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Instead of writing a formal OOO message, @empschultz is just responding to emails with different photos of prawns in Lisbon. Smart strategy, TBH. #bastaff at Lisbon, Portugal


It's here. Our supremely creamy, weeknight-friendly, lemon zest-y spaghetti al limone. It started with @rapo4 having a near-perfect version at I Sodi and ended with @mollybaz testing through lots and lots of different variations to get ours juuuust right. And finally, it has arrived. Head to the link in our profile to make it. 📷: @chelsielcraig food styling: @katebuckens


Yesterday @alex_delany had a full-ish English-ish breakfast-ish at home. Today he had a granola bar. Sundays > Mondays. #bastaff


Ever feel emotional about tomato season ending? No. Same. Not at all. That’d be weird. But, uh, if you were to hypothetically feel very sad about it, here’s a good tomato season swan song recipe. The simple sauce of juicy, bursty cherry tomatoes (aka nature’s Gushers!) comes together in just 15 minutes. Which means more time to emotionally prepare for fall. Head to the link in our profile for @mollybaz’s recipe. #bastaff


The third #Basically10x10 recipe is here. And we’re talking veggies. More specifically, we’re showing you the few simple steps that separate the kind of crispy, flavorful roasted vegetables that you could happily eat three nights a week from the kind that feel like a sad afterthought—and this roasted broccoli with tahini sauce gets it very right. Head to the link in our profile to make it. 📷: @calebleeadams


If you haven’t noticed, @alex_delany has been walking around lower Manhattan on our Instagram Story, eating and drinking at his favorite spots in the East Village, Alphabet City, and the Lower East Side. You know where to go for the goods. #bastaff at Shu Jiao Fu Zhou Cuisine Restaurant Inc


It’s actually the law that you visit @nongskhaomangai when you visit Portland, OR. Luckily @mollybaz knows this. #bastaff at Nong's Khao Man Gai


Hypnotism for the pastry inclined. 📷: @elysei at @methodicalcoffee at Methodical Coffee


SPAGHETTI PIE!!!!!!!! Sorry for yelling. We're just very excited about this baked pasta alla norma from @csaffitz. As @sarahjampel describes it, “It’s saucy, cheesy, and hiding bits of tender eggplant, with a Medusa vibe and an irresistible, fight-over-it crust.” Head to the link in our profile to make it. 📷: @yungbludlau food styling: @heysueli


Sometimes you just want a salad that’s 70% bread. And for those moments there’s this panzanella recipe from #BAHot10 restaurant @drifterswife that @amandashaps recently made. You only fry the bread on one side, so it’s half salty-crunchy and half garlicky-juicy. Oh, and ricotta on the bottom, obviously. Head to the link in our profile to make it. #bastaff


If the song “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music was written for @alex_delany it’d include cortados, record stores, and the hot and spicy wontons (with peanut sauce!) from Deluxe Green Bo. #bastaff at Deluxe Green Bo Restaurant


“It’s literally the best thing he’s ever made.” That’s @moroccochris talking about @brad_leone’s homemade mustard. No big deal. Head to the link in our profile to see how it all comes together. 📷: @vincentcross, duh

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