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Date night🥂😋 at Town Hall


Happy birthday to my biggest fan. The woman who raised me to be the person I am today. My angel always praying for me, I know I am living of your blessings. The love I have for you is endless. I am sad to not be able to spend this day with you but you are in heart. Enjoy your day my queen👸🏽💘🥂 #happybirthday #blackdontcrack #mommyandme at Montego Bay, Jamaica






March you were wild. Thank you to God, my boyfriend and my family for all these adventures. But time to get back to this Monday grind to finish up the end of this semester. 2 months until summer and for festival season. Until we meet again ultra✌🏽 at Miami, Florida


Forever mood #day3 @dexhan94 at Miami, Florida


Thank you @ultra for bringing this ultimate day 2 squad together😈 at Ultra Music Festival


Festival fact: met this wild group from New Orleans on our way to get ice from Subways and they asked us to take a pic while we were walking together because they said we looked like a sick squad. Oh boy these people were absolutely wild. Day 2 was surreal and shout out to these souls. I love festival people. #wholesquadonthatrealshit at Ultra Music Festival


Day 1🔮 #justthebeginning at Ultra Music Festival


#ultramusicfestival with my best friend🇯🇲beyond blessed and greatful to attend. We'll party hard for all the homies back home🍹🍾 #siblingstrip at Miami, Florida


I am beyond lucky to have been able to go back to my boyfriends hometown: Philadelphia for his birthday weekend. Happy birthday babes, to many more adventures💖 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Happy kids who love zoos🦇🦎🤗 at Philadelphia Zoo


I get to see you in 3 days, after 3 weeks. Love you long time my forever X


Likkle but wi tallawah at Montego Bay, Jamaica


Feels like summer☀️


Day 5 I am truly enjoying my stay here. However, a gentle reminder to please be kind to all the workers when going to resorts or hotels. They work extremely hard and deserve to be treated with respect. 1 CAD dollar is approximately 100 Jamaican dollars. I was talking to a man who had to pay 70 CAD dollars, which is 7000 dollars Jamaican to enter the resort and sell his jewelry. With no guarantee he will sell anything! This man has 4 children and is trying to make an honest living. He also said that a lot of people don't even make eye contact when speaking to him. If you can ask them how they are doing. At the end of the day we are all just people. Take care everyone🐥 at Secrets St. James Montego Bay


Day 4 I'll be honest one of my favourite things about Jamaica is being in the majority again. What I mean is being amongst other black people, one of the hardest things I struggled with when I moved to Canada was racism. I used to get bullied in school, kids would tell me how are you from Jamaica if you don't sound like them. Or you're not really that black, you talk and act white. Then amongst black people they would tell me I'm not black enough. Or I'm light skin and can't relate to their struggle. When In fact I felt racism from both sides of the spectrum. I really needed this trip to see where I came from. A lot of people in Jamaica are mixed. Not only that but I come from a biracial family. Therefore I identify with both black and white. Often people ask if we are full siblings with my older brother and I. The answer is "YES", we are brothers and sister. He is my very first friend in this world. In fact he gave me my name Brittney. We have been through so much together and we really only had each other. He is my very best friend in this world. What makes me sad is when people see us, the first thing they see is looks or what's on the outside. People don't know this but when people have black and white genetics from both side of their parents, their children sometimes siblings have really dark or lighter complexions. In the second and third picture, my grandma is in the middle and her sister is in the third picture. They are full siblings and yet one is light and one is dark but if you look close they look a lot a like. Just like my brother and I. People need to realize that black is beautiful. All shades of black, their is no better or worse looking person based solely on their shade/complexion. If a person is good looking they are good looking leave it at that. Embrace yourself, God made you like no other. Self love is so important because no one is going to love you and treat you as good as yourself. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. One love🔮 at Mandeville, Jamaica

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