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Official @briwireduah ig account Fashion designer. And stylist.๐Ÿ‘—๐Ÿ‘– Wowenswear designer of the year 2018 Contact 0277133451 African culture Similar users See full size profile picture

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Happy worker's day everyone! May our respective careers be blessed and fruitful! ENY19


Swipe ๐Ÿ‘‰. Long post alert. "You're too fat".... "you're too skinny "..... "your tummy is too large, don't wear that"..... "your breasts aren't full enough "...... "your booty is too flat"..... "you wear too much makeup "..... "your clothes look trashy "..... "you're too bland".... "your hair is fake "...."your hair is nappy "...... " you obviously don't eat a thing"....."you most likely eat too much "... These and much like them are the words that we use to tear each other down on a daily basis. People are depressed, defeated and insecure all because other people have chosen to project their own preferences , insecurities and expectations onto others. We can't all look the same, or think the same or feel the same. We all, though alike are diverse. Yet beautiful. Yet glorious. Yet loved by the same God. There's enough pain, suffering and devastation in this world without us tearing each other down. We cause others to doubt themselves, to feel they aren't enough, aren't worthy when we body shame them. Not everyone can or wants to get a fake body to please society. Let people live. Let people breathe. We ALL are beautiful regardless our size, body or skin color. DIVERSITY is the word and it's beautiful!!!!!!!! Let's do better. Let's build up and not tear down. Shalom. โค #diversity #beautycomesinallshapesandsizes #africanfashion #designers #FashionBlogger #styleinfluencer #womenwithstyle #africangirlskillingit #FashionBlogger

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