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New single “The Irish Goodbye” out now. Click link below to listen 🎧 Vocalist | Songwriter | Adventurer (Los Angeles, CA) Similar users See full size profile picture

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Broadway Calls
Danni Turner

🇺🇸 🕷 🇨🇦 #1by1tour starts tomorrow. Let’s get it @wherearetheavocados at Los Angeles, California


Long live Caleb Scofield, long live Cave In. A beautiful tribute last night. RIP #calebscofield #cavein at The Wiltern


Battleship USS Wisconsin (BB-64) at Norfolk, Virginia


@oneeyejackson has seen a million faces and rocked them all. at Spectrum Center


Happy 60th birthday to this beautiful soul Michael Farr @watertruckmike You make 60 look so good brother! Love you 😘 #photobyfarr #spartans #brewbros at Los Angeles, California


Super stoked on this custom piece of art my brother @shawnmarquis created as our wedding gift. We love it! #Repost @shawnmarquis with @get_repost ・・・ I recently finished this custom piece for my brother @brianmarquis and @briannegrebil to commemorate their wedding this summer and I’m glad it made the trip via UPS to the other side of the country! I wanted to make something unique just for the newlyweds with the salvaged horse-hair plaster lathe I got from the installation of old, gutted Victorian houses that I’ve come to love working with, so when he told me he’d like a piece of wall art using a nautical star motif, this is what I came up with. It was a challenge for sure working with completely new angles and a symbol that’s equilateral but not symmetrical, but it was a lot of fun and I love the character that the raw, rough wood and plaster bring to the static design. Wishing a long, happy marriage and life to the newlyweds!👰🤵 #diy #reclaimedwood at Glendale, California


Came home to my friend @dividedheaven’s new record in the mail. I know how much went into this record that most will never know and it has such a great sound and a killer batch of songs from my road dog Jeff Berman. Nice work scumbag ❤️ at Los Angeles, California


My name is Mud. at Legend Valley Concert Venue and Campground


When life hands you mud, #sendit at Thornville, Ohio


3 years ago riding 1,200 miles on a bike with my guitar through Brooklyn. #endduchenne *yes, I wore a helmet ⛑ Photo @fifeimages at Bushwick Inlet Park


Ohio sky 🔥 at Thornville, Ohio


Anatomy of a camp fire 🔥 at Legend Valley Concert Venue and Campground

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