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BRG LA - #loyaltyunrivaled ボーンアウト レーシング組 95 NSX 14 Sienna SE 15 CT200h #boneoutracinggroup #inspire_usa Proverbs 3 Similar users

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I always photoshop the parts on my car before buying it so I can see what it'll look like and if I like it. Lol Original 📷: @dropfocus


Took the van glamping this weekend. With the 2nd row seats out and 3rd row folded flat, the van makes an awesome tent lol at South Carlsbad State Beach


I liked the yellow signals better when the car was black. So took it off and I do think it looks cleaner but looks more n more like a typical nsx build now lol. Probably will sell the advan wheels and slightly change the direction of the build. Hit me up if anyone is interested in the wheel/tire setup. 17/18 semi-aggressive fitment for stock fenders at Osaka


Been sick as f the past several days. Whatever virus this is has kicked my ass. Anyway here's another dope detail shot by @psiclne back at the copsfortots charity event awhile ago at Los Angeles Police Academy


I need a bigger driveway or garage or something. Car shuffling just to take out or park the nsx is becoming annoying lol


LED headlights from @m2motoring are just as bright as the HIDs in the CT200h. Also did yellow fogs because jdm. Need to get a front lip to cover up a scrape


Finally!! Got a smoking deal on this SE. Time to slam it on some wheels and cf goodies #BRGvan @inspireusa_collin get ready to order some van parts for me lmao


#wingwednesday a thing?


#transformationtuesday Top is the day I picked up the car. Bottom is a month ago at nisei showoff, 📷: @dropfocus




Check out the quick video edit I made for @sonkeiblue. I'm starting to remember some of the basic tools I learned long time ago, and I def need to practice more on the actual shooting.


Red H badge adds 11hp Sick shot by @psiclne with just his phone! at Los Angeles Police Academy


#legendary classics. Couldn't make it to #stancenation today so here's #sonkeination from yesterday lol


At the Cops for Tots charity car show with @sonkeiblue Come and stop by at the LAPD acadamy field near dodger stadium! #hakosuka #lx450 #r8

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