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Throwback to better days with consistent training and actually being all good in the hood.Now I'm sitting here,all sick,wishing to have a chance to work out asap 🙆 hope you are all having a great Friday night tho!


Taking tomorrow my last test in Math,on these pre-Christmas days,then finally heading home to spend time with the loved ones. I seriously so exhausted and unmotivated,but ya girl gotta keep grinding. Nothing worth having comes easy ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


Throwback to about 4-5 hours ago when I finished a great bootay workout. Now it's almost midnight and Im still siting here, studying 💁 And what are u guys doing at this very moment?


Presne pred jedným rokom sme spolu išli na prvé rande,poprvýkrát si držali ruky,dali si našu prvú pusu 💋 Pred naším prvým rande som bola popravde naozaj nervózna, ale hneď ako som ťa uvidela celého vysmiateho som vedela, že to nemôže dopadnúť nijak inak,len DOKONALE 💖 a aha, tu sme, spolu, ležiaci vedľa seba v posteli,zatiaľ čo ja píšem tento popisok a ty sa tu vedľa mňa hráš hru na mobile ktorú si už asi 100x prešiel 😂🙏 Si ten ktorý ma vždy dokáže rozosmiať,aj keď som smutná, utešiť, keď plačem, ukľudniť, keď sa rozčulujem nad totálnymi hlúpostiami ktorý ma berie so všetkými plusmi aj mínusmi. Nedokážem si po svojom boku predstaviť nikoho iného💖 Jeden krásny rok za nami, a ešte nás ich spolu mnoho čaká 😍 Nadovšetko ťa milujem slniečko 👄


#tbt to the day I wasn't ill New week,new goals, new opportunities. Struggling to adapt to the college life and living away during the week + having a break from gym because it looks like Im ill (again!!?!),that means no working out for me and it really affects my mental health... but I have plans and goals which helps ne get up whenever I fall down 💪👊 Just gotta grind, study hard, lift heavy and wait for the next weekend to come so I can be again with the man of my life 💍💖


REALITY X INSTAGRAM What people think fit girls look like VS what we really look like in normal,relaxed pose 😉 Just so that you know 😊 Niekedy mám pocit, že si väčšina ľudí myslí, že dievčatá z posilky chodia neustále s vypučeným napumpovaným zadkom 😂 NOPE lol.Svaly síce vypadajú pekne z rôznych uhlov, po cvičení prekrvené a napnuté ale aj tie sa nakoniec uvolnia a "ochabnú". Samozrejme ,že sa cvičením spevňujú a naberajú na svojom objeme, ale uvoľnené nikdy nevyzerajú tak ako pri "pózovaní". 😁 Toť vše,just wanted to keep it real guys 🙋


Don't mind me, just checking on glute gains 😊😆🙌🍑


Days full of energy 😆 thanks Teami for always making up my mood! ☺ Code "bonn15" for 💸 off !


Cannot beat the flat belly & no bloating,finally! feeling better than ever! 💗🙌 Having my skinny teami tea every morning and column in the evening 💪 Use code "bonn15" to get you 💸 off ☺


Great things never come from comfort zone.


I already know what giving up feels like. Now I wanna know what it's like when I don't.


Just lying over here sick af in this cold weather, wishing it was summer,just the two of us again 🐚🐠


Note to self: Make me proud kiddo.


Some "thoughtful" and motivational caption to help you make up your mind if you're going thru same shit as me: Even tho some days might be really tough, you must think positively at all time - otherwise you will go cray one day from all that stress. Yesterday I arrived to Czech Republic to start off my college - leaving my family,friends and my love behind for 5day/week to study my ass off so that I can make them all proud one day when I come back as a successful woman I aim to become. I will be going home on weekends to charge my energy and get all the love my family and boyfriend gives me, so that I'm able to survive another 5 days without them in this big world again. On your way you will always have to make up your mind, state priorities and make sacrifices, but in the end all the hard work pays off, and that's a fact. Keep up great work folks, we can do it!


Keep focused on your goals.Dont try to live up to opinions of others, it is your life and you live only once. So make the most of it


Finally back home from Brno for one more week.Time to enjoy last days of freedom and then hop on the wagon of slowly-dying uni students 😂


Not a TEEN anymore 🙋 20 years have passed since the moment I saw the daylight for the first time 😊 time to act like a proper adult from now hah..haha.. (just kidding #childatheart)


I'm not the only one obsessing over avocado toast, am I?🙆 but seriously tho, I could live off just from eating this combo only lol 💁

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