crashes. It’s also Paleo and at 11g net carbs per slice you can even squeeze it into Keto 🙌🏻 #rawdessert #ketocake #paleobrighton #rawveganbrighton


Not long now! We will be back with a bang - 9am Monday 19th March! All your favourite breakfast menu items (plus a few exciting additions), a brand new lunch menu plus a whole range of cold pressed juices & shots. New smoothies, raw desserts, protein snacks and clean treats! Church Road is the place to be 💛 at Brighton


Cheat clean. Our keto, paleo AND vegan chocolate torte.... on the counter every day when we relaunch. Virtually carb free 😍


Freshly grilled meat to order... one of the strengths of our lunch menu! Not long now gang. 🙌🏻 #fresh #healthy #fitfam #eatclean #macros


Who else is drooling over the return of our breakfast menu. Ultimate organic egg porn ❤️ Now fully MACRO CALCULATED 🙌🏻 ✅


A dreamy shot of our makhani dal. A vegan hot special launching with the collab ❤️ packed with plant protein and slow release carbs to fuel those workouts 💪🏻 #plantbased #veganbrighton #brightonvegan #organic


Interviews being held next week gang. Check your spam folders ❤️


Cold pressed, raw, organic juice. A new addition to our menu... our classic green juice contains over 1k of veg in every bottle loading each sip with silica, beta-carotene, calcium, vitamin C and vitamin K. Our cold pressed juices will be priced at £3.50 and the range will be available in store daily 🙌🏻


A new launch requires a new protein powder. And we will be stocking the absolute best @geneticsupps whey. ✅ GRASS FED FROM SWISS DAIRY CATTLE. THE PUREST FORM. ✅FREE RANGE ✅ULTRA MICRO FINE FILTRATION SYSTEM FOR FASTER DIGESTING PROTEIN (no bloating) ✅ADDED DIGESTIVE ENZYMES FOR ENHANCED PROTEIN ABSORPTION ✅32g PROTEIN PER SERVE ✅LESS THAN 1g SUGAR PER SERVE ✅IMPRESSIVE EAA PROFILE. 💛 find it in our smoothies / protein pancakes. You can now even add it to our gluten free porridge. Not forgetting the protein balls that need ZERO introduction 🙌🏻 not long now gang. Shaking up the hove lunch scene 👍🏻 #cleaneatinghove #proteinshakehove #fitfam #proteinpancakes


Coming soon.... a whoooooole loada hot specials. Eat in or take out. 🤤 there’s a lunch time shake up happening in Hove. You ready gang? #cleaneating #bodyfuelcafe #relaunch

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