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💡 FAT LOSS FOODS 💡 Great post by @maxweberfit
🤔 Do you ever wonder if there are certain foods that are “best” for fat loss? Or if some foods are more awesome than others for fat loss?
If these are questions you’re asking, then you’re not alone! And actually, these questions are quite common so let’s discuss, shall we?
👉🏼 Foods that are awesome for fat loss often share a few key characteristics. Here’s a few of them:
1️⃣ High-volume, meaning the food has a relatively low number of total calories based on how much food you actually get. Think watermelon and cantaloupe.
2️⃣ Convenient, meaning you can take them simply grab and eat, without spending time. Think @halotopcreamery and Greek Yogurt.
⭐️ Other characteristics of awesome fat loss foods include relatively high protein intake relative to total calories, like chicken.
🍷 Even a glass of red wine is an awesome fat loss food — that is, when you understand this one concept right here:
📊 All foods, when portion sizes are at least somewhat controlled, can contribute to fat loss (or muscle gain). This means fruits, veggies, sweets, baked goods and more.
The key is moderation.
And the mindset behind this is “Flexible Dieting”.
It is prompted by the belief that diets that are flexible in nature (where you can still enjoy fun foods you genuinely like, that may not be considered “healthy” from time to time) is a more sustainable model for fat loss in the long run than a rigid diet that says some foods are ‘off-limits’ all the time. Got it?
Hope this makes sense! And hope you enjoyed this post! at Houston, Texas


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💡 PORTIONS 💡 Great post by @jessijeanfitness . Who doesn’t wish portions were about 5x the size they actually are?
🚫Wishful thinking isn’t necessarily harmful, but portion distortion certainly can be..
‼️I have found this to be especially true with clients seeking to move more in the direction of intuitive eating (listening to their body’s hunger / fullness cues / not following any certain nutritional guidelines)
🧠I am a huge proponent of everyone understanding macros or at the very least, standard portion sizes (and that’s not the portion size served at Cheesecake Factory!) even if your goal is NOT to track macros.
👉WHY? - Because in understanding what your body actually needs you have the ability to make more accurate / educated decisions on what and how much to eat intuitively to lose, maintain, or gain weight (again depending on your goal).. at Houston, Texas


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💡 Fast Food Fix 💡 Great post by @maxweberfit .
💝 If you’re anything like me, then you live a life that is always on the go-go-go!
💨 While you absolutely would love to just sit down and perfectly portion every single one of your meals, and prep them to perfection, that’s just not always realistic for you or your lifestyle.
🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️Can you relate to any of that? at Houston, Texas


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💡 KNOW YOUR FOOD 💡 Great post by @fit_pham . Green Tea Edition🌿 So, now that Christmas is over, raise your hand if you're feeling a weeeee bit bloated from that slice (or many slices) of pie?🍰 ME.🙌 And with green tea proven to naturally increase your metabolism (by ~4%), a lot of folks will turn to this magic elixir to help with the post-holiday feels😈😑. . ❌BUT beware, not everything that is green tea is healthy for you!❌ I mean.... green tea should literally be green tea + water, but a lot of drinks with this magic tea is also weighed down with tons of other ingredients... like SUGAR 😐. . ✔Ultimately, know that some of those store-bought drinks you get with 'green tea' in them aren't necessarily the healthiest drink.🍵 But hey, they're pretty tasty, so if you're feeling a @starbucks green tea frappuccino, go for it😉 The more you know, the more informed your food choices can be!🤓😛 at Houston, Texas


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☝🏼At this point, you may already know that nearly 95% of all dieters fail and regain the weight. There are many reasons that can be attributed to this, but among the top is a failure to adopt healthier lifestyle habits.
👍🏼Because fat loss can be so challenging, it makes sense to remove as many barriers as possible.
📍Above are a few of my favorite mindless tips to make the path to fat loss a little smoother:
▶️ Make an effort to only eat when sitting at the table without distraction.
▶️ Sloooww down and put your dining utensils down in-between bites.
▶️ Eat as many meals as possible at home so you can control your portions and calorie intake.
▶️ Use smaller plates to force yourself into eating smaller portions
‼️BONUS‼️Because the color 🔵 is not commonly found in nature, humans have developed sense that blue is an unappetizing color and are naturally inclined to eat less. Incorporate blue plates, tablecloth, etc. to eat fewer calories.
❓Have ideas of your own? ⬇️ drop them in the comments. 🙃 at Houston, Texas


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💡 EATING FRUIT FOR FAT LOSS 💡 Great post by @cartergood .
There's a lot of debate about fruit and whether it's good or bad for fat loss...
Those who say it's bad usually fixate on the sugar. There's oodles of research correlating high sugar intakes with obesity, disease, and all types of things that ain't good...
So it makes sense that too much sugar from fruit could be a bad thing, right?
Well, here's the thing —> the amount of sugar you're going to find in most fruit is NOWHERE NEAR that of processed junk food. In fact, studies have shown time and time again that eating fruit is associated with LESS obesity and disease.
Anyways, when it comes down to it, weight loss is all about calorie balance. You could eat a diet full of candy & cookies, and if you consumed few enough calories, you'd lose weight. Obviously, that wouldn't be ideal for your health... but it could *technically* work.
👉 Here's the kicker, though. HOW you're eating fruit matters.
If you're eating fruit that's juiced (like OJ) or dried (like raisins), then you're gonna miss out on all of the weight loss-friendly benefits that come from eating WHOLE fruit, specifically the water and fiber.
And as much as we all wish it were so, RUNTS aren’t real fruit, unfortunately. Maybe if you think real hard, though! 😜
Here's Your Takeaway✅: there's absolutely-positively no reason to avoid WHOLE fruit while dieting. As long as you're controlling your total calories & getting plenty of protein, you should enjoy your apples/ bananas/ pears/ grapes/ berries knowing they're providing you with all kinds of things (vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc.) that are good for your health 🍎❤️ at Houston, Texas


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