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New single “The Irish Goodbye” out now. Click link below to listen 🎧 Vocalist | Songwriter | Adventurer (Los Angeles, CA) Similar users

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💥P R A N A V💥

Everyone’s got one to break. at Glendale, California


✌🏻out at Dodasa Ranch Weddings & Events


Happy mother’s day to my amazing mom @glavoie930 Proud to be your son and sometimes “santa”. ❤️


International van man of mystery @willnoon tracking drums for “The Irish Goodbye” at Hurley Studios. Always a good time with this dude but I still don’t understand bitcoin. [Link in profile] at Costa Mesa, California


Hirshhorn Museum | Washington, D.C. Photo by @danifreakinfresh at Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden


New single “The Irish Goodbye” out now. Link in profile. Art by @theavantgardner at Los Angeles, California


“And it was in that moment we all realized Brian didn’t actually know how to properly hold and play a guitar...” - @thejaydriscoll 📷 @jonathan.weiner for @altpress 2013 at Occidental College


Circa has a lot of great albums but this one really hits high marks for me. Great work @anthonygreen666 and co. “Nobody wants to sit behind the wheel” at Glendale, California


Beautiful day in April with no numerical significance. #seniorsrule at Pullman, Washington


4 years go I put out my first solo full length record with the wonderful people at @equalvision So much has happened since then and it’s nice to take a step back and reflect on how much went into making this record and what a shift it was for me in my life. Proud of how pretty that vinyl came out too 👌🏻


One of my favorite records of all time. If you drove with me in high school 98-99 then you surely endured me driving like a maniac on CT country roads playing drums on the steering wheel and using the break as a bass pedal while blasting this record. I had never heard anything quite like it and still haven’t to this day. Their bassist Caleb Scofield recently died on a truck accident and it really hit me hard. This band has meant so much to me for so long and it breaks my heart for the band and the family to have lost such a talented and kind human. What a monster musician. Caleb, your music has shaped who I am and the music I aspire to create more than you’ll ever know. Thanks for everything. Much love to the band and family. Donations for the #CalebScofield Memorial Fund at the link in my profile and here: #calebscofieldmemorialfund #cavein #oldmangloom #zozobra at Glendale, California


Thank you @birdcloudusa you’ve changed me forever 🙏🏻 at Old Towne Pub Pasadena

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