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High end homes x exotic cars @ngumedia @imperiumglass #audi #australia #r8 at Queensland


Well done boys, 33 Rockbourne Terrace, Paddington, Sold in a day via some good old fashioned real estate skills from @benwakelyproperties @graya_tm $3,000,000 #paddington #bne #brisbane at Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Do yourself a favour and swipe through all of these, they get sexier as you go, This magic is in Red hill Brisbane, Amazing @mr_building_design Check them out. Well done @mr_building_design #redhill #bne #summer at Red Hill Brisbane 4059


Is summer already disappearing? It seems to be darker later each morning now. What do you think? I think you could squeeze in a few more bbq’s and pool parties before it gets too cold 🥶 right, Who’s got a bbq on this weekend? And who would like a @pnc_built Entertaining area like this ? @bighouselittlehouse Design Let me know what you think below. #bbq #bne #brisbane #summer at South Brisbane, Queensland


@henryhodgeteam @mcgrathestateagents 11 Morley street, Chelmer. 1,685 sqm of river front luxury, This is a massive home, have a good look at the floor plan, I’ll throw it up in the story. Will be selling via Auction, If you are free on Saturday it’s actually open 9 feb- 10:00 - 10:30 What a home. #bne #riverfront #brisbane at Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Yes, I know you just love your before and afters, Here you go @bighouselittlehouse Before and after 🔨🔨🏡👌🏻 at Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Thank you to the @solaireproperties team for having us over for the launch of “la fleur”, on Friday night. Was a big turn out, great event, Also the home has been purchased pre completion, you’ll probably need to move fast on these in if you are interested as people are staring to understand the difference and appreciate the great effort and detail these boys are going to in creating a true smart/sustainable living space, everything has a reason for its design and through this detailed and meticulous approach the brand @solaireproperties are making a mark on the Brisbane development scene. We didn’t get the chance to do the proper walk through for you last week unfortunately, I will show you more this week 👌🏻 Photo is IPHONE 📲 special 😁 #sustainability #bne #auchenflower at Auchenflower, Queensland


One of my favourite new farm addresses, for sale through @bethleachnf 105 browne street, Is on the market, this pocket is truly the lifestyle precinct in Brisbane, Take a look at this stunning renovation of a classic - @joeadsettarchitects - Available for sale through @bethleachnf Built @james_anthony_construction #newfarm #bne #renovation at New Farm parkrun


I’ve posted this one before, another angle here. @favellarchitects 🖊 @cathyschusler 📷📸 I love the street appeal, a good tree can really have an impact on the way a home looks from the street, something about a softer natural mix to contrast hard man made lines, works so nicely, not to take anything away from this stunning home, they must work together, a dump with an amazing tree out the front is not going to be saved buy a tree 🌲 obviously, in fact the trees appeal is lost against a terrible home as a back drop, In this case both are amazing and work nicely to compliment one another. And conversely a bad tree in front of a stunning home, like big dirty mango 🥭 tree that’s taken hold and attracts a large pack of creatures of the night can really ruin the street appeal and the peace at night, That’s enough of my tree ranting, You know what I mean, ✅🏡. #green #trees #queenslanders at Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


“La Fleur” Agnes street Auchenflower, Will be doing a walk though this cutting edge @solaireproperties home this week to show you what Smart living, Sustainable living is all about. These homes have a purpose and it’s not to just be a trophy 🏆. The purpose is to have a positive and neutral carbon footprint and actually stand the test of time to last longer than you or me. Save knock down rebuild waste, It’s hard to explain how these are different through a little caption. But quality in workmanship from @arpbuildinggroup Has a lot to do with longevity as well as selecting materials not based on bottom line or profits, rather what is beat for the home and the environment. There is a significant difference in quality on these. It’s only really evident when you have a closer look. Looking forward to showing you inside. #sustainability #neutralhome #sustainableliving at Auchenflower, Queensland


Close up entry shot of a @kodadesign home in Holland Park, Sebring street. Very dark, heavy colour palette. The timber door softens it a bit with some natural tones. I like this but. What do you think of the style ? #dark #shadowlines #hollandpark at Holland Park, Queensland, Australia


Hope you all had a wonderful Australia 🇦🇺 day brisbane. Photo of south bank beach 🏖 @visitbrisbane We have a beach next to our river that’s through our city, Beat that everyone else. - Been silent the last few days, needed a detox from the internet. - Back to normal scheduling Monday, - Have a great weekend, 🌅🇦🇺👌🏻 #beach #australia #coast #river at Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


PROJECT, 💸 Who’s chasing a lift n shift, A subdivision 🏘 There’s a Few options here, Might be worth checking out. 27 Garden Terrace, Newmarket. I don’t think Ian Cuneo is on the Gram but if you have his account please tag the man, @rwascot 819sqm Home can be removed. What do you think of this one ? #build #renovate #move at Newmarket, Queensland, Australia


Tell what you think of the street appeal of this MINKA no.1 @scottburrowsphotographer @storydevelopments @bureauproberts This home has a twin. Have a great Sunday👌🏻 #home #twins #bne at Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Congratulations to our competition winners, @anniejeank @kayhides @andrews_eve They are out today on trip out to the bay, up the coast, off to @spicerstamarindretreat For lunch With pilot @harley_weston, @solaireproperties X @spicerstamarindretreat X @bosshomesbrisbane Team up. Hope you have fun, Thank you for entering the comp #chopper #fun #coast


A great space to relax with a bit of privacy, A new renovation @corellaconstruct @brockbeazleyphotography Styling @marketreadyproperties #entertainment #area #home at Paddington


If you have been to Kangaroo Point or even driven over the story bridge, it is impossible not to notice this building, polarising facade, Commanding presence and prime riverfront location. This is WALAN 2 Scott Street, Overlooking Brisbane’s Hottest Venus’s and facing the city itself, what is the point of living in the city if you cant see it ?? Kangaroo point has the answer to this problem. This building has instant access to the cbd lifestyle precincts via the Thornton street ferry, You can enjoy the cbd lifestyle then just take a boat back to your own private kangaroo point retreat and escape the hustle and just admire brisbane CBD from your Own private floor in Walan. The resales are a testament to the quality of the building and the demand for product such as this in the brisbane market, This video is the work of marketing team @simoncaulfield @courtney_maguire_ @michaelbacon_place Constructed @hutchies1912 Developed: Cam Ginardi Designed: Liam Proberts @bureauproberts Have a watch of this cool flick, Amazing. Tell me in the comments. HOUSES Or APARTMENTS Go #luxury #apartment #riverfront at Kangaroo Point Cliffs


BayView home, Open plan living, Suitable for the Queensland lifestyle and climate, @andymacphersonstudio #poolparty #bayview #home at Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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