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♛E l e v a t e d x C r e w♛ ⭐️HASBACK*ALLSTARS⭐️ 🍁Toronto,CAN🍁 ♛GARAGE16♛ BUILD TO ONLY INSPIRE 🔻CLICKTHISLINK🔻 Similar users See full size profile picture

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“LOCKED AND LOADED” Who would love to see this in some state shows. And which shows? 🤘🏾 at The world Chico


A show where I get a lot of my inspiration from is Motorama, You have cars from Hotrods to Ratrods to beautiful Euro cars to full out race cars and sometimes some beautiful lowrider’s. My car was built with everything from them, My bbs was my love for euro, My airride was my love for lowrider’s, My love for hotrods created my engine bay and my love for Ratrods created all my metal work. It’s always a honour attending this event I was lucky to bring home “1st Best in class 96-00 Honda” But that’s not what it’s about. It’s about the experience at that event because it is like no other, I got some great inspiration from that show on the way and i can’t wait to see the new changes come to life. To everyone I met at the event thank you for the great conversations. #keepthecargamealive 📸 @spokephotos


Sometimes not all opened doors lead to great opportunities. We have to close some doors in our lives because they don’t lead us anywhere. 📸@spokephotos at Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo


Put the younger generation on top of the world and watch how great they become. Pave the way for the next generation. Go get them little man show them your “Flex”


“EL CHAPO” Day 3 of Motorama car show always a pleasure seeing everyone nothing but great vibes here come say what’s up. #Nevergiveup 🔨👇🏾 at Motorama-PA Farm Show Complex


With life struggles we some times find our selfs meeting some amazing people. Everyone this is @niko_goritsas around the time my sister was battling cancer his mom was also battling cancer and together we gave each other support and advice. We unfortunately lost our loved ones and though the passion we have through cars, it kept us moving forward and distracted from our loss. It gives me great pleasure to welcome the newest member of the elevated crew, the build will be a beautiful progress and I look forward to passing on the “Nevergiveup” Windshield banner to my dear friend. The”Nevergiveup” banner on my windshield as some may find it stupid or pointless gave a lot of fight for my sister and to many around me. I hope one day we can continue passing on this banner giving the fighting strength to those fighting anything there way. #F*%kcancer #Inspire


Make your dreams grow ❤️. @jonjon_tow


All the information you need is below. Who ever wins this car is one very lucky person🙌🏾 💥WIN ME💥WIN ME💥WIN ME💥 🎟Tickets NOW AVAILABLE at Garage16 or click story to order online. We will also mail your tix free. Tickets can also be purchased instore or at next weekends Motorama show in the Garage16 booth. *$100 cash or + $3pp fee per ticket DRAW WILL BE LIVE at Shop on IG Done by @evo_paul @justgiver88 Help by @ktuned @ktuned_sean @brian_elevated @motoramashow @springfevershow Many parts by @ktuned @skunk2racing @drag_cartel @vmsracing @sparco_official @k27integra #garage16 #helparace #kseries #kswap #ktuned #skunk2 #motorama #winme #ekswap #allnewparts


This summers going to be one to remember. Many plans for the ek after she gets settled in her new location. Also huge shout out to @partyatlucas for creating this beat. you guys will be hearing a lot more of his music on my videos. Hit him up for all your custom beats at


Be sure to put your feet in the right position. Then stand firm and face everything coming at you at


That one time @jb_maf let me go on his airbag trailer at @importfest . Can’t wait till show season. at Toronto, Ontario


Scorpion wins. Fatality. Flawless victory 🕺🏽 📸@lowerclassvisuals at The 6ix


Be the Lion in a world filled with sheep 📸@lowerclassvisuals at The 6


The amount of work to keep it this thing clean 🤦🏻‍♂️ what was I thinking. But it was those moments cleaning, I was at peace ❤️ at MR.Clean


Greatest team in my corner. Just like the great iron Mike Tyson at MGM Grand Las Vegas


She’s likes you? How do you know? The eyes chico. They never lie @spokephotos at


Little life story here for my two brothers here who made this video. @spoon_ek and @spooneg these two brothers grew up with my brother. Some of you might not know but my brother was a huge influence in my life with cars and life in general but I got into cars because of him. He had a White ef hatch slammed to the ground with a full 3” exhaust that you could hear from miles away. It was a beautiful thing hearing when he came to visit cause I knew exactly when he was close by.❤️ I’ve known the wheeler brothers along time now their builds are top notch and their talent is beyond incredible. One day I brought my brother to a show (Garage16 BBQ)as we were walking around with my brother, My brother saw the wheeler brothers and the joy in my brothers eyes was amazing they got together to remember the good times they had because they all grew up and rolled together. My brother is a family man who put the topic of cars far away so seeing him reunite with some car buddy’s was a beautiful thing seeing this in person was truly amazing, hearing some of the car things they all did together. took him way back to some great memories to relive. Thank you @spoon_ek @spooneg for this and for bringing some great memories back to my brother. and for always being great friends. You guys now know where I got it from ❤️ brothers for life❤️ Be sure to check out both their insane builds


Huge shout out to the very talented @jarvisang for creating this for me. Details on the ek are spot on all the way down to the windshield ❤️ Also thank you @christiancarreiro my brother you are the best couldn’t have gotten this without you. Anyone looking to get one hit up @jarvisang 🙌🏾 #NEVERGIVEUP #FUCKCANCER

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