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Double tap if you're pumped for this season!! ☘ #CelticsNation #ALLABOUT18 (@designsbyrl)


Definitely one of my favorite quotes out there! #GOAT


Today we remember the Celtics god Arnold "Red" Auerbach who would've been 100 years old today. Happy birthday Red I know you're out there lighting up your cigar. Your legacy lives forever!!! #GOAT


27 days until season opener!!! #CelticsNation #ALLABOUT18


When KG is hyped I'm hyped!!! #CelticsNation #ALLABOUT18


The Earth is flat gang!! #CelticsNation @fchwpo @kyrieirving (via Chris Forsberg/Twitter)


"It's about to be crazy, G." #CelticsNation #ALLABOUT18


I know he got traded but still 😂😂 #CelticsNation


28 days until season opener!!! #CelticsNation #ALLABOUT18


Kyrie Irving on playing for Boston and change his playing style: - - - "I'm ecstatic, I'm just looking forward to playing my position. I'm looking forward to becoming something that I've always envisioned myself being -- and that's being a complete point guard on a great team. I want to be able to come off pick-and-rolls and be able to dissect the defense, and be able to have guys that -- this is not a knock on anybody that I was playing with, but my role was completely different in Cleveland." #CelticsNation #ALLABOUT18


The media day is one week away from now. The pre-season opener is two weeks away from now. It's getting closer ladies and gentlemen!! ☘ #CelticsNation #ALLABOUT18


President Kyrie Irving at ESPN's First Take today! #CelticsNation

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