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Hard Kombucha + Fresh-pressed juice 🍋 Real ingredients, no compromises USDA Organic, 7% ABV San Diego, CA ✨ See full size profile picture

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THIS IS NOT A JOKE: Boochcraft is now offering same-day delivery in San Diego County! That's right, we're bringing the boochy goodness straight from the brewery to your front door. Hit the link in bio to order yours today. Also, sorry for announcing this on April Fool's Day, but we figured pranks are cancelled because know.....all of this *motions vaguely at entire world* . . #boochcraft #hardkombucha #delivery #boochyourself


Since you can’t really go anywhere right now, here's a loop of our apples "en route" to your Booch. Their journey obviously starts in the orchard, but once they get to Boochcraft HQ they bob around in this bath ( #selfcare) before making their way up the conveyor belt, through the shredder⚡️, down into the press, and straight into your bottle of Apple Lime Jasmine Booch. Soundtrack provided (sound on!) so you can join us in juicing paradise and take a little surrealist escape from TikTok and Tiger King. (Alternate caption: HAHAHA THESE APPLES AREN'T SOCIAL DISTANCING AM I RIGHT?!) . . #boochcraft #hardkombucha #howboutthemapples #satisfying


EP 1: SAUTÉED SIDEWALK SALAD. Tune in to our story tonight at 5PM PST for the pilot of Social Distance Learning! Our very own @adam.hiner will be kicking things off with a modern-day foray into foraging. Taking a little solo stroll during SIP? One particular sidewalk weed is beckoning you and begging to become tonight’s dinner. No lines at THIS grocery store folks! The More You Know 🌈⭐️ . . #socialdistancelearning #sdl #sauteedsidewalksalad #boochcraft #themoreyouknow


Friday shelter-in-place idea: “spin the bottle,” except...the bottle is actually just sitting on a blanket, not spinning, pointing squarely across the room at your dog, the only living thing you’ve seen in days. That’s right, the game is rigged but you get to kiss your dog & you ostensibly have a bottle of something good (we suggest Turmeric Tangerine Ginger), so we’re all winners here. #boochesandpooches #SIP #stayhome


INTRODUCING: Social Distance Learning. Let's have some fun together while we're apart. Are you an expert on cutting mangoes? An official Macarena coach? A part-time lingual wizard? Teach us your skillz! HOW IT WORKS: You send us DM with an idea. We chat. You record yourself. You send it to us. We upload it to our story. Deal? Deal. 👏 Starting on Monday, March 30, an episode will air every weekday at 5PM PST. LET'S LEARN FAM. Tag your most talented friends and join the fun. The More You Know 🌈⭐️ #socialdistancelearning #boochcraft


Here's a pretty picture of Booch cans outdoors. Until you can adventure freely again, here's how to get Boochcraft to the front door of your pandemic bunker. You can order it to your house via @drizly, @wholefoods, @sauceyapp, @postmates, and other delivery apps. Make sure you tip well. Additionally, your favorite local restaurant that serves Boochcraft might be offering takeout — call them and order directly; in CA and AZ (currently adding more states!) it's legal to order alcohol to go 😉 #thrivingish


PICK-UP NOW AVAILABLE THROUGHOUT CA 📦 We cannot stress the importance of keeping your health and the health of others a priority. Should you choose to grab take-out and throw a virtual happy hour or share a beverage with your cat, you have options: try your local pubs, breweries, and taprooms for a taste of the outside world in "to-go" format. Happy quarantining! Stay safe and #flattenthecurve, fam. We love you and look forward to hanging out soon! Link in bio for more info and legal jargon.


SUGGESTIONS NEEDED. We're looking to escape into some crisp paper pages (and kindle screens). Need to get our adventure fix somehow 🥴 Let us know what you’re leafing/swiping through. All genres welcome; we've got a LOT to learn and...oh you know, a little bit of extra time at home...


As a beverage company, we normally encourage gathering, breaking bread, sharing sips, and being close. As humans, we crave interaction and communion. This unique moment in history however, begs us to be resolute in maintaining space from one another with loving intention for the time being. As you swipe and surf through your news feeds, remember to take pause. Put the phone down. Breathe. Isolation can feel unnerving, frustrating, and even scary — but time alone can offer invaluable moments of reflection and reset. This too shall pass 🙏 Despite the distance, we’re in this together. Pictured: some of our team members on a Zoom happy hour call — practicing “closeness” through the airwaves 🙂


Any other self-proclaimed, unapologetic turmeric groupies out there? 🖐 Yeah, we're with ya. That's why we fresh press thousands of pounds of fresh-from-the-farm, whole, organic turmeric root for our Turmeric Tangerine Ginger Booch. That’s right—that golden, glowing, godly juice flows right from the press into your bottle of Boochcraft. There's no other way to do turmeric. Amen? Amen.


Bold, beautiful flavor. It'll make you want to hold your can of Lemon Maple Thyme Boochcraft up to a particularly instagrammable wall and take a picture to commemorate this flavor-filled moment...right? That feels like a natural reaction 💯 #photogenicflavor #boochcraft #hardkombucha


Turmeric Tangerine Ginger is downright delicious all on its own... BUT have you ever tried it in a cocktail? 🤤 This concoction, Booch Bunny, by @kbluff is a irresistible: .75oz Bourbon 1oz Cointreau .75oz Carrot Juice .5oz Lemon Juice .25oz Simple Syrup Shake w/ ice, strain over fresh cubes Top with 2.5oz Turmeric Tangerine Ginger Boochcraft  Garnish: Carrot Greens