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Taking this stock B8.5 S4 6MT and throwing the entire @aprllc parts catalog at it. But FIRST we will be adding a Southbend S2 clutch and new OEM flywheel. We baselined this car stock the other day 300WHP on the dot. With the full stage 2 kit w/ Ultracharger and Cooling mods, this car should be a handful! Stay tuned for updates and as always, watch our story!


APR Shift Into Spring Sale is live now through 4-15-2018. Take advantage of 10% off ECU/TCU flashes and when purchased together, 20% off TCU! Hundreds of dollars in savings! #goapr @aprllc


We plan on using Instagram story more often now giving you a day by day look into what is coming in and out of the shop. How many of you watch stories and what sort of content would you like to see on it?


Josh’s awesome legacy GT got a full suspension overhaul followed by some additional power upgrades today with a whisper quiet 140k motor we tuned back in the day.


EVOX burble? $99. Available on cobb only - no locked protune maps. Our map or OTS only.


Some TLC need for this EVOX to get it back to its best performance.


Much needed Full suspension and front end overhaul today on this WRX STi.


Some small upgrades on this stock GTR before the soon to come power upgrades 🙂


Some high rpm eye candy in the back of the shop today.


We added BMS pod intakes and Alpha heat exchanger to this 2018 Infiniti Q50 red sport and the customer says it’s a new car! After testing on the dyno with Ecutek we noticed large spool gains and increased top end from new found flow of the heat exchanger / airflow / and super consistent IATs. Next test with involve exhaust parts as the q50/60a come with one the smallest diameter exhausts we’ve ever seen on a sports sedan. Stay tuned.


When you somehow get them all inside! Another bad Blizzard here - with power outages we hopefully will resume tomorrow.


We are now an AWE dealer - home of some of the best made in USA Exhaust systems for Porsche, BMW, Audi.


The new GT3 4.0L is an amazing machine!


Power is out here in Upton, MA post snowstorm we will keep you updated as we dig out and power is restored 👻 at BrenTuning


@amsperformance Alpha Heat Exchanger on an Infiniti Q50RS we previously tuned. Look at the size difference from stock to the aftermarket unit. This should make a big difference! Stay tuned to see the results!


Wrapping up this incredible Hyper Blue STi build. Fully built and tuned in house with the best parts on the market. The goal for this car was a 700+WHP daily driver, so proper street manners were mandatory. Hours were spent on our loaded dyno and on the street dialing in the drivability until it drove like a stage 2 car. We then got to have some fun and turn it up! Final power numbers were 760WHP at 35PSI with E60 ethanol fuel from our local pump. An 8500RPM rev limiter makes this car absolutely insane. The car made 540WHP on pump 93. This car makes more power from pump to ethanol than a stock 2015 WRX 😂. At idle you wouldn’t be any wiser to the power it makes. Parts include: @extremeturbosystems rotated kit and 4” FMIC with GTX3584RS @rallispec Closed deck block @headgamesmotorworks heads, ported, valvetrain, GSC S2 @killerb_motorsport Header @injectordynamics 2000cc @cobbtuning AP V3, flex kit @cosworth_official Intake manifold @iagperformance Lines/rails/AOS


Straight 6 loving today with Haltech PNP 🔈🔈🔈 at BrenTuning


Marc’s 500WHP STi with @killerb_motorsport Spoolinator kit fully sorted and tuned in house after years of poor service and tuning from many other shops. While this project took a little longer and cost a little more than anticipated, the customer was more than happy to finally have a finished product after 3 years. Do you have project that will be more than 1-2 days and aren’t sure how you’ll get around? We have partnered with Enterprise Rental to get you affordable daily rates while your car is being worked on. Best part is that they not only pick you up, but we can create the reservation for you! Talk to your rep today about this service!

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