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📍Page, Arizona I take photos and make videos📷 Navajo Light chaser

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@brandon_dugi photos and videos

Happy Valentines Day to you all 💕 It’s always nice exploring with @tomaskarmelo & @sweetsib at Colorado River


Hanging out looking over one of my favorite views on the Navajo Nation. The peace and quiet was like no other as I watched the sun go down🌅 Would you sit here??? at Arizona


The Desert Rose showing off its beauty 🌹 at Northern Arizona


And let there be light 💡 Lowkey loving this @goalzero lighthouse lantern. Really going to come in handy with these late night Milky Way adventures this season. Who’s all ready for Milky Way season?? at Northern Arizona


Hiking around the deep SouthWest🙌 at Coyote Buttes


It’s crazy to see what water and wind can do over time. Mother Nature sure is AMAZING!!! 🙌 at Page, Arizona


Following these white lines sure did lead us to some epic landscapes👌 at Lake Powell


Enjoying the sunrise over one of my favorite spots in the SouthWest! Amazing how fast the light changes over these giant sandstone walls🙌🌅 at Utah


Cliff side with @travisburkephotography, taking in all the beauty that is below the Colorado river🙌 at Colorado River


Desert waterfalls are always the way to go when it’s 100+ degrees outside😌👌 . Can’t wait to get back out here this year at Explore Arizona


Standing among the giant sandstone walls of the SouthWest🙌 at Slot Canyon


Number one adventure buddy🐶 at Arizona


Not a bad way to end the day with @collincreates enjoying this cloudy day here in Northern Arizona with the “C” squad 🔥 Special thanks to @horseshoebendtours for letting us enjoy horseshoe bend with no crowds @collincreates @cartermurphyphoto @codymayer22 at Page, Arizona


Backyard exploring with family sure does make you miss running around these areas as a kid... at Backyard


Layers on Layers on Layers... at Arizona


Home Sweet Home🏠 • This Navajo “Hogan’s” is what my father grew up in as a kid, hearing all the stories of this area makes me not want to leave... Awesome to see it still up!!! • • Have you been in a Hogan??? @among_the_wild at Planet Earth


Late night desert arch chillin with my sister @kaia_tsosie🌌 2018 has been one epic year, got to meet and adventure with so many awesome people. Stoked to see what 2019 has instore🤙 at Arizona


Winter Slot Canyon vibes ❄️. Seeing these Canyons covered in snow was sure something else, despite how cold it was.... it was all worth the hike🤙 at Page, Arizona

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